6. First Tests

It’s time for the GP Academy entrance ceremony, and following Principal Kuramitsu’s standard welcoming speech, Seina is called upon to give the freshman speech. Of course, asking Seina to do anything is inviting disaster, and sure enough, his attempts to use the microphone only manage to cause a series of explosions.

With the ceremony over, it’s time for training to begin. Unfortunately, a computer malfunction means that almost all classes have been cancelled, except for Seiryo Tennan’s PE class. Seina soon finds himself in double trouble- not only does the Earthling-hater Seiryo have it in for him, but all his classmates have already undergone a body enhancement treatment that increases their strength, speed and stamina. Endless laps and push-ups are nothing to them, but poor Seina finds himself unable to keep up the gruelling pace that Seiryo insists on. Much to Amane and Kiriko’s concern, Seiryo seems to want nothing more than to see Seina fail and go home in disgrace.

With the computer malfunction preventing Seina’s body enhancement from going ahead, Kenneth and Rajau suggest that he just skip classes until Seiryo arranges his enhancement, but Seina has no intention of giving up. Meanwhile, Kiriko and Amane head down to the lab and ask the technician to speed up repairs so that Seina’s body enhancement can proceed as planned. What they don’t realise is that this whole malfunction was actually arranged by Seiryo in the first place.

Fortunately for Seina, Principal Kuramitsu catches Seiryo, and decides to give him a new assignment- helping Mitoto clean the toilets. Meanwhile, Airi appoints Amane as Seina’s new body enhancement supervisor. Erma is given the task of carrying out the practical part of the procedure, which she attempts to explain to Seina. Thousands of nanobots will be injected into Seina’s body, greatly increasing his physical abilities and lifespan. Seina is a little worried at the idea of having machines inside him, but Erma explains that he will need the increased strength if he is to ever keep up with his classmates. And if something goes wrong, then she is more than happy to take care of him.

The procedure should be able to continue without a hitch- or maybe not, as now it seems that Kiriko has some objections to air. At a private talk on the cliffs by the sea, Kiriko explains that body enhancement will change Seina forever. In fact, his increased abilities would make going back to a normal life on Earth almost impossible. Being in the GP is a dangerous job, and perhaps it would be better if Seina went home now, before it becomes too late to go back to his old life. Despite this warning, Seina is determined to remain at the Academy; after all, with his bad luck, he’d probably be in just as much danger back on Earth.

Amane and Erma are finally ready to begin the body enhancement, and so Kiriko and Seina head back to the lab. After fending off Amane and Erma’s attempts to undress him, Seina undergoes the procedure. Waking up afterwards, Seina feels no different, at least until he tries to get up and finds himself shooting around the room. Amane increases the load on his bodysuit to restrict Seina’s movements back to normal, and explains that Seina is now going to have to get used to controlling his new strength.

Meanwhile, having cleaned all the Academy toilets, Seiryo wants nothing more than to call it a day and go home. Mitoto insists that there is one more place that needs cleaning, however, and the former instructor somehow finds himself scrubbing the interior of a pirate ship.