7. Moving In

In order to help him adjust to his new-found strength, Amane arranges for Seina to move into her place for a while. While Seina splutters his way through objections, Amane drags him off to her car, and they head off to pick up Seina’s belongings and take them to Amane’s home. On the way, Seiryo catches up to them- and immediately becomes jealous when he hears that Seina will be living with his beloved Amane. Amane teases Seiryo by cuddling up to Seina, before knocking his car off the road and into the ocean.

First stop is Seina’s dorm, where Kenneth and Rajau were planning to help Seina out themselves. After hearing that he is to move in with Amane, they wonder if they could stay with her too. Unfortunately for them, Amane isn’t interested, and she and Seina drive off. With Rajau having already told the Academy they wouldn’t be needing their dorm this semester, the two friends find themselves with no place to live, and wind up sitting in the park and blaming Seina for all their troubles. And it turns out they aren’t the only ones. Also stranded in the park are the cargo ship crew who left their ship to chase after the lovely Ryoko- and they too blame Seina for their current homelessness.

It turns out that Seina won’t be living alone with Amane, however- Erma has already moved into the house and is waiting for them upon their arrival. Although Amane seems to think her house is small, Seina is surprised to find that it is actually a mansion, and what’s more, this is only the Kaunaq family’s summer house. Erma explains that the Kaunaq family are famous in the fashion business, and that Amane used to be a model. Seina is curious as to how Amane ever ended up in the GP, but before Erma can explain that, Amane cuts her off. It’s about time for their other roommate to be arriving…

The final roommate is of course none other than Kiriko, who has brought her own high tech ship (courtesy of Airi) to take them all shopping. On the way there, the girls explain that Seina’s personal data was the cause of all the recent computer malfunctions, although in fact it did help to highlight various flaws in the security systems. In a way, Seina is a hero, although as this info is top secret he won’t be receiving any awards for it.

Of course, shopping with the three girls was never going to be easy, and Seina soon finds himself overwhelmed, with Kiriko asking him to choose shampoo, Erma suggesting they pick out bathrobes for each other, and Amane wanting to buy some romantic bath salts.

The fun is interrupted once more by Seiryo, who has returned from his plunge in the ocean dripping wet and covered in seaweed and fish. He doesn’t think a “superior person” such as Amane should be spending time with the “mediocre” Seina. Annoyed, Amane claims that she and Seina are already dating, and have even kissed, a revelation that shocks everyone, Seina included.

Amane disposes of Seiryo once more, this time kicking him down a refuse chute. Meanwhile, Seina tries to explain to an angry Kiriko that he has never kissed Amane, but Amane reminds him that this isn’t quite true; after all, she did give him CPR when they first met.

With shopping finally completed, Amane treats everyone to dinner at a small café. Unable to resist a practical joke, she asks Seina to ask “old Grandma” the cook for a glass of water. Unfortunately, the cook is none other than Airi, who as always reacts none too well to being addressed as “Grandma”. After threatening Seina with a knife, she settles for making him write lines. Eventually, having cooled off, Airi explains just why the chairwoman of the GP would even be working in a café- not only is it a favour to a friend, but cooking has always been a favourite pastime of hers.

Airi takes the others out to the balcony, where Seina is amazed by the view- the café is situated on the rim of a huge crater. Apparently the crater was created by an experiment gone wrong, and is named Washu’s pore.

With dinner finally ready, everyone settles down to eat, only to be confronted once more by Seiryo, this time covered in rubbish from his trip down the disposal chute. Seiryo challenges Seina to a duel, but Airi and Amane won’t hear of it; instead they kick him into a mailbox, where he is packaged and sent to the farthest corner of the universe.

Back home, it’s time for Seina to do some training. With the restraints on his body suit turned down, Seina must create a stack of building blocks. Seina struggles to control and coordinate his new strength, but manages to build quite a large stack before Amane suggests he call it a day and receive a nice soothing massage.

Whilst Kiriko gets Seina’s room ready, Erma has a soak in the bath, reflecting that Seina’s bad luck doesn’t seem to have affected him today- that is, until Kiriko walks in on Seina’s massage with Amane. Will Seina ever survive the jealous attentions of his new roommates?