5. The Fragile Dream with a Crimson Colored Horizon

Whilst taking a brief break at their apartment, Najica and Lila review their next mission, an assignment with a two-fold objective. The powerful yet mentally unstable businessman Ricardo Kidel has managed to get hold of a nuclear weapon, and according to CRI’s information, he plans to launch it at his homeland in order to precipitate a coup d’etat that will leave him in charge. Najica and Lila have been assigned to stop him, but their mission comes with an extra twist. A Humaritt has been employed to defend the missile, and naturally, Gento wants Najica and Lila to recover her for him. To help her on her way, however, Majima gives Najica a gift of what appear to be a pair of blue earrings.

Finally, it is time for Najica and Lila to get going, and the two women head to the waterfront where Kidel’s ocean liner is kept. It is believed that the missile is on board the liner, and hence Najica and Lila plan to get on board with the help of a contact they are to meet in a local café.

Leaving Lila outside, Najica enters the café and follows the protocol required in order to speak with her contact. Lila, however, has noticed something amiss- there is blood dripping out of the back of a closed van. Moving in to investigate, Lila discovers a dead body, and quickly informs Najica via their comm. link. Surprised at this news, Najica stands up, and just manages to avoid getting hit by a bullet from a sniper rifle. As the staff and customers of the café turn guns on her, Najica realises that she has been set up- the body in the van is the person she was supposed to be contacting.

Fortunately, Najica is quick enough on the draw to take down the ambushers in the café, but the more distant sniper still remains a problem. The sniper continues to fire from the vantage of Kidel’s ship, at least until Lila shoots the gun out of her hand. Lila does not take down the sniper herself, however- for it is the very Humaritt that they were sent to recover.

As they watch Kidel’s ship depart, Najica and Lila realise that they will now need a back up plan to get on board. Fortunately, Najica has plenty of contacts, and manages to convince a naval admiral to give the two agents a lift out to Kidel’s liner. Although the law prevents the naval ship from docking with or boarding Kidel’s liner, they are able to get close enough for Najica and Lila to make it the rest of way using an underwater life pod and breathing apparatus.

As Kidel’s female crew reports that the naval ship is moving away, they are still unaware that the real danger is boarding them even now. After using grapples to attach themselves to the hull so that they can climb aboard, Najica and Lila scout around and take down the first crewmember they come across. Najica quickly changes into the crewmember’s uniform so that she can move around more freely, whilst Lila takes to the air ducts.

Using the air ducts, Lila manages to make it to the briefing room and listen as Kidel, his Humaritt Koharu and other senior crewmembers hold a meeting. As they discuss their plans to ensure a successful coup, Lila asks Najica if she should try to capture Koharu, but Najica instructs her to wait- stopping the missile must be their first priority.

Unfortunately, Koharu’s Humaritt ears hear Lila talking to Najica, and she begins firing at the air duct. As her comm. link goes dead, Najica desperately tries to contact Lila, only to rouse the suspicions of a passing crewmember. As she quickly shoots the crewmember down, Lila drops down out of the ventilation system. Aside from a scratch on the arm (which, for a Humaritt, is not even painful) and a damaged communicator, Lila is fine, but with the alarms now going off everywhere, the two agents are about to find themselves in a lot more trouble.

As Najica stops off to bandage Lila’s cut with a handkerchief, the two agents are confronted by a squadron of machine gun wielding crewmembers. Ducking for cover, they manage to avoid getting hit, but with their position tenuous at best, there is no choice but to make a break for it.

Fortunately, Najica and Lila prove to be skilled enough to take down all of the crewmembers, and in short order they have pursued the fleeing Kidel and Koharu down to the cargo level of the ship. Before they can capture them, however, Koharu fires at them, whilst Kidel opens a door into another apartment. With Koharu’s gun still trained on them, Najica and Lila are unable to act until Kidel and Koharu have passed through into the other compartment and locked the door.

Nonetheless, Najica isn’t ready to give up the chase, and after using one of the blue CRI earrings to blow open the door, she and Lila rush into the other compartment. A submarine is moored there, and Kidel and Koharu have already boarded. As the submarine begins to submerge, Najica becomes certain that the missile must be stored inside. After firing a tracking device into the hull of the submarine, Najica quickly goes out on deck and summons her helicopter so that she and Lila can follow.

As the submarine cruises along the surface, Najica and Lila pursue them, only to end up getting into a fire fight with Kidel’s vessel. The helicopter is shot down, but Najica and Lila manage to make it onto the hull of the submarine. As they prepare to go aboard, however, the hatch opens. Flying out, Koharu knocks Lila overboard before turning her attention to Najica.

With superhuman force, Koharu punches Najica below the ribs. Things look hopeless for Najica as Koharu manages to get her in an arm lock, but even as Koharu tries to strangle her, Najica manages to break free of her grip and take the advantage by wrenching Koharu’s arm around behind her.

Unable to move, Koharu cries out in pain, momentarily confusing Najica as to how a Humaritt could feel pain. It is all a ruse, however, and when Najica lets down her guard, Koharu lets fly with a flurry of punches and kicks that knock Najica backwards and cause her second blue earring to come off and fly overboard.

Fortunately, even as Najica crashes to the ground, Lila comes flying out of the sea. As she launches herself at Koharu, the two Humaritts begin to fight, and Najica decides to take the opportunity to get to the missile. Kidel and his crew have already begun the countdown to launch, leaving Najica to race against the clock in order to stop it.

As Kidel happily gazes at his missile on the security camera, he is horrified to see Najica rappel down into the missile container. With less than thirty seconds left, Najica reaches for her earring to plant it on the missile casing, only to remember that she lost it in the fight with Koharu. Fortunately, however, Najica always comes prepared, and she swiftly reaches into her jacket to pull out a replacement explosive device.

With a mere ten seconds to go, Lila manages to knock Koharu unconscious with a finishing strike to the stomach, whilst Najica finally finishes her work and leaves the missile section. With time of the essence, the two agents and their captive depart the submarine.

Noticing the explosive on the missile casing, Kidel tries to abort the launch, but it is too late. As the missile launches, the explosive detonates, creating an explosive malfunction that destroys the submarine and kills everyone on board. Treading water in the ocean nearby, Najica and Lila watch as the damaged missile shoots upwards, only to land with a crash in the water some distance away.

Whilst the crewmembers on Kidel’s liner are placed under arrest, Najica and Lila take Koharu back to CRI, where Gento confirms that she is the Humaritt Triple S. As Najica stands over Koharu, however, the Humaritt reawakens, and begins strangling her. Struggling, Najica tries to tell Koharu that with Kidel dead, their fight is over, but Koharu refuses to release her grip until Gento injects her with a sedative. As Najica puzzles over Koharu’s aggression, Gento explains that until a Humaritt’s orders are cancelled by their master, they will continue to follow them- and in Koharu’s case, her orders were to attack Najica. Just like obedient children, Humaritts will follow their masters without question- and with a terrifying single-mindedness…