5. Les Soldats

In an attempt to gather information on their enemy, Mireille begins an investigation into Albert Dux, the man sent to kill Noir. It seems that her old friend Vanel, has found something important, but when Kirika and Mireille arrive at his house to receive the information, they find that Vanel and his entire family have been murdered.

Back home, past memories bother Mireille- not only recent ones of Dux and his associates, but also a more distant recollection; young Mireille clutching a teddy bear, he eyes wide in shock. It is a memory we have seen before, but this time the flashback shows us a little of what Mireille was staring at- a blood soaked hand, with Kirika’s watch next to it.

Reminded by Kirika that thinking accomplishes nothing, Mireille decides to find out just what it was Vanel found that got him killed. A visit to the bar that Vanel used to frequent proves to be most useful when the bartender gives Mireille a bottle that Vanel left for her, with a cryptic message on the label. With a new lead, Mireille goes back home to figure out the message. On the way back, she realises that someone is following her, but when she slips into an alleyway to surprise them, no one appears.

The message on the label reads “to our fond memories of Saint Galan’s Cathedral”, with the letters D5G7 picked out in triangles and circles. Mireille has actually never been to St Galan’s Cathedral, but this could very well be where Vanel has hidden whatever it was he found. After a little brainstorming, Kirika and Mireille decide that Vanel must have hidden the item in the catacombs, with the D5G7 being directions on how to locate it- droite (right) five, gauche (left) 7.

At the cathedral, Mireille heads down to the catacombs; following Vanel’s cryptic directions, she finds a document hidden under a skeleton. Unfortunately, the same man who followed Mireille back from the bar has tracked her here as well, and he has no qualms about drawing a gun on Mireille and taking the document from her. Having got what he wanted, the man is about to shoot Mireille, but Kirika emerges from the shadows and shoots his gun away.

It seems that the girls have the advantages, and now they want some answers. But the man isn’t alone either, and this time it is his men who are shooting at the two women. Whilst Kirika calmly finishes them off, Mireille follows the man into the cathedral. Avoiding his attempt to knock her out with a candlestick, Mireille bests him and, having recovered the document, once again tries to get some answers.

The man still refuses to say who he is working for, only mentioning that they are everywhere, although a mere handful of people know the truth about them- himself included- and that makes him too important for Mireille to kill. Half-smiling, he waits for Mireille to lower her gun, but memories are once again flashing through her mind- the dead body she found as a little girl, and the bodies of Vanel and his family, killed on the orders of this man’s employers. After a long moment, Mireille shoots the man; only then does she turn and realise that Kirika was watching.

At home, Mireille finally has the chance to read the mysterious document. It puts a name to her enemy- “Les Soldats”. But the document isn’t the only thing with something to reveal- the past memories prompt Mireille to explain a little of her past to Kirika. As a little girl, Mireille lived with her family in Corsica, until one day both her parents and older brother were killed- to this day she doesn’t know who did it and why. That day was also the last time she saw the musical watch that now belongs to Kirika. But although the girl brought the watch back to Mireille, without her memories, she has nothing else to give…