1. Can’t Buy A Thrill

Linna Yamazaki has just come to Tokyo to start a new job- the only trouble is, she’s already late on her first day! Walking to work with colleague Misae, Linna just has to stop and gawk at the big city and its huge buildings; it may only be six years since the quakes that devastated Tokyo, but thanks to the efforts of the intelligent worker robots known as boomers, the city has been rebuilt- bigger and better than before.

Before going into work, Linna and Misae make a quick stop to buy their lunches. Linna quizzes her friend about the vigilante group known as the Knight Sabers, who reputedly deal with rogue boomers. Misae isn’t interested in the Knight Sabers- after all, if they aren’t on the news, they can’t be real. And according to Genom, the company that makes the boomers, things couldn’t be better.

With lunch bought, it’s time to go into work- but before Linna can even get there, she is nearly hit by a woman riding a motorcycle. Linna comes through okay, but her lunch meets an unfortunate fate when it ends up on the ground. Despite Misae’s protests, Linna chases after the woman, breaking a high heel in the process. Linna makes a good attempt at keeping up with her quarry, but in the end the mysterious motorcycle rider gets away. And there’s no joy at work either, as Linna finds herself getting chewed out by her supervisor for showing up late and dishevelled; even worse- her supervisor isn’t even human- she’s a boomer. The only possible ray of sunshine is co-worker Kain’s promise to show her around the city after work.

Meanwhile, at AD police headquarters, communications officer Nene Romanova is waiting to finish her shift. The AD police was set up especially to combat rogue boomers, but there doesn’t seem to be much for officers like Leon McNichol and Daley Wong to do; the Knight Sabers beat them to the scene almost every time.

As it turns out, the action is about to heat up, for somewhere in the city a boomer has just gone rogue. Sylia Stingray, owner of the Silky Doll boutique, and also leader of the Knight Sabers, has just detected the rogue boomer, and she swiftly sends the other Knight Sabers- communications officer Nene Romanova and rock star Priss Asagiri (the woman who nearly ran Linna over earlier)- into battle.

After work, Kain takes Linna out to a restaurant; unfortunately, Kain is hardly the most pleasant of company, and Linna decides that she’d rather go home. Kain tries to induce her to stay and endure his overly intimate attentions; he is the one in charge of reviewing the performance of new employees, after all. Fortunately for Linna, her dinner date is interrupted- unfortunately, the interruption is none other than the rogue boomer, which is now on a rampage.

First out the door is Kain, leaving Linna behind, and with everyone shoving their way through main exit, Linna’s only way out is to make it to the fire exit. Chased by the rogue boomer, Linna manages to make it outside, but soon finds herself stuck on the fire escape staircase with no way to go. Fortunately, the Knight Sabers, clad in their mechanical hardsuits, are on hand to help. Seeing Linna stuck there, Priss indicates that she should jump down- Nene is waiting below to catch her.

Whilst Linna jumps off the staircase into Nene’s arms, Priss goes on the attack- and easily destroys the rogue boomer. Their job done, the Knight Sabers quickly leave the scene before the AD police can arrive. Officers Leon and Daley are on their way, but when they reach the scene, all they find is Linna standing beside the remains of the boomer- they have shown up too late once again.

For Linna, the encounter with the boomer has left her with some unfinished business. The nest day at work, she heads to Kain’s office. Kain is delighted when Linna says she wants to “thank him” for their date, that is, right up until she punches him in the face. And after work, Linna something else to do; having discovered from a poster that the woman who nearly ran her over was in fact Priss Asagiri, and realising that Priss and the Knight Saber in the blue hardsuit are one and the same, Linna is able to track down the vigilante rock star. For there is something she wants to ask Priss- Linna has decided that she too wants to a part of the Knight Sabers…