5. The Interesting Giant Tower

In the offices of the morning paper, a young reporter is eager for his editor to print a report about the corrupt officials running the city- but without only a handful of vague photos to support the story, the editor isn’t about to do anything of the sort. They need more concrete evidence, but the editor warns the reporter to be careful- top reporter Masa has already lost his life trying to investigate his story.

At the Across base, Ilpalazzo is ready to give the ever-energetic Excel and somewhat more reserved Hyatt their next mission. Excel’s homemade recruitment flyers may well have drawn Across to the attention of the city officials, and Ilpalazzo reasons that there is only one thing to be done- infiltrate City Hall and make a pre-emptive strike by blackmailing those officials into resigning.

Infiltrating City Hall proves to be an easy task, and soon Excel has a cover job as a toilet cleaner. As she energetically scrubs the urinals in the men’s room, two suspicious looking people come in- the Section Chief, and a man named Kabapu. Excel quickly hides in a toilet stall, and overhears their conversation. The Section Chief has promised to fulfil a certain request for Kabapu, and in exchange, Kabapu will support his bid for the coveted position of city mayor.

Excel has little clue of what the two men are talking about, but something else catches her eye. The ill-fated Masa has left a clue scrawled on the toilet wall, a mysterious word that is bound to have some significance later in the story…

Determined to turn his lie about being a civil servant into the honest truth, Watanabe is also at City Hall, trying to apply for a job. Meanwhile, in the background, the Across agents continue their work. Whilst Hyatt performs reconnaissance under the pretext of handing out free drinks, Excel continues to sneak around in her usual clueless manner- and once again she nearly ends up bumping into Kabapu. To avoid being spotted, Excel slips into a locker, that, oddly enough, contains a mysterious PC that happens to have a folder marked ‘top secret files’ on its desktop. The folder is password protected, but conveniently for Excel, the password is the same word that Masa scrawled on the bathroom wall.

Elsewhere, the womanising vice mayor is busy cuddling up to his next mistress, only to be interrupted by Kabapu. As the vice mayor quickly shoves his mistress into the fridge, Kabapu tells him not to worry- women are a weakness for many great men, and will in no way detract from his decision to support the vice mayor in his bid to be the next mayor- just as long as he does Kabapu one important favour…

Meanwhile, Excel’s illegal access of the City Hall computer system has been detected, and the hunt is on for the intruder. After searching everywhere else, the Section Chief and his underling finally corner Excel in her locker, and only a quick attack with a toilet plunger allows our heroine to escape her predicament.

In the recruitment room, Watanabe is less than pleased to discover that he isn’t the only person applying for a job at City Hall- Iwata and Sumiyoshi are there too. As Watanabe curses his fate, Kabapu tries to make a grand entrance for his introductory speech, only to end up messing up and dying of a head injury. Fortunately, the Great Will is on hand to reset, and second time around Kabapu successfully introduces himself as the trio’s supervisor in their new jobs as employees of the City Environment Security Department.

Whilst Excel hides out in the bathroom and finds yet another clue scrawled on the wall, Watanabe is still bemoaning the cruel twists of fate that prevent him from escaping from Iwata and Sumiyoshi. He is soon distracted by the arrival of Hyatt, however, and is especially overjoyed when she gives him a free bottle of green drink, totally unaware that the other employees who are drinking it have all started to mutate into hideous green zombies. Fortunately for Watanabe, he is spared this fate when Iwata and Sumiyoshi start teasing him about his crush on Hyatt.

Meanwhile, Excel manages to stir up even more trouble when she walks in on the vice mayor, who is once again cuddling up to his mistress. When Excel decides that she finally hit pay dirt by witnessing this obvious indiscretion, the vice mayor decides to take decisive action by silencing her. Excel tries to protest that he shouldn’t care about her as she isn’t even a taxpayer, but this only incurs his wrath further, and soon Excel is on the run again.

Naturally, Excel heads back to bathroom to hide, but unfortunately there are no more helpful clues for her, only a final, dire message from Masa bemoaning the fact that he has learned too much and will soon be killed for it. Worse yet, she is soon discovered in her hiding place by the ravening horde of zombies, and even as she runs from them, she attracts the attention of all her other pursuers.

Back in the locker, Hyatt has discovered the PC with the top secret files, and even though she does not know what she is doing, she manages to inadvertently e-mail them to the reporter at the morning newspaper. This is exactly the proof he was hoping to find, and, armed with this new evidence, the newspaper workers decide to take action.

In the mayor’s officer, Kabapu is meeting with the current mayor, whom he has also promised to support at the next election. In fact, Kabapu has only been using this promise to make all three officials work towards furnishing him with a Department of Security, and now that they have served his purpose, he wants to play them off against each other. However, even as he suggests to the mayor that he should get rid of his vice mayor and section chief, Excel finds her way into the office and overhears the conversation.

Fearing that Excel knows too much, the mayor sends a message to the “Kill Right Away” department, hypnotising Yamazaki, the one non-zombie worker, to come and kill Excel. Before he can arrive, however, the vice mayor, his mistress, the section chief and his underling all storm in, having chased after Excel. All of them beginning complaining to Kabapu about Excel’s interference, and it soon slips out that he has promised to support all three of them in the next election. Their shock and indignation is soon interrupted however, when Yamazaki crashes in through the window. Under Kabapu’s orders, Yamazaki starts shooting everyone in the room.

Having taken care of the others, Yamazaki turns to Excel, who tries to distract him and make her escape. Her ruse is unsuccessful, but fortunately for Excel, even as Yamazaki intercepts her at the office door, the zombies finally arrive and take Yamazaki down by vomiting all over him. As Excel runs back into the office to avoid the zombies, Kabapu curses her for foiling his plans before escaping out the window with the help of a helicopter- all the while vowing to return.

Having escaped from Yamazaki, the vice mayor is also busy running away, but unfortunately for him, he runs right into the collapsed Hyatt and her overturned drinks trolley. As he slips on the spilled green drink, the news reporters stream into the building, and immediately decide that he must be to blame for Hyatt’s apparent murder. Slipping past, Excel hurriedly retrieves her partner- just as the whole building is flooded with a wave of green liquid. Could this be the end of City Hall?

Well, not quite. After all, a successful story needs a message of love and peace, and to that end, the Great Will decides to reverse all the damage by resurrecting everyone.

Elsewhere, poor Pedro is still reeling from the shock of seeing his family so intimate with Gomez. As he wanders around near his home, an unfamiliar man walks past- and, unlike everyone else, this man can see him. However, when Pedro tries to talk to him, the man speaks in unintelligible gibberish.

Back in F City, Excel and Hyatt report back to Ilpalazzo, who resignedly concludes that the city is more corrupt than even he feared. And indeed it is, for even as the Across meeting continues, Kabapu is back to his same old tricks, complete with new puppets to serve as city officials, and a whole bunch of new plans…