6. The Beautiful Beast’s Eyes with a Lonely Shadow

In a distant land, the crew of a downed plane come under fire from an unknown enemy. Despite their best efforts to defend themselves, the crew find themselves in trouble when a container from the plane is hit. With the locking mechanism destroyed, the box springs open, revealing a Humaritt.

Elsewhere, Najica and Kirala are on an overseas business trip to collect perfume samples. Before their afternoon meeting, the two women plan to have lunch, at least until Najica notices a rose on the windshield of her car- CRI has another mission for her. Telling Kirala that she will have to handle the meeting alone, Najica heads off to find out her next mission.

Predictably, Najica and Lila’s latest mission involves the recovery of a Humaritt; in particular, the one that was being carried by the downed plane. During the battle that occurred after the crash, their Humaritt was activated, before she could be initialised with a master. Without a master or orders, the Humaritt’s actions cannot be predicted, making retrieval trickier than usual. Worse still, the plane crashed on land belonging to the research company Pacific Medical. Majima and Gento believe that it was Pacific Medical that attacked the plane in the first place, and they will no doubt also be looking to capture the Humaritt and take her back to their research centre.

Whilst Najica and Lila skydive into Pacific Medical territory, Kirala faces an ordeal of her own as she prepares to take Najica’s place and give a report at the afternoon meeting. Her optimism is soon eroded by the sight of so many top level executives, but nonetheless, she becomes determined to do Najica proud.

Meanwhile, Najica herself wants nothing more than to get this latest mission over with as quickly as possible. To that end, she and Lila arm themselves with heavy guns and set up an ambush for the Humaritt. As the Humaritt passes them, Najica fires her weapon, launching a powerful plastic bullet that would stun any normal person. To her surprise, however, the Humaritt shrugs it off and remains standing. Desperate to bring her down, Najica continues firing, but all she succeeds in doing is attracting the Humaritt’s attention.

Turning towards Najica, the Humaritt launches a fast and deadly attack, and is only deflected at the last second when Lila shoots her in the back. Turning to Lila, the Humaritt decides to attack her instead, and advances on her new target despite Lila’s attempts to shoot her down.

As the Humaritt begins attacking Lila, Najica swiftly reloads her gun and fires a bullet that explodes in a flash of light. The Humaritt is temporarily blinded, but even as Najica breathes a sigh of relief, a squadron of troops arrives on the scene, courtesy of Pacific Medical.

Determined to capture the Humaritt for themselves, the Pacific Medical troops begin firing on her, but even sustained machine gun fire isn’t enough to bring her down. After ejecting the bullets from her skin, the Humaritt counterattacks with deadly speed and strength, single-handedly slaughtering the troops. Under orders from their commander, Kissling, the men hold their ground, using a net gun to ensnare her in an electrical net. As the Humaritt screams in pain, the men are sure that they have stopped her, but with a superhuman effort she breaks free and kills the rest of the squadron.

Meanwhile, Gento has been investigating the wreckage of the downed plane, and the information he has discovered does not bode well for Najica’s mission. This particular model has the serial number Triple B, a combat model with enhanced capabilities. His attempts to warn Najica are a little after the fact, however, as Najica is already trying to fend off renewed attacks from Triple B. Fortunately, Lila is able to use the heavy plastic bullets to knock her back, and the two agents run for their lives. Reaching a tank, they quickly get in and attempt to drive away, only to be stopped when Triple B grabs the back of the tank. For a few moments, Triple B manages to hold the tank in place, until she suddenly lets go and collapses in pain.

With the perfume meeting over, Kirala is relieved to hear that she managed to impress the executives with her report. Elsewhere, Triple B has temporarily withdrawn, and whilst she tries to restore herself with a bath in cultivation water, Najica and Lila rejoin Gento and the others. Gento quickly fills Najica in on what he has discovered about Triple B. Unlike other humans and Humaritts, who are designed to use only a fraction of their strength at any one time in order to prevent muscle damage, Triple B was awakened before such restrictions were set in place. In head to head combat, neither Lila nor Najica will be a match for her, but fortunately, CRI workers Rena and Shinobu have come up with new types of pistol and rifle designed to fire a powerful and penetrating class of bullet.

Given this information, Majima alters Najica’s orders, telling her that she doesn’t have to be too concerned about bringing Triple B back alive. With that in mind, Najica and Lila set off to find the rogue Humaritt. As they drive out in search of her, Najica finds herself pondering Triple B’s lack of master, and cannot help wondering who Lila’s master is. Lila is quick to respond that Najica is her master- she would follow any of Najica’s orders, even if her partner asked her to die.

As Najica and Lila set up another capture ambush, they are interrupted once again by a fresh squadron from Pacific Medical. Moving in to the building where the Humaritt is hiding, the Pacific Medical men once again attempt to capture Triple B, but she is lying in wait, and manages to kill the three lead men. Whilst she is occupied with them, however, a fourth man loads and fires a nerve gas canister at her. Even Triple B cannot withstand this, and as she goes down, Kissling orders the remaining men to take her to the Pacific Medical lab.

One of the Pacific Medical guards is still stationed outside, but whilst Lila distracts him, Najica quickly takes him down. The two agents quickly rush after Triple B and the rest of the squadron, only to discover that the Humaritt has somehow managed to reawaken despite receiving a dose of nerve gas. In short order, Triple B is fighting off the remaining squadron members whilst Kissling and the squadron commander make a run for it.

Despite her orders, Najica is determined to take Triple B alive- anything less would feel like failure. As she and Lila move in, one of the desperate squadron members tries to use a grenade against Triple B, but before he can throw it, she tosses him aside. As the grenade lands close to them, Najica and Lila dodge, but they cannot get away fast enough. Caught in the blast, Najica is nearly swept over an open balcony, and only manages to hang onto the ledge in time.

Trapped in the next room, Lila can only watch from her balcony as Triple B smashes her way through to Najica. As Najica finally manages to haul herself over the edge, Triple B grabs her and lifts her high in a choking grip. Desperate to reach her partner, Lila begins pounding at the wall, damaging herself but finally creating a hole through which she can pass. As Triple B knocks Najica’s gun aside, Lila grabs the Humaritt around the waist in an attempt to restrain her. Summoning her strength, Triple B tosses both Najica and Lila aside, slamming them into the walls. Already injured, Lila is knocked unconscious, but Najica is able to rise, and immediately launches herself at Triple B.

To Najica’s surprise, Triple B doesn’t block her as she punches the Humaritt in the face. Instead, wounds begin opening over her body, and the exhausted Humaritt collapses- she has finally burned herself out. Nonetheless, with the last of strength, Triple B tries to crawl away, pulling herself into the corner, a look of fear and sadness in her eyes. As Triple B starts weeping, Najica moves to comfort her, but it is too late- for even as the Humaritt quietly sobs, the light goes out of her eyes and she deactivates.

The battle is not quite over yet, however. Unwilling to give up his prize so easily, Kissling murders his own squadron commander and returns in his plane to pick up Triple B. As he begins firing on Najica and Triple B, Lila revives, grabs Najica’s gun and fires back, destroying his plane with one of the special bullets.

Rejoining Gento and the others, Najica hands over Triple B, remarking on how scared the Humaritt seemed- a fear most likely born of being alive with no master and no orders. Turning to Lila, Najica thanks her partner for her courageous performance on this mission, but instead of responding, Lila merely falls unconscious to the ground…