7. The Day We Met

It is two years to the day since the girls arrived on Earth and met Tenchi, and to that end, Tenchi is heading home to celebrate ‘Tenchi Anniversary’ with them. As Sakuya sees him off, Tenchi boards the train back to Okayama, a crystal pendant clasped in his hand. This pendant has a very special significance for Tenchi, and not only does he have one, but so do all six of the girls back home.

Meanwhile, the girls are busy preparing the Tenchi anniversary party. Whilst Ayeka, Sasami and Kiyone work hard on the cake and decorations (complete with Mihoshi’s rather destructive ‘help’), Washu attempts to fix the dimensional tunnel, only to regretfully conclude that it is going to be out of action for a little while. True to form, Ryoko is not contributing to the preparations; instead, she is sitting outside, recalling the events that led to her landing on Earth and meeting Tenchi.

Two years ago, Ryoko and her hired accomplice Washu had just made off with the precious Jurai Light Stone. The two soon found themselves from Juraian Princess Ayeka, who, along with Azaka, Kamidake, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki, chased after the two criminals in a Juraian warship. Galaxy Police officers Mihoshi and Kiyone were also dispatched to apprehend Ryoko, but given the general incompetence of certain GP officers, Ayeka was nonetheless determined to handle the matter herself.

Thanks to Washu’s protective shield, Ryoko’s shuttle was able to hold up against even a sustained attack from Ayeka, but its effectiveness came at a price- in short order, the shield had drained all of the ship’s fuel. With no fuelling stations nearby, Washu made a quick search for other options, and soon found an interesting source of energy on a backwater planet called Earth.

As Ryoko and Washu attempted to make a run for the Earth, Ayeka, Mihoshi and Kiyone pursued, and Ayeka soon decided to bring the battle to a conclusion using her ship’s ultimate weapon- the Thunderflash Cannon. As Ayeka fired the cannon, Ryoko attempted to intercept the shot with an energy blast of her own, but the resulting explosion succeeded in forcing her shuttle into the Earth’s atmosphere. As the shuttle plummeted towards Earth, Washu reported that they were being drawn in by the energy source she detected earlier- a seemingly innocuous seven-pointed crystal worn by an Earth boy (Tenchi).

Back in the present, Ayeka is anxiously awaiting Tenchi’s arrival, and with every minute that passes, she begins to worry that something might have happened to him. To distract her sister, Sasami reminds Ayeka that Tenchi always turns up on time- just like he did back when they first met. Recalling that time, Ayeka remembers how she landed her ship on her Earth, and took Azaka and Kamidake with her to hunt down Ryoko and Washu. The criminal duo were hastily trying to flee through the woods, but when Ayeka caught up them, Ryoko decided that there was no choice but to stand and fight. Unfortunately, impressive looking as it was, Ryoko’s initial attack was easily deflected by Ayeka’s shield, and Azaka and Kamidake quickly went on the counterattack.

Ryoko attempted to fight back, but soon found that it was hopeless- the two Jurai guardians were simply too fast for her. Finally, Ryoko tricked the pair into moving to where she could fire at them point-blank, but once again her attack was deflected by Ayeka’s shield. Knocked down again, Ryoko realised that desperate measures were needed. Taking out the purloined Jurai Light Crystal, she inserted it into her forehead, and, by absorbing its intrinsic energy, the space pirate transformed into a hideous and powerful demon.

Meanwhile, after their ship was struck by lightning, Sasami decided it would be safer to be with her sister, and ran into the woods to find Ayeka and the others. Instead, however, she ended up running into Tenchi, who had seen something fall from the sky and come out to investigate. Together, the two of them caught up with the others, just as demon Ryoko had defeated Azaka and Kamidake, and shattered Ayeka’s shield. Finding himself in the line of fire, Tenchi was amazed to see the crystal he wore around his neck morph and change into a powerful sword.

As demon Ryoko attacked, Tenchi blocked with the sword, drawing out the Light Stone from Ryoko’s forehead, and knocking her to the ground in a supreme blast of energy. Shocked at what he had done, Tenchi stood over Ryoko’s motionless form, whilst from above, Mihoshi and Kiyone’s GP shuttle prepared to make a touchdown. Was Tenchi about to face charges from the GP- for killing Ryoko?

Whatever the case, back in the present, there is no more time for recollections, for Tenchi has just arrived back home. As all the girls crowd around to properly greet him, none of them realise that they are about to have another visitor. For, having decided to come and see Tenchi with his family, Sakuya has also caught a train to Okayama- but will there be a place for her at the Tenchi anniversary?

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