11. Moon Mission

Life is not going well for Kiyone. Not only is she stuck on the boring backwater patrol around planet Earth with little hope of returning to the bustling GP HQ, but she also has to put up with her bumbling partner Mihoshi, who spends her days watching ‘Space Police Policemen’. Will Kiyone ever find a way to get her career and her life back on track?

Meanwhile, back at the Masaki house, Sasami is busy cooking dinner, and it can’t come soon enough for the starving Ryo-Ohki. To stave off the hunger pangs, she tries to steal a bowlful of carrots, but when Sasami catches her, Ryo-Ohki, the carrots and a pile of crockery fall off and land on the floor. Exasperated, Sasami tells the cabbit to go and play elsewhere.

Out in the living room, Ryoko and Ayeka are busy stuffing themselves with a box of cookies that Tenchi sent them, and all too soon, they come to the last one. Each of the girls has had an equal number of cookies, and naturally a fight breaks out as to who will have the last one. A swift Ayeka is able to dodge all of Ryoko’s attacks, which end up shattering the furniture instead. Finally, Ryoko tries to nail Ayeka with one powerful punch, but she misses and ends up hitting a large gold statue instead. To the girls’ horror, the statue splits right in two.

After managing to temporarily glue the statue back together again, Ayeka and Ryoko conceal the crack by leaving the cookie box on top. Naturally, the starving Ryo-Ohki cannot resist jumping up to get the last cookie, and when she does, she causes the whole statue to fall apart again. Hearing the crash, Sasami comes out of the kitchen to investigate, and Ryo-Ohki tries to explain that the broken statue isn’t her fault. Unfortunately for her, Ryoko and Ayeka are quick to make Ryo-Ohki the scapegoat for their accident, claiming that they saw her wreck the statue. Sasami believes them, and scolds Ryo-Ohki for lying to her, upsetting the poor cabbit so much that she runs away.

When Katsuhito comes home later that evening, he is quick to inspect the broken statue, and soon concludes that Ryo-Ohki couldn’t have done it- the statue was obviously struck by some powerful force. When Katsuhito remarks that breaking the statue has revealed that it was only gold-plated and not solid gold as its owner hoped, Ryoko and Ayeka decide it is safe to own up to the truth- after all, by breaking it they really did him a favour. Unfortunately, Katsuhito doesn’t see it that way, and Sasami is not happy either- Ryo-Ohki still hasn’t returned.

Ryo-Ohki is out by the lake, and with Sasami’s harsh words still ringing in her ears, she doesn’t quite feel ready to go home. As she sits there in her miserable state, Ryo-Ohki is approached by another cabbit, Yu-Ohki. After greeting Ryo-Ohki, Yu-Ohki transforms into a spaceship, and as she flies away, Ryo-Ohki follows suit. In short order, Yu-Ohki takes Ryo-Ohki to the moon, landing in a place filled with other cabbits, each holding a carrot- just what the starving Ryo-Ohki wants.

What Ryo-Ohki doesn’t know is that her new friend is not as benign as he seems. Yu-Ohki is a servant of Yugi, and he has been given orders to separate Ryo-Ohki from her friends, and leave her trapped on the moon.

When Ryo-Ohki fails to come home even for dinner, her disappearance takes on emergency status, and Mihoshi and Kiyone are sent to pick Tenchi up and bring him back from Tokyo- everyone’s input will be needed if they are to get the cabbit back. Whilst Mihoshi floods everyone with unhelpful ‘Space Police Policemen’ based ideas, Tenchi decides that it would be best to get a real expert in to help them- and who could be more of an expert than Washu?

Getting into her best detective role, Washu offers the gang two options for finding Ryo-Ohki- a computer based time monitor that will determine the cabbit’s past and present co-ordinates through her brain waves, or a specially designed USU pill that will enable the user to contact Ryo-Ohki telepathically. As the USU pill also has the unfortunate side effect of inducing a four year coma, the gang decide to go with the safer option of the time monitor. Acquiescing to their wishes, Washu puts the time monitor interface on her head, and in short order discovers that Ryo-Ohki has been taken to the moon- and from the looks of it, she was kidnapped by someone hostile.

Desperate to gain her long-desired promotion and reassignment back to HQ, Kiyone decides that she will take charge of this mission- catching a kidnapper has got to look good on her record. The rest of the gang are eager to go with her, and soon everyone is on their way to the moon. On arrival, the girls don Ryo-Ohki style spacesuits and head out to search the moon’s surface for the missing cabbit.

Deciding that her promotion will be best assured with a visual recording of her exploits, Kiyone asks Mihoshi to set the video going, and her partner complies. As Kiyone tries to play to the cameras, she soon gets left behind whilst the other girls begin the search. As she runs to catch up, Kiyone manages to trip over a rock, and thanks to the lower gravity of the moon, she goes flying, only to land with a bump right on top of Ryo-Ohki. Pulling herself out, the little cabbit runs away from her friends once again, this time diving down a hole.

Ryo-Ohki soon pops out of the hole again, but she is not alone- for she is soon joined by a whole bunch of other Ryo-Ohki’s who appear from the adjacent holes. The girls send Sasami to pick the right Ryo-Ohki, and despite her uncertainty as to whether she can succeed, she walks towards the cabbit, an apology forming in her mind.

Seeing her beloved mistress reaching out to her, the real Ryo-Ohki jumps into Sasami’s arms, but as Sasami and Ryo-Ohki return to the group, Yu-Ohki appears behind them, growling ferociously. Absorbing the fake cabbits, Yu-Ohki turns into an oversized demon cabbit, clearly intent on attacking the group. In response, Ryo-Ohki transforms into her mecha form, and soon the two cabbits are grappling. Still wanting to look good on her film, Kiyone begins firing on Yu-Ohki, with Mihoshi right next to her. Their combined attack soon overwhelms Yu-Ohki, who teleports away.

Unfortunately, although the mission was successful- there is bad news for Kiyone. When Mihoshi put the video on, she wasn’t taping their exploits, she was recording ‘Space Police Policemen’. With no video, Kiyone is without the proof she needs to secure her promotion; now she will have to wait even longer until she can get back to HQ.

Returning to Yugi’s palace, the battered Yu-Ohki is given no mercy- Yugi destroys him for his failure. Fortunately, back at the Masaki house, there is something of a happier ending, as things soon get back to normal. Once again, a hungry Ryo-Ohki tries to steal carrots before dinner, but this time when Sasami catches her, she gives the cabbit her own special meal to eat. Despite Yugi’s interference, it seems that the bond between Ryo-Ohki and her friends is as strong as ever.