7. Look at Yourself

At the bottom of the ocean, deep sea mining is carried out by remote controlled moto-boomers. Bill Nordberg is one of the remote operators, and his job keeps him away from his home and his wife in Tokyo. Erin is fed up with only seeing her husband twice a year, and has found other means to occupy herself, as Bill discovers. Zooming in on Erin’s watch, he notices an image in the metal- a reflection of another man just getting out of Erin’s bed.

Back in Tokyo, Nigel’s hardsuit repairs are going ahead of schedule, thanks to Macky’s input. But even though Macky has helped to upgrade Nene’s hardsuit, Sylia still isn’t happy. She doesn’t want him entangled in the Knight Sabers when he could be living a normal life.

Whilst Sylia goes out, Macky wanders aimlessly around the Silky Doll, before deciding to follow Nigel back to K’s Garage. Macky is suitably impressed by the motorcycle that Nigel is building. Nigel does not accept the compliment, merely remarked that the bike isn’t even finished yet.

Meanwhile, Sylia has gone to meet one of her contacts. The man reports that one of Genom’s new moto-boomers from the deep sea project has left the ocean and is headed for Tokyo. It seems inconceivable that the boomer could be operating alone, as moto-boomers require a controller in order to function- something the contact suggests Sylia should know as she is using similar technology. Sylia isn’t interested in discussing what she is and isn’t using, however; she only wants a way to stop the boomer.

At Genom, a disbelieving Mason listens to a report on the apparently autonomous moto drone. The operator was none other than Bill Nordberg, and the fact that his wife lives in Tokyo may have something to do with the boomer’s arrival in the city. Whatever the situation, the AD Police have already been called in.

Erin Nordberg hasn’t heard from her husband in a month- typically he once again failed to come home. Seeking solace in drink and the arms of her lover, Erin fails to notice the moto-boomer watching from outside, that is, until the AD Police show up and conduct a raid. Erin’s lover is quick to get out after being caught naked by the police, whilst Erin talks to Leon and Daley. She is sure that the boomer is being controlled by Bill, and that he knows everything about her affair.

Linna’s hardsuit is not yet repaired, so Sylia sends Priss and Nene in alone to deal with the moto-boomer- Linna will run support with Sylia in the mobile pit. Priss’ hardsuit feels a little off, although Sylia is sure it just the modifications that Nigel was making. Macky knows differently, though- Nigel never finished repairing Priss’ suit in the first place.

With Bill’s thoughts of Erin running through its memory banks, the boomer’s core mutates, and the rogue begins a rampage through Tokyo. As the Knight Sabers go out to intercept it, Macky rushes to K’s garage to update Nigel on the situation. Nigel is annoyed that Sylia sent out the suits when he hadn’t even told her whether they were ready or not, but shrugs- he’s not their nursemaid, after all. A worried Macky plans to send a message to Sylia and Priss, but Nigel’s communicator is down- he’ll have to fix it first.

The Knight Sabers reach the scene, and Nene decides to be first to attack. Her kicks and punches look impressive, but do little to affect the boomer- and when it decides to fight back, Nene is almost crushed. Priss is ready to go in for the attack, but Macky has just got the communicator up and running. He warns them about the dangers of Priss’ suit.

Whilst Leon and Daley rush to intercept the boomer, Daley takes the opportunity to analyse the situation. The boomer belongs to Nordberg, but according to video footage that Genom has been keeping quiet, Nordberg was killed in an implosion over a month ago. Just before he died, he sent a message to his wife saying that he had arranged to come home for their anniversary. His last thoughts were of Erin, and it was these memories that imprinted onto the boomer.

Although Sylia orders Priss to withdraw, she has already gone on the attack. Although initially successful, things take a turn for the worse when the hardsuit seizes up. With her suit jammed, Priss is barely able to move her limbs, and faces being destroyed by the boomer, which refuses to let up even when Nene fires at it. Fortunately, Macky has finally got the communicator up and running- he and Nigel advise Priss to shoot her own arm to kick start the circuitry.

Macky’s idea works, and Priss is soon back in action; reaching into the boomer, she crushes its core. Their job done, the Knight Sabers depart, leaving Leon, Daley and a distraught Erin behind. Erin had come to see the boomer, believing it to be a link to her husband, but, as the two ADP officers explain, Bill is already dead. However, this time he had planned to come home, having booked a vacation in Hawaii and bought a gold watch as an anniversary present. Such was the strength of his love that even after his death his feelings lived on in the boomer. And now Erin must live with not only her husband’s death, but the realisation that he loved her dearly- and she betrayed him.