12. Assassination Mission

It almost time for Chloe to return to Altena’s manor, but first she has one last mission to carry out- the Soldats have ordered the assassination of retired German general Dieter Reimann. But Chloe isn’t the only one after him; drug baron Zellner has an old grudge against Reimann, and he plans to send a team of killers to Reimann’s Switzerland home to “sanction” the old man.

Arriving at Reimann’s home, Chloe finds that her arrival is not unexpected. Although his bodyguards are not happy about the matter, Reimann seems accepting of the fact that Chloe is there to kill him; he even suggests that Chloe accompanies him on his customary walk in the mountains.

As the two walk, admiring the beautiful flowers, Zellner’s henchman Roshmann leads his team into the mountains to kill the old man. When the shooting begins, Chloe draws her knife, and skilfully dispatches the entire armed team. Reimann realises that he now owes Chloe his life, but Chloe replies that this changes nothing. She has come to kill him, and the only reason she killed Roshmann and his team was because they would have got in her way.

That evening, Chloe and Reimann drink wine together at Reimann’s cabin. Reimann explains that as a NATO intelligence officer, he ran up against Zellner’s criminal organisation many times in a back-and-forth cycle of attack and retribution. Even their families were dragged into the struggle; Reimann himself lost his own daughter to the madness. As they continue to talk, Chloe reveals that she lives with Altena at her manor, prompting Reimann to realise that Chloe is none other than Noir.

Their discussion almost over, Chloe prepares to finish the job she came to do. Reimann asks that she spare his bodyguards- they know nothing about the Soldats. Promising to honour his request, Chloe draws her knife and slits the old man’s throat.

Entering the room, bodyguard Heinz wants nothing more than to shoot the woman who murdered his master, and for a moment it seems that Chloe will have to break her promise. However, Chloe is not one to be afraid of having a gun pointed at her, and she calmly leaves.

At his base, Zellner is delighted to hear of Reimann’s death, but is surprised to hear that it was not Roshmann who killed him. What he doesn’t realise is that Reimann’s killer is now after him as well. Perhaps sparked by hearing of the death of Reimann’s daughter, Chloe has journeyed to Zellner’s base. After dispatching the guards, she enters Zellner’s office and kills him, leaving as her calling card one of the beautiful mountain flowers that grows near Reimann’s home.

All tasks completed, Chloe is delighted to return to the manor, and Altena. She can’t wait to tell Altena all that she has seen, and proudly shows her the fork that she took from Kirika. Smiling, Altena and Chloe go inside…