Kit Kat Quest

Last update: 06/07/19

I had long known that Japanese Kit Kats were a bit of a phenomenon. People at work would bring back bags of green tea, strawberry and melon Kit Kats from their trips to Japan. Two and a half years ago, I took the plunge and ordered a selection box of eight mini Kit Kats from the Japan Centre. Over coffee, my tasting companions and myself tried them, and I wrote down our reactions verbatim, resulting in the first iteration of this blog. Continue reading

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A Celebration of Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Yuujinchou, or Natsume’s Book of Friends as it’s known here in the West, has long been one of my favourite series. Over the years I’ve eagerly watched each anime series, and I’ve read all twenty-two volumes of the manga released in English so far. What’s more, I’m not even bored of the series – unlike various other series which start to get tired and convoluted after a while, Natsume Yuujinchou continues to deliver the same high quality stories as it’s always done. Continue reading

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Five Improvements We Need in Breath of the Wild 2

With its massive world and open-ended gameplay, Breath of the Wild was a well-received game that claimed hundreds of hours in the lives in many Legend of Zelda fans. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 has been intently studied and analysed in great detail, as fans await the chance to get stuck into the sequel. Continue reading

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Xenoblade Chronicles

Long ago, a war raged between two gods, the Bionis and the Mechonis. Now, those gods have fallen still, and their bodies have become home to all manner of life. On the Bionis, the humanoid Homs face continued assault from the mechanical Mechon, with only one weapon in their arsenal able to defeat them – the legendary blade of the Monado. As the only Homs who can wield the Monado without injury, it falls to eighteen year old Shulk to take up the blade and avenge those lost to the Mechon. Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XV

Together with his faithful retainers, Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum is on his way to get married, a move designed to secure peace between his nation and the Niflheim Empire. But all that goes horribly wrong when Niflheim attacks the Lucian capital and kills the king. Now, Noctis must rally the ancient powers of his bloodline if he is ever to reclaim his throne. Continue reading

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Some things Square-Enix could do next

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here. Part one of the Final Fantasy VII remake is coming in March. Apart from churning out more episodes of FFVIIR, what will Square Enix focus on next? Rather than considering the prosaic and realistic possibilities, I’ve put together an increasingly ridiculous wish list of things for them to spend their time on. Continue reading

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Elias and Chise

Chis Hatori has always been able to see magical beings, a talent that has both made her life more dangerous and estranged her from what’s left of her family. Having lost all hope and optimism for her life, Chise puts herself up for sale at a magical auction, and is bought by the mage Elias Ainsworth. Elias, who is a being somewhere between human and fae, is looking for both an apprentice and a future bride. Under his care, Chise starts learning more about the world of magic, but along the way she ends up teaching Elias about the nature of humanity. Continue reading

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Thirteen improvements that would make Final Fantasy Type-0 more fun

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying my hand at Final Fantasy Type-0. This HD remaster of a PSP release marked the game’s debut in the West, and although I had let it languish on my shelf for a few years, I felt mostly optimistic about it. However, when gameplay got underway, I was left feeling sorely disappointed. Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Play Time Analysis

Whilst trying to get an estimate of how long I’d need to set aside to play Final Fantasy Type-0, I found myself on the website How Long to Beat. I soon found myself fascinated by the statistics on offer, and decided to carry out some simple analysis on the main sequence Final Fantasy titles. I’d recently tackled FFXII and FFXV, and the impression I was left with was that the main storylines of these newer games were much shorter than in the ‘good old days’. But would the general player experience confirm my hypothesis? Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Back in the day, my relationship with the original PS2 release of Final Fantasy XII was as brief as it was disappointing. Long gone were the days when the release of each new FF game was cause for anticipation and excitement. Also gone were turn-based battles and random encounters, in favour of a weird hybrid of real-time and menu-base encounters. It all felt very painful and jarring, and I gave up after struggling through to the Garuda boss without collecting the berries needed to weaken him.

By the time I was ready to return to the game some twelve years later, an HD remaster – The Zodiac Age – had been released. I played the PS4 version of The Zodiac Age, which lacks a couple of extra features added for the Switch and XBox One releases. Nonetheless, enough has changed to make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Continue reading

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To The Moon/Finding Paradise

SigCorp is a company with a remarkable technology. For people on their deathbeds, they promise the fulfilment of any wish – thanks to a machine that lets its trained operators work backwards through the memories of a client, allowing their mind to work up a new narrative based on their desires. Right before they die, the client’s memories are rewritten, allowing them to briefly believe in the happier life they never actually got to lead. Continue reading

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