Martian Successor Nadesico

1. To Go Like a Man

2. Leave the Blue Earth to Me

3. A Goodbye That Came Too Soon

4. Charmed by Aqua Space

5. Ruri’s Navigation Logs

6. Sort of Like a Fateful Decision

7. The Song That You Will One Day Sing

8. The Luke Warm “Cold Equation”

9. The Miracle Operation of the Kiss

10. The Dangers of Femininity

11. Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot

12. Those Unforgettable Days

13. There is No Single Truth: It’s Christmas on board the Nadesico, but behind the veneer of festivities, more serious events are moving forwards. With the Nadesico set to join the military, the crew face being drafted into the UEAF; all except Akito, that is, who is set to be replaced by a trained pilot. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Erina asks Akito to help further her research into organic boson jumping (teleportation). But is being a pawn in one of Erina’s games really worth the risks, or should Akito just forget it and spend a quiet holiday with Megumi?

14. Let’s Go With Hot Blooded Anime

15. The Significant Other From A Star Far Away: Whilst the Nadesico heads to the Moon to pick up Akito, Munetake suspects that the pilots of the Jovian robot they recovered from Earth may be on board. Uribatake is ordered to track down the intruder, but will anybody on board be prepared for the consequences of discovering the true nature of the Jovians?

16. The Beginning of Nadesico’s War: Whilst the Nadesico docks at the moon to await the launching of its sister ship Shakuyaku, Megumi and Haruka are taken aboard the Jovian starship, crewed by the “Superior Male” Gekigangar fanboys. But there are revelations for everyone as the crew learns the truth about the origin of the Jovians, not to mention the realisation that there were those who already knew the whole story, and chose to keep it quiet…

17. A Reunion That Came Too Late

18. Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water

19. You’re the Next Captain of the Nadesico

20. Run Silent, Run Deep

21. The Meadows We Once Ran Across

22. Protect the Visitor?

23. A Place We Call Home

24. Ubiquitous Righteousness

25. Being Myself, Being Yourself

26. For the Lady We Will Meet Someday

Movie: Prince of Darkness