11. Alibi: Two Heterodynes Attack Tokyo

As part of yet another interview, Shirota talks to the press about the army’s plan to build more Kokubogars over the next year; however, when the topic of discussion turns to Dai-Guard and Akagi, he declares that the interview is over. When his assistant Hachio wonders why Shirota is being so protective of Akagi’s privacy, he inadvertently provokes an outburst from the tactical advisor- Akagi is reckless and undisciplined, and now he and Dai-Guard are finished.

In the PR Division 2 office, the day has gotten off to a dull start. Akagi is still unconscious in the hospital, and Ooyama has gone to visit him. Aoyama decides to stop by too, only to be turned away by the force of Ooyama’s anger. Having reviewed the logs of Dai-Guard’s last mission, Ooyama is unimpressed with the way Ibuki and Aoyama were too concerned with their own problems to help Akagi fight. Perhaps if Akagi hadn’t been under such stress, he wouldn’t have collapsed.

Turned away from seeing Akagi, Aoyama decides to take the morning off to visit his mother, who is also still in the hospital. Aoyama’s mother tells her son not to put his life on hold just to be with her- especially not as he finally seems to be enjoying his job.

Back at the office, a Heterodyne alert is announced, but for once there is nothing for the team to do- this is a job for Kokubogar. Under the ever-present eyes, microphones and cameras of the press, Shirota sends Iizuka and his team into combat.

Engulfing an office block, the red foamy body of the latest Heterodyne takes on the form of a tower of connected red spheres. As the army evacuates the area, Kokubogar drops down from above, and uses the Knot Buster to systematically destroy the spheres one by one, hoping to locate the original fractal knot. The media is impressed- this is a far more professional display than anything put on by the pilots of Dai-Guard.

Finally, Kokubogar locates the fractal knot, but even as Iizuka prepares to destroy it, Shirota tells him that his mission has changed- he is to capture the knot instead. The order comes from HQ, who have decided that capturing a fractal knot on live TV will make for great publicity. Despite Iizuka’s misgivings, the knot is duly captured and shipped to HQ- after all, as a soldier the most important thing is to follow orders, not to question them.

Arriving at the hospital to visit Akagi, Ibuki runs into Kamimura- Akagi’s cousion and Ookouchi’s assistant. Talking together outside, Kamimura remembers how Akagi always dreamed of becoming a robot pilot, hence his entrance into the National Defence University. His tendency to follow his heart rather than his orders precluded Akagi’s joining the army, so instead Kamimura hired him to work for 21st Century Security, where he could realise his dream by becoming the pilot of Dai-Guard. Ibuki agrees that Akagi is happy doing what he loves, but when Kamimura asks if the same is true of her, she does not reply.

Back at the company, Sumida has been asked to deliver Domeki’s latest piece of hardware, and he isn’t too happy about having to run around after her. When he finally meets Domeki, however, she is far prettier than the ‘nerdy’ impression he had from her file photo. Sumida is immediately smitten, not to mention delighted that Domeki wants to go with him on the delivery run. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Sumida and Domeki run into a traffic jam in a tunnel. They soon discover why all the cars have stopped when from further down the tunnel, a glowing Heterodyne rises up from underground, electrifying the surrounding cars.

Kokubogar is duly flown out to intercept this new Heterodyne, only to be contacted with orders to return to base- the captured fractal knot has activated. Not wanting the press to find out that a Heterodyne has been inadvertently created by the army, Major Busujima wants Kokubogar to come back and destroy the evidence straightaway.

Iizuka is more concerned with the civilians endangered by the second Heterodyne, but nonetheless reluctantly follows orders and returns to deal with the first creature. Meanwhile, the second Heterodyne sweeps through the city, carving a path of destruction. Shaped like a giant dome with a spike underneath, and electrified all over, the Heterodyne seems to be able to pass through solid objects, disrupting them in the process.

Kokubogar returns to HQ, where the red foam of the Heterodyne has spread everywhere. As the Heterodyne seems about to reform its configuration of linked spheres, Iizuka readies the Knot Buster, only to watch in horror as the Heterodyne foam enters the weapon and begins assimilating the robot. On Iizuka’s orders, the other two pilots evacuate, but Iizuka himself remains inside as the Heterodyne spheres surround the giant robot.

Having assumed its new form, the Heterodyne flies off to meet its fellow, which has continued its path of destruction and is now on course for the hospital. Desperate to get Dai-Guard launched, Ooyama asks that she be allowed to take the main pilot’s place, despite the danger of taking on the job without proper training.

At army HQ, Busujima decides that they must make a full on assault on the Heterodyne. As far as he is concerned, civilian casualties are unimportant as long as they can save face by keeping Kokubogar’s absorption a secret. Unable to accept this, Shirota outmanoeuvres his superior by opening the door to his office and letting the press in for a live broadcast. There is no way that Busujima can repeat his line about sacrificing civilians in front of the cameras, so he has no choice but to go along with Shirota’s announcement that the army has decided to request Dai-Guard’s help.

As Dai-Guard prepares to launch, Ooyama is insistent that she be allowed to fill in as main pilot, but Ibuki and Aoyama decide that it would be safer for the two of them to operate Dai-Guard on their own. Fortunately, a better option is available- having just arrived, Shirota is ready to disobey the army and take on the role of main pilot for this battle. PR Division 2 aren’t too happy to see him, but given the circumstances, there is no choice but to co-operate.

Advancing on the second, electrified Heterodyne, Dai-Guard uses an insulated net to block its electrical attacks, before wrapping the Heterodyne in the net and pushing it away from the hospital. Dai-Guard seems to have taken control of the situation- at least until the red Heterodyne arrives. Breaking free of Dai-Guard’s grasp, the electrical Heterodyne flies out to its fellow, and fuses into its back. Using a combination of electricity and small red spheres, the new “super Heterodyne” creates a kind of bolas.

As the Heterodyne uses the electrically levitated red spheres to hit Dai-Guard, Aoyama and Ibuki cannot understand why Shirota isn’t fighting back. As the Hetoerdyne fuses the spheres to make a huge wrecking ball, Shirota has no choice but to explain that Kokubogar and its pilot are inside- if he destroys the Heterodyne, Iizuka will most likely be killed.

Using its wrecking ball, the Heterodyne knocks Dai-Guard back, and the robot is sent crashing into an office block. As the Heterodyne advances, it looks as if Dai-Guard will have no choice but to start fighting back- or risk being destroyed…