11. A Farewell Mission with the Young Girl’s Cordiality

Thanks to the information Gento received from Yoshiki, CRI finally knows the location of Dr Ren’s secret Humaritt laboratory. Shinba Industrial has planned a military strike on the base, but whilst Gento assists them, it will be up to Najica to infiltrate the base and recover Dr Ren herself. Ever the professional, Najica offers to capture any other Humaritts she finds, but Majima tells her that isn’t necessary. He also offers some advice of his own- Ren’s base is also Lila’s birthplace, and it may not be a good idea to take her along. Najica is adamant, however; she isn’t about to go on this mission without her partner.

At Ren’s lab, Gento and the military soon find themselves unable to get pas the front entrance, thanks to a squadron of Humarion guards. As machine gun fire is exchanged between both sides, Najica and Lila use a ventilation shaft to penetrate the base. Entering the base, Najica sets up a video link for Gento using a camera hidden in the trademark rose on her lapel. Naturally, Gento is interested in a few close-ups of Najica, but she soon has more serious things to consider after running into a Humarion squadron. Fortunately, a co-ordinated counter-attack from Najica and Lila is sufficient to take them out.

Meanwhile, the military isn’t having much luck taking out the Humarion guards, at least until they receive a little extra help in the form of a CRI chopper. Whilst Shinobu pilots the chopper, Rena shoots down the Humarion guards using a sniper rifle, but soon enough, their aid attracts the attention of a smarter opponent. Arriving on the scene, the Humaritt Triple X uses a rocket launcher to blow the CRI chopper out of the sky. Ejecting just in time, Rena and Shinobu parachute to the ground, whilst Triple X turns her attention to the ground troops. Wielding a hefty machine gun, she sets up a barrage of fire that keeps the attacking force pinned.

In response, the military send in choppers of their own, but to their surprise, Triple X has the perfect countermeasure. Just like Nyura, Triple X is able to control an old military satellite, using its laser system to destroy the military choppers. Gento and the military have no choice but to retreat.

Inside the base, Najica and Lila decide to split up in order to conduct the search for Dr Ren. Unfortunately, Lila’s communicator has been damaged in the fight, so in its place Najica gives her the rose camera so that she will at least be able to see where Lila is.

Back at CRI, Majima is still worried about Najica’s decision to take Lila with her. According to Swaney’s calculations, Lila’s emotional bond with Najica is at 75%, a mere 5% below the level Elith had when she killed her master Athena. Majima cannot help worrying about Najica’s safety, but Swaney is certain that everything will turn out fine- after all, what better master could Lila have had than Najica?

As she continues her search for Dr Ren, Najica is also considering the status of her partner. Her speculations are soon interrupted, however, when she is ambushed by yet another squadron of Humarions. As Najica fights them off, Lila herself has made quite an interesting find- a cultivation fluid tank containing a single Humaritt- the pride and joy of both Dr Ren and Triple X. As Gento watches via the rose camera, Lila approaches the tank, but as she climbs over the edge and dives in, he loses transmission. Seemingly unaware of anything else, Lila dives down to the unconscious Humaritt- a young boy named Alpha. Alpha has yet to awaken for either Ren or Triple X, but surprisingly enough, it is Lila’s touch that brings him to consciousness.

With Lila now out of contact, Majima quickly gets in touch with Najica and informs her of the situation. Majima is worried that the loss of communications may indicate that Lila is no longer on their side, and he warns Najica that she may have to move against her own partner. Rather than issuing any specific orders, however, Majima merely tells Najica to deal with Lila as she sees fit.

Leading Alpha away to another part of the base, Lila tries to learn more about her new charge, but the Humaritt is either unable or unwilling to speak, making only the most basic of noises. Meanwhile, having returned to the cultivation tank, Triple X is horrified to see that her precious Alpha is missing, and when Najica enters the room in search of Lila, she automatically blames the CRI agent for his disappearance.

Najica tries to explain that she has no idea who or what ‘Alpha’ is, but the enraged Triple X refuses to believe her, instead activating the room’s security systems. As machine guns emerge from the walls and begin firing on her, Najica has no choice but run, with Triple X in close pursuit.

Elsewhere, Lila and Alpha are taking a short rest. Taking out a packet of water, Lila opens it and takes a drink, before handing a fresh packet to Alpha. Unable to open it first try, Alpha holds it out to Lila, but just as Najica did for her, she tells him to think for himself. After a few moments of consideration, Alpha is able to follow the instructions on the back of the packet and get himself a drink.

Meanwhile, Najica is still on the run from Triple X, but even as she tries to get away from the Humaritt, Triple X activates the machine gun security systems to slow her down. In short order, Triple X has caught up with Najica and knocked her to the ground. When Najica still proves unable to disclose Alpha’s location, Triple X hit her again, and in response, Najica shoots her. She scores three direct hits, but even as it seems that Triple X must go down, the Humaritt recovers, ejecting the bullets from her body. Switching to a different tactic, Najica quickly tosses a flash grenade at her opponent, and runs for it just as the Humaritt is blinded by the explosion.

Lila and Alpha continue on their way, but it soon becomes clear that Alpha is feeling the cold- hardly a surprise when he is completely naked. Stripping down to her petticoat, Lila clothes him in her dress, and they carry on through the base. Meanwhile, having found an escalator, Najica makes her way down to the lowest levels of Ren’s base, only to find herself at an underground station. Standing on the platform, Najica watches as a train passes by, but when it is gone, she notices a woman on the opposite platform. As the woman greets her and steps into the light, Najica recognises the new arrival as none other than Dr Ren…