Tenchi Muyo OVAs

1. Ryoko Resurrected: Legend has it that a demon is sealed in the Masaki family shrine, and teenager Tenchi Masaki has always wanted to investigate, despite his grandfather’s warnings to stay away. When Tenchi finally manages to steal the key he decides to go and satiate his curiosity- only to discover that the demon is very real, and out for some destruction.

2. Here Comes Ayeka!: In search of her half-brother and fiancé Yosho, Juraian Princess Ayeka has brought her spaceship to Earth, drawn by a report of the re-awakening of Ryoko, the very demon her brother left to pursue seven hundred years ago. Hoping to find Yosho, Ayeka decides to capture Ryoko, who of course has no intention of coming quietly. Despite his best efforts to stay out of it, poor Tenchi gets drawn right into the thick of things when Ayeka, believing him to be Ryoko’s accomplice, decides to imprison him aboard her spaceship.

3. Hello Ryo-Ohki!: Ayeka is having a hard time settling in on Earth- not only is she living in the same house as the demon Ryoko, but she still hasn’t found any clues as to the whereabouts of her half-brother Yosho. Meanwhile, Ryoko is having the time of her life teasing the Juraian princess, even showing up with a black egg that she claims is her child by Tenchi! Can Tenchi clear up this mess and help Ayeka adjust to life with the Masaki household?

4. Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars:When the Galaxy Police receive reports that arch criminal Kagato is active near the solar system, their nearest officer is sent to investigate. Unfortunately that officer just happens to be the incompetent and accident-prone Mihoshi, who predictably ignores her orders and decides to capture Kagato on her own. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Ayeka and Ryoko’s rivalry over Tenchi heats up during a vacation to the hot springs.

5. Kagato Attacks!: Having Mihoshi come to live with them may seem bad enough, but things are about to get worse for Tenchi and the girls when the space pirate Kagato pays them a visit. Hoping to find both Yosho and his sword, Kagato decides to attack the family on two fronts by taking control of Ryoko just as he did centuries before! Can Ryoko resist Kagato’s mind control, and how will the others defend themselves against this new and powerful threat?

6. We Need Tenchi: When all evidence suggests that Tenchi was killed by Kagato’s last attack, the girls decide to take action. Whilst Ryoko, Ayeka and Mihoshi head over to the Souja to confront Kagato, back on Earth, Sasami attempts to find and rescue Tenchi by calling on the power of Jurai’s greatest ship- Tsunami.

7. The Night Before the Carnival: The fight against Kagato is over, but a far deadlier and more important battle is still underway- the battle to decide which of the girls will win Tenchi’s heart. Inspired by the classic techniques of shoujo manga love stories, Ryoko and Ayeka set out to earn Tenchi’s love, but with Mihoshi and Washu around, even the best laid plans seem doomed to failure.

8. Hello Baby!: Tenchi is delighted to hear that he has a baby cousin- right up until he gets landed with looking after little Taro for a few days. And despite the girls’ determination to show off their maternal prowess by helping out, it seems like looking after a baby is too much for everyone- until Washu decides to take charge and show them how it’s done.

9. Sasami and Tsunami: Everyone is delighted to accept a return trip to the hot springs- until the innkeeper explains she only asked them over to repair the damage Ryoko caused on their last visit. But the dull repair job soon becomes a lot more fraught when the gang start catching glimpses of a shadowy white figure. Could there be a ghost haunting the hot springs? And just why has Sasami been so distant lately?

10. I Love Tenchi: In a house with so many assertive personalities, it can be hard to get some attention, especially for a little cabbit like Ryo-Ohki. When all Ryo-Ohki’s thoughts and feelings start building up inside, they affect a shape-shifting creature in Washu’s laboratory, turning it from a benign life-form into a purposeful being that could very well put Tenchi in danger. Will Washu even have time to explain this new threat, let alone come up with a countermeasure?

11. The Advent of the Goddess: Acting on the orders of the powerful Lady Tokimi, the nefarious Dr. Clay sends his robotic servant Zero to Earth to capture an unsuspecting Washu. Zero decides to infiltrate the Masaki household by capturing Ryoko and taking her place- but whilst the robot can easily duplicating Ryoko’s appearance, abilities and memories, she finds it difficult to cope with her emotions- especially Ryoko’s powerful feelings for Tenchi. Could this handicap give Washu the edge she needs to elude her would-be captor?

12. Zero Ryoko: When Zero duplicated Ryoko, she also copied Ryoko’s love for Tenchi, and the intensity of those feelings prevented her from carrying out her mission- to capture Washu and deliver her to Dr. Clay. Having already figured that Zero has replaced Ryoko, Washu decides it is time to strike back, by paying Clay a visit. Does Dr. Clay stand a chance against the infuriating genius scientist?

13. Here Comes Jurai: When Juraian empresses Funaho and Misaki decide to pay a visit to Earth, Katsuhito, Ayeka and Sasami are delighted to see their mothers again. But these powerful women haven’t just come for a vacation- having read Mihoshi’s report on Kagato, they want to talk to Washu about the power of the gems and the creation of Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki. And also on his way to Earth is their husband Emperor Azusa, who plans to take both his daughters back home to Jurai.

14. A Visitor from Afar: Having developed an interest in Tenchi’s power, Lady Tokimi summons the powerful warrior Z with orders to go to Earth and investigate- without directly harming Tenchi in the process! Whilst Z plots the use of more indirect methods on his target, the oblivious Tenchi decides to pay a visit to Nobuyuki and his new wife Rea- but even a simple walk to their apartment evokes memories of all the recent events that have changed his life so much.

15. Fiancée: Tenchi is shocked and delighted when he discovers that he has an older sister named Tennyo, but Tennyo’s arrival at the Masaki house brings another revelation- Tenchi’s arranged fiancée is also on her way! Deciding to get away before this new girl can show up, Tenchi slips off to go and work in the fields, only to end up running into a mysterious green-haired woman named Noike. Could this be the very fiancée that Tenchi was trying to avoid? Whatever the case, it seems that Tenchi’s family troubles are only just beginning.

16. Right Now, I’m Resting ~Strategy~: When all the stress and excitement finally takes its toll on Tenchi, Washu recommends that he stay in bed for a few days to recover. With all the other girls so incompetent in practical matters, Noike is appointed to look after him, and soon finds herself practically running the household! But even as the other girls worry that Noike will soon be more indispensable than they are, they discover that there is more to her story than was first revealed.

17. Misao Arrives Aboard the Chobimaru: When Mihoshi’s brother Misao gets the mistaken impression that his sister is a prisoner in the harem of the cruel Earthling Tenchi, he decides to head for Earth and wreak destructive vengeance on the entire planet! Fortunately, his adjutant Mashisu is able to divert him from his destructive plans, but it soon becomes clear that this is far from a benevolent act on her part. For Mashisu has plans of her own, plans that involve destroying Misao’s ship, and implicating none other than former space pirate Ryoko.

18. Lovey-dovey Epic Battle ~The Beginning of the End: Believing that Misao has already captured Tenchi, Ryoko decides to get some payback of her own, by launching an attack on Misao’s ship, the Chobimaru. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mashisu and her deputies get more than they bargained for when they try to take on the remaining girls.

19. Z

20. Final Confrontations