Annual Round-Up 2007

A normal day at Azure Flame.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, of anime gems and utter disappointments- a year when I’ve alternated between craving more and feeling utterly fed up with the continuing deluge of episodes that take no account of the fact that people might have other things to do than stay in and watch all day. Nonetheless, in true years-end tradition, we must review all the new series in an Annual Round-Up, a project which I meant to periodically update through the year but ended up writing at the last minute again.

As always, red titles are those which were dropped, and blues are the picks of the year. Come back on Tuesday for the New Year Rumble, in which we take a look at the year in the life of Azure Flame.

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Tuesday Rumble: October 23rd

chibi-dii-blog.pngSometimes, you just have to do something completely shameless- for example, just by typing “Dumbledore is gay” here, I can ride the wave of a recent news story and attract more viewers. And now that all you people have come to this blog for no reason, go away again whilst the regular readers click onwards.

Ratchet and Clank Universe

Ratchet and Clank is a great game series, but there are still ways to make it even better- and one of those ways is through R&C Universe. In this innovative game, every planet that has been featured in an R&C game up until now is available to visit, with all the races, space battles and other mini-games that you could ever wish for! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: October 23rd”

Sunday News Bites: September 23rd

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we are joined by Light Yagami, here to judge the week’s news with the power of the Death Note.

HaruToki 3 announced
Can’t get enough of bishounen-filled reverse harem shows? Then you’ll be delighted to learn that the latest Harukanaru Toki no Naka De anime adaptation has been announced- a one hour special based on the third game. The special is set to be released in December, and will no doubt be as dull and lacking in any real plot as the other Haruka anime adaptations and their sister series Angelique and La Corda d’Oro.
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Sunday News Bites: August 12th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week, we’re joined in the news room by Hakuoro from Utawarerumono, here to give us his expert opinion on what it’s like to stay well behind the battle lines and let his harem fight for him.

Kanon Trailer from ADV
The clues were all in place- the domain name registration, the Kanon girls cameo screenshot on the Air website- but now ADV has put together trailers for the series. Apparently, said trailers are unavailable now, but it seems to be the last in a long line of confirmations that, whilst they are unwilling to openly admit it as yet, ADV has indeed licensed Kanon 2006. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: August 12th”

Final Thoughts: Kanon

Seven years after his last visit, Yuuichi Aizawa returns to the wintry city where his aunt and cousin live in order to attend high school there whilst his parents are away. With his past memories of the city hazy at best, Yuuichi sets about reacquainting himself with the city, and little by little, he finds himself befriending some of the girls that live there. Yet not of all these girls are what they seem, and as Yuuichi gets to know them and uncover their secrets, he also begins to recall those buried events of seven years ago…

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Weekly Round-Up: March 23rd

Reviewed this week: Busou Renkin 24, Corda 10, Kanon 24, Nodame Cantabile 9, Red Garden 20-22, SaiMono 35

…and in manga: Chevalier 2, Chokotto Sister 39, Clannad 1-4, Gunslinger Girl 23, School Rumble 217, Spiral 28-31, Spiral Alive 4, Tenshi Nanka Janai, Tsubasa 147, Yotsuba&! 45

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Kanon Harem Diaries Part 24 [end]

Well, I guess as far as harems go, I didn’t do that great a job of assembling one, but who cares, for I have gained the ultimate prize- Ayu. Admittedly, she is still confined to a wheelchair and not yet in good enough shape for some of the more energetic games I like to play, but I am sure that time and physiotherapy will solve that little problem. In the meantime, I can continue to mould her to fit my desires, for one perfect example of lolimoe is worth any number of harems.

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Weekly Round-Up: March 16th

I need to take a moment to discuss this figure of Eri. It’s not a figure I like, and I wouldn’t have given it a second thought had ANN not written a surprisingly positive review about it. Am I the only one who dislikes this figure? It doesn’t capture the essence of Eri for me at all, and even if I had no idea who she was, the only thing I would like about it is the skirt.

Reviewed this week: Aria 20-21, Iroha 16, Busou Renkin 23, Chevalier 15-16, Deltora 4, Gargoyle 10, Ichigo Mashimaro OVA 1, Kanon 23, Nodame 8, SaiMono 34

…and in manga: MariMite 22, School Rumble 216, Tsubasa 146, xxxHOLiC 10.3

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Kanon Harem Diaries Part 23

The forest is the key to it all, I am sure of it. That was where I last saw Ayu, and it is surely where the plot has decreed I can find her again. I don’t mean brief visions of her saying goodbye- I mean lengthy romantic scenes followed by promises that she will never leave me again. I gambled away minor harem members in an attempt to discover just what exactly works when seducing a woman, but I cannot afford to lose Ayu too. She was my perfectly trained love slave, attentive to my every need, and without her, all I am is an average high school student without a woman to my name. Continue reading “Kanon Harem Diaries Part 23”

Weekly Round-Up: March 9th

A while back, I mentioned wanting this figure, but as all too often happens, I’m beginning to change my mind- why have him when I can have this guy (his HARD GAY lover?) instead? I know the colour scheme isn’t as good, but the detailing on the clothes looks a lot better, even if the poor guy is bleeding to death after improperly performed HARD GAY.

Reviewed this week: Busou Renkin 22, Corda d’Oro 9, Kanon 22, Love GetChu 6, Nodame 7, Red Garden 19, ROTK 42

…and in manga: Emma Bangaihen 7, REC 28, School Rumble 215, Shana 10, Spiral Alive 3, NHK 35, Yotsuba& 44

Due to laziness with regards to parodying them, Chevalier 15-16 will appear next week.

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