10. Woke up with a Monster

The monster has just finished its boomer sized snack, and has begun looking around for its next meal. Realising that the Knight Sabers cannot battle the creature unprepared, Sylia orders the others to retreat. Still desperate to contribute, Nene fires one last volley of shots at the beast, but only succeeds in incurring its wrath. Fortunately more ADP officers show up- the ADP’s attack doesn’t damage the monster, but the beast does at least retreat back into the underground tunnels.

Brian Mason is very interested in the monster, not for itself, but for the fact that its appearance may guide him to what he is really looking for. But if Mason wants to investigate, he’ll have to make sure neither the public nor the ADP will be getting in the way. Fortunately, the diggers who discovered the beast worked for a Genom controlled company, and with Genom also in charge of the media, reports of the beast won’t be appearing on the news any time soon.

At AD Police HQ, Leon is furious to be told that the ADP will be leaving the monster alone- as it isn’t a boomer, it isn’t under their jurisdiction. The last thing Leon wants to do is leave the monster to roam around freely, but Daley takes the news more calmly- he has a plan.

Meanwhile, Nene is also at ADP HQ, immersed in depression as she considers the possibility that she may be forced to leave the Knight Sabers. Although she manages to put on a cheerful face when Linna calls, she is less happy to see Leon and Daley. Daley wants to put his plan into effect, but first the two officers need a favour…

Whilst Mason sends his own team to search the underground ruins in the 28th ward (a mission that is to be kept secret even from Chairman Rosenkroitz), Priss has some business of her own to attend to. Entering the Silky Doll, she pretends to select a pink dress, much to the amusement of the other patrons. Ostensibly taking the dress into the changing room, Priss heads for her true objective- a chat with Sylia.

Watching a video of the monster, Sylia finds herself shaking with an inexplicable overdose of fear, although Priss’ arrival soon snaps her out of it. Priss has come to express her concerns over Nene. Each boomer has been tougher than the last, and Nene just isn’t keeping up the pace. There is a strong possibility that Nene could get hurt or killed if she remains on the team- and Priss doesn’t want the other woman’s death on her conscience. It would be better if Nene was taken off the team right now.

Listening to Priss’ grievances, Sylia proposes a bet. If Priss wins, then Sylia will agree to her request and remove Nene from the Knight Sabers. But if Sylia wins, then Priss will have to do something for her instead. Hearing this, Priss’ eyes narrow as she considers her next move.

Nene is well aware that she may not be a Knight Saber for much longer. Wanting to talk to someone, she heads to K’s Garage for a chat with Macky. Nene explains her fears- now that Linna has joined and proven herself to be an able partner for Priss, maybe the Knight Sabers don’t even need her anymore. In response, Macky tries to cheer her up- Nene has her own unique talents that she brings to the team. Nene doesn’t seem wholly convinced, but is soon distracted by something on her computer. Leon and Daley have requisitioned supplies from the ADP depot- just the kind of things they would need for a trip underground.

Indeed, the two ADP officers have defied orders and gone down to find the monster. Thanks to Nene’s earlier favour, they have a top secret map of the underground ruins. With all their equipment, they soon reach “Monster Central”, where Mason’s team are doing their own investigation. The Genom team have drawn out the monster with a snack of boomers, and are now tracking it back to its lair- the research lab where it was created. As Leon and Daley follow them, they have no idea that they are being followed themselves- by the Knight Sabers.

Mason and a subordinate are also tracking the progress of the team- that is, until they lose contact. But it is not a simple camera failure, for as Leon and Daley discover, the team have fallen victim to the monster. And even as the two officers gaze at the dead bodies of the fallen team members, they find themselves swept into the monster’s grip.

Having caught its prey, the monster begins emitting some kind of EM pulse- a weapon that would easily knock out a boomer, but has no effect on a human, allowing Leon to shoot the monster. Forced to release its grip, the beast lets go of Leon and Daley, allowing them to start shooting back. That is, until the enraged creature angrily sweeps a tentacle at Leon…

…Fortunately for Leon, the Knight Sabers have arrived, and Priss is on hand to whisk him out of danger. Whilst Leon wonders how the Knight Sabers always manage to show up in situations like this, Priss and Linna begin a combined attack on the monster.

Nene, meanwhile, has gone to the old research lab’s control room to download data on the creature. As she boots up the backup systems and loads the data, both Sylia and Mason’s subordinate take the opportunity to download the relevant information. But whilst Mason’s subordinate is merely interested in research material, Sylia sees something far more threatening. The monster’s EMP ray sucked the power from the boomer’s batteries- and that means the hardsuits are in danger of the same thing. With Priss and Linna in imminent danger, Sylia decides there is only one thing to do- she must suit up and go down to help them.

Priss and Linna’s initial attack has no effect on the monster, and before Nene’s download can tell them anything useful, the two Knight Sabers are grabbed by the monster, which uses its EM pulse to drain the power from their suits. Trapped, Priss reflects that she is about to lose the bet. Priss had indeed accepted Sylia’s bet- and in order to win it, she must outperform Nene on this mission. But now it looks like she might not even survive…

The bet may be lost, but the battle is far from over. Sylia has arrived, and her initial attack frees both Priss and Linna from the monster’s clutches. Unfortunately, even as she checks on her comrades, Sylia herself is grabbed by the monster. Its EM pulse not only begins to drain her suit, but seems to react to something in Sylia’s very brain…

…Trapped in an illusion, Sylia is a child again, standing on a sandy beach by the shore. As a tidal wave rears up to crash down on her, a shadowy figure appears behind it- her father…

Back in the real world, and now Nene has come to the rescue. Thanks to her perusal of the computer files, Nene knows where the monster’s weak spot is. When the creature opens its mouth she is able to shoot right through to the creature’s brain, destroying the beast and saving her friends.

With the danger over, Mason listens to his subordinate’s analysis. The lab where the creature was created belonged to Bioscape, the company that Mason and Sylia’s father both worked for, but it was not part of the research project that Mason is interested in finding. The subordinate continues his report, but Mason terminates the communication- it is of no use to him.

Meanwhile, at the Silky Doll, Priss must pay the price for losing the bet. Dressed up in a pink dress and plenty of make-up, Priss poses for Sylia’s camera, much to the amusement of her friends. Maybe Priss will make it as Makeover of the Month.