Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

1. Can’t Buy a Thrill

2. Fragile

3. Keep Me Hanging On

4. Machine Head

5. Rough and Ready: When a rogue boomer takes over a factory and starts absorbing all the machinery there, the Knight Sabers must spring into action despite the overwhelming AD Police presence. What the team doesn’t realise is that the entire situation has been manufactured by Genom, who are looking to capture the Knight Sabers. Will Linna, Priss and Nene fall into Genom’s trap?

6. Get it On

7. Look at Yourself

8. Fire Ball

9. My Nation Underground

10. Woke Up With a Monster

11. Sheer Heart Attack

12. Made in Japan

13. Atom Heart Mother

14. Shock Treatment: Angered by Sylia’s refusal to explain the dark secrets of her past, Nene refuses to take part in the Knight Saber’s next mission, leaving Priss and Linna to search for Dr Stingray’s Wiz Lab alone. But once they find it, will Sylia have time to destroy whatever horror lies within before Mason tracks her down and takes it for himself?

15. Minute By Minute: Whilst Mason takes control of the mysterious and powerful Galatea, the true story behind Sylia and Mackey’s past begins to be revealed. Can the bond between Linna, Priss, Nene and Sylia possibly endure the loss of their hardsuits and the myriad dark secrets that are about to be revealed, or will the Knight Sabers simply fall apart?

16. I Surrender: Drawn to see Sylia by Galatea’s powers, Linna, Priss and Nene discover the truth about the origins of the Knight Sabers and their hardsuits. Meanwhile, the AD Police face being disbanded, and Mason begins stirring up trouble as he tries to find ways to occupy Galatea.

17. Moving Waves: The ADP “Totem Pole” HQ is swarming with rogue boomers under Galatea’s control, with only Nene and three other officers left inside. Trapped behind a security and communications lockdown, Nene and the others must defend themselves and search for a way to contact their friends and allies in the outside world before it is too late.

18. We Built This City: The ADP and the Knight Sabers have come to the rescue of Nene and the others still trapped in the ADP Totem Pole- but with the invading boomers fusing into the very structure of the building itself, it’s going to take co-operation, strategy and a hell of a lot of luck to get everyone out alive…

19. Are You Experienced?: The streets of Tokyo become ever more deserted as people flee in the wake of the spreading rogue boomer phenomenon- but according to the national news, nothing is wrong. In the face of Genom’s control of the media, Leon, Daley and Nene begin sending out their own broadcast in the hope of explaining the truth to the public and gathering together the remnants of the ADP for an all out attack on Genom’s Dragon Line…

20. One of These Nights: Galatea steps things up a notch when she takes control of the Dragon Line and uses it to awaken a new wave of giant boomers. In order to fight back, the Knight Sabers must learn the intricacies of their new hardsuits, but can even this new technology hope to make a dent in Galatea’s all-pervading army of boomers?

21. Close to the Edge: As the giant boomer tries to fuse with Linna, Nene and Sylia, the Knight Sabers pin their last hope on Priss and her new Moto Slave. But even if Priss can take down this boomer, it’s for certain that Galatea will continue to spread her control throughout all of Tokyo…

22. Physical Graffiti: As the Knight Sabers set about escaping from the boomer invasion of the Silky Doll, they come to realise that Galatea has used the Dragon Line to absorb the whole city, creating a boomer ecosystem. Desperately needing a respite, they head to the one place that the Dragon Line doesn’t reach- a park by the sea. But they aren’t the only ones to take refuge there…

23. Hydra: From the heights of Genom Tower, Galatea has reached out through the Dragon Line and made Tokyo her own. But when Galatea goes one step further and starts absorbing Macky’s mind as well, the Knight Sabers know they can wait no longer. Donning their hardsuits, Sylia, Priss, Linna and Nene must penetrate the tower itself and force a showdown with Galatea herself if they are to save the city and the people they love.

24. Light My Fire: Now fused with the upper levels of Genom Tower, Galatea takes off into space, heading for the giant space umbrella that will furnish her with the power to spread the rogue boomer phenomenon throughout the entire world. Now Priss, Linna and Nene must somehow find a way to get there first- because humanity’s continued survival may well depend on it.

25. Walking on the Moon: Reaching the space umbrella, the Knight Sabers are horrified to discover that Galatea is already there waiting for them. The battle turns into a desperate race against time, for in fifteen minutes, the sun will hit the umbrella’s solar collectors, supplying Galatea with the energy she needs to spread the rogue boomer phenomenon to the entire world. But can Linna, Priss and Nene really hope to go against an adversary so powerful that she can take control of everything around them- including their hardsuits?

26. Still Alive and Well: With Linna and Nene adrift in space and on a collision course towards Earth, it’s up to Priss to face Galatea by herself. But when Galatea sets her sights on absorbing not only the hardsuit, but also Priss herself, it seems as if the battle is already lost. Can the Knight Sabers pull through and emerge victorious from this final showdown, or has Galatea already won?