25. Thoughts That Keep Piling Up

Like a giant umbrella, the Heterodyne has grown to cover central Tokyo, its many thick strands reaching down to embed themselves in the city below. Attempts to remove them with explosives prove futile; the Heterodyne simply reforms, causing yet more damage.

21st Century Security was one of the buildings to be damaged during the attack, and the Dai-Guard team has had to evacuate the area with everyone else. As usual, the team set themselves to work helping with the evacuation of those few who are left behind, even though it breaks their hearts to see the city they worked so hard to protect now half-destroyed.

According to the army’s research labs, the Heterodyne is still growing- in two days, all of Tokyo will be covered, followed by the rest of Japan within a week, and, in a month’s time, the entire Earth will be covered. It is common belief that the growth was precipitated by Busujima’s failed attack on the creature, and the brass are determined to pin the blame on him. Determined to extricate himself from the mess he has made, Busujima suggests a plan to destroy the Heterodyne- they will attack it with deadly and destructive OE weapons.

The team are far from pleased to hear about the proposed use of OE weapons- whether or not the bomb can destroy the Heterodyne, it is for sure that Tokyo itself will be vaporised if the weapon is deployed. There may be one small ray of hope, however- Domeki has finally located the original fractal knot. The knot is right at the top of the creature, probably situated between the two layers of its upper body a convenient five thousand metres above ground. If they can borrow Kokubogar’s transport plane, Dai-Guard and the Knot Punisher II can be dropped onto the Heterodyne, where it will destroy the knot and then parachute back to the ground.

Unfortunately, Major Busujima seems to have no intention of changing his plans to accommodate Dai-Guard’s proposed mission. He doesn’t want to release the army-owned Kokubogar plane to civilians, but nor does he want to send Kokubogar in Dai-Guard’s place. Unable to get Busujima to see past his ego, Shirota decides to take action on his own. Disobeying Busujima and HQ may cost him his career, but it could well save the entire city.

At the Kokubogar hangar, main pilot Iizuka has just been told by Busujima that he is not to move out, but Shirota has other plans. Arriving at the hangar, he orders Iizuka and the other pilots to move out- Kokubogar and the transport planes must be transported to team Dai-Guard at once. Knowing in his heart that Shirota is doing the right thing, Iizuka and his co-pilots are happy to go along.

As the Dai-Guard and Kokubogar teams prepare for the upcoming mission, Ookouchi addresses the prime minister and his cabinet, asking them to lend their support to Dai-Guard’s mission. The cabinet decides that the team will be given three hours to destroy the Heterodyne- after that, the army has the go-ahead to fire its OE weaponry. It doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time given the size of the Heterodyne, but Busujima is adamant that they won’t be waiting any longer.

Parachuting down from the transport plane, Dai-Guard and Kokubogar land on the top of the Heterodyne; after an initial systems check, the two robots prepare to head for their entry point into the Heterodyne, but it seems that the creature has no intention of giving them an easy time of it. As their three hour countdown begins, spikes spring up all around them. The two robots begin attacking the spikes, but some twenty-two minutes later, they still haven’t made it past them all. Can they possibly destroy the fractal knot in time?