4. The Fictitious Star with a Sweet Trap-Like Perfume

As they continue to work together on their missions, Najica is still finding Lila’s overly literal interpretation of her orders something of a problem; such as when Lila stands idly by whilst Najica fends off attackers because she was told not to move until Najica told her to. Despite this slight hiccup, however, Najica and Lila successfully complete the mission, and it is not long before Najica is summoned to Majima’s office to receive their next assignment.

Najica’s next mission involves the 4 C’zNs, a quartet of female pop singers who have recently risen to the top of the charts from out of nowhere. Managed by an agency belonging to a former pop idol, the 4 C’zNs have taken the media by storm- but it seems that there may be more to them than meets the eye. According to CRI’s information, one of the 4 C’zNs members may actually be a Humaritt, and Majima wants Lila and Najica to find and recover her.

As they attend a 4 C’zNs concert with Gento, Najica and Lila to figure to which of the four girls could be the Humaritt- Haruka, Akina, Fuyuki or Natsuyo. The answer isn’t obvious from their on-stage behaviour, but Gento reasons that it may be apparent from holding a closer conversation with them. Despite their adult appearance, Humaritts are notoriously immature when it comes to emotions, and recording their reactions whilst talking to them should be a dead giveaway.

In order to get close to the 4 C’zNs, Lila poses as new pop idol Lila Minazuki, with Najica acting as her manager. After introducing themselves to the group and their manager Ai Irie, Lila begins to chat to them, whilst Najica surreptitiously records their reactions with a device supplied by Gento. On later analysis, however, the results are surprising- all four of the girls exhibited identical reactions to Lila. Could it be that all four of them are Humaritts?

Back at the lab, Gento tests the reaction recorder on Najica, but although it seems to be working properly, he decides that they will have to change tactics in order to verify which of the girls is the Humaritt. As Lila demonstrates, Humaritts have serial numbers stamped on their bottoms which only show up under a special light. Najica and Lila will just have to find a way to check the bottoms of all four of the girls.

At the recording studio, Lila tries to sneak a look at the 4 C’zNs by sharing a changing room with them, but before she can make a move, Ai throws her out. As a second attempt, Najica and Lila follow the 4 C’zNs and their manager to a restaurant, where Najica uses a silenced gun to smash a bottle of champagne and send the contents flying all over the girls. With their next photo shoot imminent, Ai sends them off to take a shower, and Lila follows. Despite having the perfect opportunity to look at the girls, however, Lila is unable to complete her task when her special torch stops working in the damp air. Repeated attempts to make the device work end in failure, and Lila only narrowly escapes being caught by ducking into an adjacent shower stall.

Whilst Najica and Lila head back to their apartment for a break, Ai and the 4 C’zNs go to visit Mika Chinatsu, the president of the company that manages them. Chinatsu was once a pop idol herself, but the accident that caused the Earth’s water level to rise some thirty years ago also diverted attention away from her career. She never got to reach the heights of stardom, but now, with the help of the Humaritt, the 4 C’zNs just might be able to achieve the success Chinatsu failed to attain.

Still preoccupied by the mystery of the 4 C’zNs, Najica reviews the tape of the concert they attended, but as she watches, it almost feels as if some force is penetrating her brain. Fortunately, Najica is brought back to reality when Lila accidentally drops a plate, and after thinking about what happened to her, she comes up with a solution. After congratulating Lila on her inadvertent help, Najica calls CRI, only to notice that Lila has begun smashing more plates on the floor in order to ‘help’ further.

Some time later, Lila is out again, and on the run from someone; ducking into an alley, she is confronted by Fuyuki, who is carrying a gun. After warning Lila that she must pay the price for stumbling onto their secret, Fuyuki fires- but as Lila goes down, the director cries ‘cut’. Lila and Fuyuki were just working on a scene for a movie, but in real life, Najica and Lila have come a little closer to the 4 C’zNs’ secret. All of the girls appear to have the ability to project subliminal commands with their voices- an ability that humans can exhibit when under hynopsis. There is indeed only one Humaritt in the group, but that Humaritt is controlling the others, imbuing them with the very powers that they have been using to ‘persuade’ the public to buy their albums and listen to their songs.

Unfortunately, however, reality is about to mirror the film scene, as the 4 C’zNs confront Lila in one of the backstage areas. After using Lila’s special torch to confirm that she is a Humaritt, the girls reveal that they knew the truth ever since their first conversation- the reaction test Lila and Najica gave them. Now, they plan to silence Lila, but even as Fuyuki goes to shoot her for real, Najica arrives and shoots the gun right out her hand.

As the girls scatter, Najica and Lila split up to find them and verify which one is the Humaritt. On one of the abandoned sets, Lila manages to dodge the falling lighting and shoot down Akina with a plastic bullet, but when she checks the girl’s bottom, no serial number is present. Meanwhile, Haruka tries to hide in one of the lockers, but Najica is still able to find her and take her down- thanks to the CRI perfume she was wearing. As it turns out, Haruka isn’t the Humaritt either, and shortly after, Lila rules out Natsuyo as well.

Now only Fuyuki remains, but as Najica corners her, the desperate girl turns on the subliminal charm, using her enhanced suggestive powers to stop Najica in her tracks and incapacitate her. Fortunately, Lila arrives just in time, and despite Fuyuki’s attempts to subliminally sway her as well, the Humaritt girl proves to be immune to hypnotic suggestion. With a couple of shots, Fuyuki goes down, and in short order, she and Najica check the girl for a serial number. By a process of elimination, it seems certain that Fuyuki must be the Humaritt, but when they check her, she turns out to be as human as the others.

As Najica and Lila ponder this unexpected outcome, the real Humaritt leaps out of the shadows and begins firing at them with a machine gun. As Lila and Najica dodge, the smoke clears- revealing that their opponent is none other than the 4 C’zNs manager, Ai. With her ammunition now depleted, Ai switches to using her own subliminal powers, forcing Najica to abandon her cover and call Lila out into the open so that neither woman can re-arm and launch a surprise attack.

As far as Ai is concerned, she has won, but even as she lets down her guard, Najica acts, sliding a concealed gun into her palm and using it to shoot Ai with a plastic bullet. As it turns out, Najica was never under Ai’s hynoptic control- she used earplugs to block the sound of her voice. Now, there is no obstacle to prevent Najica and Lila from checking Ai’s bottom, and when they do, they discover a Humaritt serial number- Triple I.

With Triple I in the hands of Gento and CRI, the 4 C’zNs themselves soon break up, deciding to start solo careers with new management agencies. For Chinatsu, it is the end of her vicarious dream, but for Najica and Lila, it is just another successful mission.