Najica Blitz Tactics

1. A Magnificent Secret Agent with a Rose in Her Hands: When Najica is sent on a rescue mission to a seemingly unprotected mansion, she is certain that it will be a quick and easy job for her. But when the maids employed by the lady of the house also turn out to double as a trigger happy machine-gun squad, Najica realises that she will need all of her skills and gadgets if she is to complete her mission and get out alive.

2. A Pretty Partner with a Gun in Her Hands: Having always completed her missions alone, Najica is less than pleased to be assigned a rookie partner, especially when that partner turns out to be Lila, the Humaritt (artificial human) girl that she rescued on her last mission. Their first team assignment is to protect a dignitary’s daughter from a notorious assassin- but will Lila prove to be a help or a hindrance to the mission?

3. Ugly Relics in the Jet-Black Darkness: When a rich businessman with a passion for model planes manages to resurrect an old satellite and turn it into an orbiting laser weapon, Najica and Lila are authorised to track him down and secure the satellite’s control system by any means necessary.

4. The Fictitious Star with a Sweet Trap-Like Perfume: Najica and Lila are assigned to investigate the 4 C’zNs, a sensational pop quartet that recently rose to the top of the charts from out of nowhere. But despite their outwardly normal appearance, rumour has it that one of the 4 C’zNs girls is actually a Humaritt, and it is up to Najica and Lila to get close enough to discover which one it is.

5. The Fragile Dream with a Crimson Colored Horizon: When the powerful yet mentally unstable Ricardo Kidel gets hold of a nuclear missile, he plans to use it to launch a devastating coup d’etat. Najica and Lila are sent to infiltrate his ocean liner and put a stop to his plans, but their mission has one added complication; not only is the missile guarded by a Humaritt, but the duo is under orders to capture her and deliver her to Gento intact. And with Kidel’s plans already in motion, Najica and Lila will have to move fast if they are to have any hope of succeeding in their mission.

6. The Beautiful Beast’s Eyes with a Lonely Shadow: When a Humaritt is activated without receiving orders or a master, Najica and Lila are sent to retrieve her before she falls into the hands of a rival organisation. But their straightforward capture mission soon runs into problems when they discover that this Humaritt is a unique model that is able to tap into over three times the strength available to a normal human. Can Najica and Lila even hope to stop this renegade powerhouse?

7. The Murderous Bullet Shot with a Wry Smile: Whilst Lila recovers from her injuries, Najica is sent on a solo mission to help teen prodigy Swaney and her guardian Daniela in their flight from the repressive government of Kirnovf. Having become used to having a partner around, will Najica be able to readapt to the solo life successfully enough to protect Swaney and Daniela from a deadly tag team of Kirnovf agents?

8. The Sky of Desire with a Swirling Battle Flame: When rumour has it that a weapons dealer will be sending a Humaritt named Toni to steal one of the exhibits at a weapons fair, Najica and Lila are assigned to apprehend her. Unfortunately, with CRI having no information on what Toni is after, or even what she looks like, the two agents cannot even act until Toni makes her move. And when she does, will Najica and Lila be able to react in time to stop Toni before any innocent bystanders get hurt?

9. The Brave Desert Lion with the Goddess: Najica and Lila are sent to the country of Gilda to capture Elith, a Humaritt working for the Gilda resistance fighters- a mission that goes horribly wrong when Najica is discovered and captured. Now, Lila must learn to think independently in order to save Najica, but will she be able to contend with Elith, whose fanatical belief in her cause makes her a danger to everyone around her?

10. The Final Destination of the Battle with Dangerous Love: There’s nothing strange about the love between a man and a woman- except perhaps when that woman is a Humaritt. As the unique couple that is Yoshiki and Serina go on the run, Najica and Lila are sent to help them to safety. But as the duo fight off pursuing squadrons of Humaritts, they begin to suspect that the deadliest Humaritt of the lot might already be among them. For behind Serina’s innocent and vulnerable façade lurks a deadly and dangerous warrior- one who will stop at nothing to protect her husband.

11. A Farewell Mission with the Young Girl’s Cordiality: Thanks to the information given to Gento by his friend Yoshiki, CRI finally knows the location of the laboratory where all Humaritts are manufactured by their creator, Dr. Ren. Whilst the military launches an offensive strike, Najica and Lila are sent to infiltrate the lab and retrieve Dr. Ren. However, even as Najica sets out on her latest mission, Majima warns her that the most dangerous Humaritt on this mission may be her own partner. Could it be that the strength of Lila’s emotional bond with her master will spell trouble for Najica?

12. A Gorgeous Agent with the Rose of Destiny in Her Heart: In the depths of the laboratory, Najica has finally located Dr. Ren herself, only to discover that the person calling herself “Dr. Ren” is actually none other than the deadly and deranged Humaritt Triple X. As Najica faces off against this new opponent, Lila finds herself growing closer to Alpha, the Humaritt boy who is Ren’s latest creation. How will Triple X react to the bond between Lila and her beloved Alpha? And, more importantly, will it have an effect on Lila’s relationship with Najica herself?