12. Shinjuku at Night: Big Battle

Knowing that Iizuka is trapped inside the fused Heterodyne, Shirota cannot bring himself to attack it. Aoyama suggests that he takes the main pilot position to launch an attack before Dai-Guard becomes too damaged to move, whilst Busujima has orders of his own from the staff officers- they want an all-out offensive launched to destroy the Heterodyne before anyone finds out that Kokubogar is inside.

Back at 21st Century, Domeki figures out that it will take only two hours to get her new weapon- the Knot Punisher- assembled, shipped and ready to use on Dai-Guard. Using his contacts in the army, Ookouchi asks that they work together with Dai-Guard to contain the Heterodyne for that time.

Whilst Busujima orders the placement of impact land mines to create a containment zone, it is up to Dai-Guard to force the Heterodyne into that zone. After jettisoning the now useless left arm, Shirota charges into the Heterodyne, firing off the right arm into it to force it back into the mine zone. The mines activate, creating a land well that traps the creature.

Shirota’s charge may have worked, but it has also left Dai-Guard immobilised, so Yokazawa and the maintenance team drive out to fix it. The rest of the team heads over to the hospital to find Akagi, but in the midst of the evacuation, he seems to have disappeared. Nonetheless, reports of an unusually energetic patient leading the evacuation seem to indicate that he can’t be too far away.

Indeed, Akagi is with a group of evacuees, looking after four young children. After settling the children round a fire lit by some of the other evacuees, Akagi plans to get back to Dai-Guard, but the children do not want him to leave. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of Aoyama’s mother. After convincing the children to be brave and stay with her, she introduces herself to Akagi. Akagi wonders why Aoyama never mentioned that his mother was in hospital, but Mrs Aoyama explains that her son would rather keep something to himself than add to his friend’s worries.

Having completed work on the Knot Punisher, Sumida goes down to Tech Division to report that all is ready, only to be amazing to discover that the cute girl who went with him to pick up the parts is none other than the infamously geeky Domeki. Domeki herself has been busy analysing the Heterodyne, and has figured out that if only the original fractal knot is targeted, the creature will be destroying without taking Kokubogar and Iizuka with it.

But the Heterodyne itself isn’t going to wait around to be destroyed. As it powers up, the army launches a missile attack, hoping to keep it contained. Meanwhile, Akagi starts heading towards the action, but soon slows down, having not fully recovered from his last battle. Fortunately, Sumida is also heading the same way to deliver the Knot Punisher, and Akagi is able to catch a lift.

Using its electrical powers, the Heterodyne attacks the surrounding area, setting it all on fire. Feeling helpless, the PR Division 2 begin wishing that Akagi was here- remarking that he would be stupid enough to plunge right into battle without caring how powerful the monster was. What they don’t realise is that Sumida and Akagi are listening in on the radio- and when Akagi finally arrives, he is ready to give everyone a piece of his mind. Nonetheless, Ibuki seems just as mad at him- how dare he disappear off and get everyone so worried!

Reunited, the three pilots prepare to launch Dai-Guard, whilst Shirota resumes his role as tactical officer for the operation, much to Busujima’s annoyance. As Dai-Guard heads out, Shirota has the army aim the power of the mines towards the Heterodyne, creating an even larger well that should contain it. Even as Domeki arrives to give the pilots a crash course in using the Knot Punisher, however, the Heterodyne uses its “arms” to climb out of the well, and continues to fry the area with more bolts of electricity. With few other options, Shirota orders the deployment of more mines.

Sumida estimates that it will take him half an hour to hook up the Knot Punisher, so Akagi decides to do it manually- by forcing Dai-Guard’s arm connection into the corresponding hole. To Sumida’s horror (although Domeki herself doesn’t seem too bothered), Akagi isn’t very delicate about it, although with a few haphazard manoeuvres, he manages to get both arms equipped. The main Knot Punisher (a super-powered Knot Buster) is attached to the right arm, whilst the flywheel used to power it goes on the left.

Setting the mines to maximum power, Shirota hopes to re-establish containment of the Heterodyne, but his efforts are doomed to failure. Using its electrical attack, the Heterodyne destroys the mines, and once again climbs out of the mine well to continue its rampage. Fortunately, Dai-Guard is finally ready for action, so whilst the army subdues the Heterodyne with more missiles, Domeki calculates the position of the fractal knot so that the robot can launch an attack.

Having received the data from Domeki, Dai-Guard charges towards the Heterodyne; whilst Ibuki locks onto the fractal knot, Akagi grabs the Heterodyne, and Aoyama powers up the flywheel. Connecting the flywheel to the Knot Punisher, Akagi fires, shattering the fractal knot and causing the Heterodyne to explosively disintegrate- still intact, Kokubogar and Iizuka are finally freed.

Everyone is overjoyed at Dai-Guard’s victory, and the three pilots get to bask in the glory for a little while. Akagi especially is determined to make the most of it, at least until he becomes too weak to stand and has to be supported by Ibuki and Aoyama.

Away from the scene of battle, however, there are those who are less pleased- such as Director Nishijima. In a private meeting with three other members the board, he reveals that he has grievances against the way Ookouchi is running the company- and he isn’t about to sit idly by doing nothing about them. Maybe what PR Division 2 should really worry about isn’t Heterodynes, but company politics…