2. Invasion

Gawking like the newcomer he is, Seina is awed to be on board a spaceship, especially when the blonde woman, Mitoto, alters the corridor walls so that he can see what is going on outside, including his first view of Earth from space. Unfortunately, Seina’s bad luck has followed him into space, and only a few moments later, he gets trapped in the two-dimensional washing machine.

Following an exciting, if a little exaggerated, recruitment video, Seina gets to meet the bridge crew of the GP ship. Now, there is even more to stare at, especially as the ship is about to make a hyperlight jump. Strapping himself in, Seina eagerly awaits “warp speed”, only to discover that the ship is already travelling faster than light; it’s just rather less impressive and noticeable than in the movies. Where are all the explosions and streaking lights?

However, Seina is about to get more explosions than he really wanted when the GP ship runs straight into the path of a pirate battleship. Accident-prone as ever, Seina takes a fall during the near miss, and manages to switch on the ship’s communications. Listening in, the pirates decide to capture the GP ship for themselves.

Whilst the ship prepares for its next hyperspace jump, Mitoto takes Seina to a room where he can get some rest. First, though, he takes the opportunity to call Earth, first Kai, and then his family, Just as he is about to talk to Kiriko, however, the communication is terminated- the pirates are attacking.

Seina quickly heads back to the bridge to see what is going on. The GP ship is only a transport vessel, and Mitoto correctly surmises that their best option is to run. Unfortunately, in order to do so they’ll have to evade the pirate’s traps- first a bunch of energy nets, and then a series of bomb bots that swarm through the interior of the ship like little mice. Even the ship’s “cats”, box-shaped collectors, aren’t fast enough to catch them all, and so Mitoto decides that they’ll have to divert all power to the hyperdrive engines and make a random jump to escape.

In principle, the plan is sound, but what the GP crew don’t realise is that the pirates have employed a scientist named Tipster who can easily predict the location of each of their random jumps. With escape looking hopeless, Mitoto suggests a different way of generating a random jump- let Seina input the co-ordinates.

With his bad luck in full effect, each of Seina’s jumps brings the ship into a near collision with yet another pirate ship. Now surrounded by a whole convoy of pirates, the GP ship is seized by the grapplers of three different pirate ships- at least, until the original pirate eliminates the competition and decides to finish the job.

But the GP ship is about to receive some much-needed assistance. The Juraian ship Mikagami, captained by Lady Seto (Jurai’s “devil princess”), heads into the fray and uses her powerful Triple Z weapon to take out the pirate ship. It certainly looks like they have been rescued, and that Seto is one of the good guys, so then why is the captain of the transporter ship so worried? And what surprises does the devil princess have in store for Seina…?