9. Intoccabile Acte II

By way of target practice, Kirika and Mireille shoot tin cans off tree trunks. Kirika is still feeling the pain of her injured right arm, whilst Mireille is experiencing a different kind of wound- the mental anguish of her encounters with Silvana.

Meanwhile, Silvana and her two remaining henchman are returning to Sicily to bury Francesco, and to finish this business with Noir once and for all. Mireille too knows that the end must come in Sicily; after all, that is where everything began.

In Sicily, Silvana discovers that the contract Noir is after involves the transfer of land from its former owners to the stewards, the Greone family, back in 1791. It marks the birth of the Cosa Nostra (Mafia). The document may be two hundred years old, but some say the legend of Noir is even older- dating back a thousand years.

Mireille recalls the entirety of her first meeting with Silvana. The two young girls had gone down to the cliffs to make crowns of flowers. After crowning each other, the two girls went to watch the spray of water against the cliffs below. Young Mireille found this scary, but a calmer Silvana had only contempt for her fear. Drawing her dagger, she claimed that there was no fear in her heart, and rushed at Mireille, cutting off the flower crown and a lock of Mireille’s hair.

Now, years later, Mireille and Kirika stand in the same place where Mireille first met Silvana; sending Kirika home, Mireille lingers there a while longer, until Silvana herself appears and gives Mireille the kiss of death. She had recognised Mireille in the moonlight after all- and even now Mireille is trembling in the same way as she did during their childhood meeting. Silvana departs with a final message; dhe will be waiting with the contract at the Temple of Libaeo.

At the temple, Kirika once again goes up against Paolo and Domenic, but her injured arm puts her at a disadvantage in face to face combat. Instead, Kirika uses her very environment to help her. By hiding behind a waterfall, she is able to ambush and shoot Paolo; next, Kirika lures Domenic into chasing her up a spiral staircase. When she reaches the top, Kirika dives headfirst down the stairwell, shooting a shocked Domenic on the way down. It is not a suicide move, though, thanks to a rope tying her foot to the banisters.

Outside, Mireille confronts Silvana, her gun against Silvana’s dagger in the very spot where Silvana killed her father five years ago. As Silvana draws her weapon and attacks, Mireille is frozen in fear. Approaching the site, Kirika seems too far away and too late to intervene, and Mireille bears the full force of Silvana’s attack, the dagger plunged into her side…

…Or perhaps not. Kirika managed to get off one shot, breaking Silvana’s dagger in two. Both the blade of the dagger and Mireille’s gun are on the ground, whilst Mireille herself is unharmed. Each desperate to get the upper hand, Mireille and Silvana both dive for a weapon. Silvana picks up Mireille’s gun, whilst Mireille grabs the broken dagger blade.

Gun in hand, Silvana aims at Mireille, seemingly maintaining the upper hand even with this new weapon. But Mireille is no longer frozen in fear, and she dives at Silvana, stabbing the older woman before she can react.

Defeated, and dying, Silvana hands over the contract, and acknowledges Mireille’s strength by “crowning” her once more. The Intoccabile has finally met her end, but the mix of emotions is perhaps too much for Mireille to express. Instead, she can only remark that using the dagger is such a “vulgar” way to kill.

Back home, Kirika and Mireille examine the contract. Even though it was drawn up over two hundred years ago, it was witnessed by a member of the Soldats. Just how far back does this group go?