3. Ugly Relics in the Jet-Black Darkness

Common knowledge has it that all military satellites went out of service some thirty years ago, at least until reports come in that one such satellite has just used its laser weapon to target and destroy a military base in the South Pacific. CRI is quick to conclude that the perpetrator must be none other than Todd McCormick, a small time scoundrel who has gained control of the satellite and now plans to sell it to the highest bidder. McCormick must be stopped, and to that end, Majima dispatches Najica and Lila to take control of the satellite system before it can be used again.

Posing as a pair of sisters who are using their inheritance to travel the world, Najica and Lila head out to the Pacific island where Todd is currently staying. A combination of sex appeal and smart manipulation should get them close to him, but Najica is worried that her rookie partner might mess things up- and warns Lila that messing up this mission could mean the scrapheap for her.

Despite already having a lady friend- Nyura- in tow when he arrives on the island, Todd is clearly interested in the two women, and they soon gain his friendship by feigning an interest in his work on the preservation and restoration of cultural assets such as antique planes. Todd is eager to have Najica and Lila accompany him to a bar that evening, especially given their promise to donate some of their fictitious billions to his restoration work. Nyura seems unconcerned at her partner’s blatant interest in other woman, not even lifting an eyebrow as Todd dances with Lila and even puts his hand on her chest. Finally, Najica calls the night to an end by feigning illness- taking care to record Todd’s voice when he comes over to see if she is okay. Having now got all they need for the next phase of their mission, Najica and Lila excuse themselves and return to their room.

Back at their room, Najica begins gathering together the equipment they will need for their mission, including the palm print lifted from Lila’s dress. Pleased that the mission is going so smoothly, Najica asks Lila to open a bottle of celebratory champagne, but soon regrets her request when Lila shakes it open and sprays liquid everywhere.

The satellite control system is located on another island, at an abandoned airport where Todd keeps his antique plane collection. Todd and Nyura fly out there by plane, shortly followed by Najica and Lila on their jet ski. By the time the two agents arrive, there is no one in sight, and they proceed with their mission. Using Todd’s palm print and voice print, they are easily able to get past the initial security systems and descend into the restricted section of the complex, with Najica using her extraordinary sense of smell to track Todd by the scent of his cheap cologne.

As they get closer to the satellite control room, Najica and Lila are confronted with more security systems, starting with an infrared laser grid blocking a corridor. Fortunately, Najica and Lila have eyepieces that enable them to see the lasers, and Najica is quick to show Lila how to bypass them with some careful gymnastics. To her annoyance, however, the rookie Lila is able to use her superior abilities to get through the grid much faster than she ever could.

The laser grid is only the first of the traps however, as Najica discovers when they encounter a corridor guarded by a laser sentry. With no idea of how to proceed with their current equipment, Najica tells Lila to find a way to disarm the traps, but to her horror, her partner decides to use a grenade. Before she can throw it, however, the two women are knocked back by a blast of wind, throwing both them and the grenade in different directions.

Rising from the wreckage of the wind and grenade blasts, Najica and Lila immediately recognise their opponent- Nyura. As Nyura approaches, Lila hands Najica additional orders from Majima- Nyura is another Humaritt, and she must be captured and brought back to CRI.

As it turns out, Nyura’s Humaritt status isn’t the worst of it, as Todd reveals on his emergence from the control room. He tells Najica and Lila that he won’t be handing over the satellite controls- because Nyura herself functions as a second control system. Instead, he orders her to reposition the satellite over its next target- London.

In an attempt to gain Todd’s co-operation, Najica and Lila reveal their trump card; they have already planted explosives throughout his collection of antique planes, and if he doesn’t call off the attack, Lila will detonate them. Believing their claim to be a bluff, Todd dares Lila to try it, and the Humaritt promptly detonates the explosives. Devastated at the loss of his beloved planes, Todd resolves not to call off the attack, instead ordering Nyura to kill Najica and Lila whilst he rushes off to salvage his collection.

Determined to carry out her orders, Nyura knocks Najica and Lila flying with a wind blast, but as she prepares to follow up with another one, the two women dodge. After stunning her opponent with a plastic bullet, Najica heads to the main control room in the hopes of being able to cancel the attack on London. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that there is insufficient time to stop the attack. All Najica can do is input additional orders- orders which must somehow prevent the satellite from carrying out its first instructions.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, for even as Najica works at the controls, the revived Nyura enters the room and continues her attack. As Najica dodges Nyura’s swift attacks, she realises that she cannot afford to have her attention diverted by such a skilled opponent, and asks Lila to buy her some time by engaging Nyura herself. Leaping into battle as ordered, Lila brings her Humaritt capabilities to bear, proving to be a match for Nyura.

Out in the hangar, Todd desperately tries to extinguish the fires that are destroying his precious collection, only to end up getting engulfed in flames himself. Meanwhile, Najica finally manages to input a new order into the satellite control system- setting it on a collision course with the control complex which will destroy them both before the attack on London can commence. Now all that remains is for Najica and Lila to capture Nyura and get out in time.

Lila’s battle with Nyura has taken her to the hangar, and the two soon find themselves fighting amongst the wreckage of burning planes. Using a machine gun from one of the planes, Lila begins firing at Nyura, only to end up getting knocked down by a wind attack. Unable to get up or even reach her gun, Lila can only watch as Nyura dives down to deliver a finishing blow, but fortunately, before she can, Najica arrives on the scene and disables her with a few well-aimed plastic bullets.

Lila is amazed that Najica was able to track her down, but Najica explains that it was simple- she just followed the scent of the rose Lila was wearing in her hair. Now, however, it is time for them to leave, and as the satellite comes crashing down, Najica, Lila and their unconscious captive board Todd’s plane and beat a hasty retreat.

Back at CRI, Najica delivers her report to Majima, who is somewhat taken aback by the explosive way in which she completed it. After warning him not to give her surprise orders in the middle of a mission again, Najica leaves and rejoins Lila, who is waiting outside. Lila is still somewhat worried that Najica might want to send her to the scrap heap, but Najica tells her not to worry- it is time to hurry up and go home…