5. Money! Money! Money!

It is time for Sasami to collect everyone’s monthly contribution to their living expenses, but as she soon discovers, none of the girls have any money to give. With their finances running so low, Sasami realises there may only be one way to stretch the budget- by skipping lunch from now on.

Determined not to lose out on their meals (or have Tenchi be disappointed in them), Mihoshi, Kiyone, Ayeka and Ryoko come to a decision- they will go to Tokyo, find work, and return home triumphant with millions of yen. Watching them go, Sasami reflects that, with their skills, they will be lucky to break even.

Meanwhile, in the crystal palace, Matori is eager to prove herself to her mistress, by bringing the girl whatever she desires. And there is one thing the blonde girl would like- a palace by the sea.

Having taken the train to Tokyo, the girls are ready to find jobs and make enough to pay the housekeeping and impress Tenchi. Still ignorant of their plans, Tenchi himself is spending the day with Sakuya, and although he has the strangest feeling that someone is watching him, he has no idea that the girls have come to Tokyo.

In short order, all four of the girls manage to get jobs, but it soon seems apparent that keeping them will be another matter. Whilst Ryoko falls asleep on the job at the pizza parlour, Ayeka proves to be a less than perfect café waitress when she harasses a customer who wants coffee instead of green tea. And naturally, Mihoshi manages to get both herself and Kiyone fired when she accidentally causes an explosion in the restaurant they were working in.

Fortunately for Ayeka, her boss at the café gives her one more chance, leaving her to man the till. Ready to do her best, Ayeka cheerfully greets the café’s next customers- before realising that they are none other than Tenchi and Sakuya. As they stop to have a drink, Tenchi apologises to Sakuya for not being the greatest of conversationalists, but Sakuya tells him not to worry- for her it is enough just to sit quietly and be with him. Unable to watch them together, Ayeka is quick to announce that the café has a “no flirting” policy.

Not wanting to get into a scene with Ayeka, Tenchi quickly grabs Sakuya and runs off down the road. Ayeka is ready to follow, and when someone tries to interfere, she slaps him out of the way- before realising that it is her boss.

Tenchi manages to make a clean getaway from Ayeka, but even as he runs down the road he spots Ryoko, who is out delivering pizzas. Dragging poor Sakuya with him, Tenchi hastily increases his speed, with Ryoko’s motorcycle in hot pursuit. Fortunately for Tenchi, the bike proves unable to make a tight turn, and even as tries to chase after him, Ryoko drives off the road and into a canal.

Meanwhile, back home, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki appear to be the only ones actually making any money. The duo has set themselves up as a street show, with Sasami getting Ryo-Ohki to perform tricks. They have already pulled in an impressive crowd, not to mention a basket full of coins.

Mihoshi’s incompetence has cost the two GP officers their latest job- and by now Kiyone is at her wit’s end. All hope of making money seems lost, at least until fate intervenes. As they sit on a park bench, a flyer blows over to Mihoshi and Kiyone, advertising a short-term job that promises payment of one million yen. Naturally, Kiyone and Mihoshi are quick to apply, and soon find themselves accepted for the new job- pasting up paper wall panelling. The only downside to the job is the demanding slave-driver of a foreman- who just happens to be none other than Matori.

As they work, Mihoshi and Kiyone discover that Ryoko and Ayeka have accepted the job too. All four girls are eager for the million, and throw themselves into the work. Unfortunately, in Mihoshi’s case, this leads to a little accident- she gets so enthusiastic that she manages to rip a hole in both the paper panelling and the wood framework!

Eventually, the job is completed, but to everyone’s disappointment, Matori refuses to pay them. Their efforts were only the first part of a larger job- the panels they papered were actually the framework for Daidara Hoshi, a giant who Matori plans to use as the ultimate builder.

Whilst Matori orders Daidara Hoshi to begin work on the castle her mistress ordered, the girls dejectedly realise that despite all their hard work, they won’t be seeing any remuneration. The very thought of this is too much for Kiyone, and she decides to act- by taking on Daidara Hoshi.

Changing into their GP uniforms, Kiyone and Mihoshi head for the castle that Daidara Hoshi is building, and begin shooting at the oversized contractor. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that their shots are nothing more than a minor annoyance to Daidara Hoshi, who quickly blows them away.

As Daidara Hoshi turns away, Kiyone notices a weak spot on his lower back- the place where Mihoshi broke the panelling. Praising her partner’s clumsiness, Kiyone tells Mihoshi to concentrate her fire on the weak spot, which soon widens and cracks. Finally, the giant builder collapses onto the castle, knocking it down.

Completely unaware of all the excitement, Tenchi and Sakuya are at the pier, watching the sunset. As they both agree that they enjoyed spending the day together (despite all the running), back in the crystal palace, Matori and her mistress observe the victorious Mihoshi and Kiyone. The GP officers may have managed to best them this time, but the blonde girl is confident that they will not fare so well next time.

With all their money gone, and their trip to Tokyo a complete failure, Ryoko and the others are forced to hitchhike back home, wondering how they will ever to be able to afford living expenses now. Fortunately, the situation is not as bad as they think. Sasami has made enough money to support everyone for a while (as well as finally buy herself a new broom), and ironically, she didn’t even have to leave home to do it…