11. Moonlit Tea Party

Kirika and Mireille are pondering their meeting with the “true Noir” Chloe when they are startled out of their reverie by a phone call. The mysterious caller says he has sent something to them in the mail, and sure enough, when Mireille checks her post, there is a package waiting.

Inside the package, Mireille finds a photocopy of the same document about the Soldats that they acquired in Episode 5. Close examination of the second copy shows that both copies must have come from a book, and that each one was probably made by a different source. The mystery only deepens further when the caller rings again, this time to arrange a meeting- he will be waiting in the gardens behind the Lambert Memorial Hall at 4pm.

Their curiosity piqued, Mireille and Kirika head to the gardens for the meeting. As they wait on one side of the iron fence, a smartly-dressed older man appears on the other side. Not only is he linked to the Soldats, but he knows the location of the book from which the copies were made. If Kirika and Mireille are willing to meet with him again, he will hand it over to them. However, he warns them that they must be careful- this man may not be interested in killing Mireille and Kirika, but the Soldats are- and they have power and influence that spreads over the whole world.

In fact, news of this man’s meeting with Kirika and Mireille has already reached other members of the Soldats, and they act accordingly by sending Chloe to meet with the man, and kill him. Unaware of this development, Kirika and Mireille go back for their second meeting, only to be ambushed by Soldats henchmen in the pouring rain. Using the trees to their advantage, Mireille and Kirika are able to dispatch all of their opponents, but without the book, it has all been for nothing.

That evening, Mireille and Kirika are once again disturbed, this time by a visitor, who, to their surprise, is none other than Chloe. As Chloe wanders around the apartment, Mireille reaches for her gun, whilst Kirika glances at the scissors, ball and other items on the nearby table, assessing their killing power. Chloe knows exactly what they are doing, but is not at all fazed by it.

Hearing the kettle whistle, Kirika goes into the kitchen. Events take a turn for the strange as Kirika offers Chloe a cup of tea; Chloe accepts, but asks if they could switch the lights off- the moonlight is so beautiful. To Mireille’s disbelief, a kind of surreal tea party begins, with Kirika and Chloe acting as if this is entirely normal. An annoyed Mireille tries to pump Chloe for information, but gains nothing concrete.

Finally, the tea party is over, and Chloe is ready to leave. As the three women stand outside Mireille’s apartment, Chloe suddenly grabs Kirika’s arm, and removes a cocktail fork from her sleeve. Asking if she can keep it, the mysterious assassin leaves.

Kirika explains that she slipped the fork into her sleeve when she made the tea, hoping to catch Chloe off guard. However, during the entire tea party, Chloe never let her guard down once. If Chloe is indeed the true Noir that she claims to be, then she is certainly living up to that name.