13. The Eye of the Destroyer

As Sasami sleeps quietly one night, her dream is visited by an old friend- Yugi. Yugi tells Sasami that she will be coming to visit, and asks that Sasami meet at her the lake the following evening. Sasami readily agrees, and Yugi reawakens herself from her friend’s dream. The next phase of Yugi’s plan is about to be set in motion, and from now on, the bonds between Tenchi and the girls will not be able to withstand her so easily.

And indeed, it is clear that the family is already drifting apart. Whilst Tenchi realises that he has fully settled in and is really beginning to enjoy himself in Tokyo, back home, Ryoko finds herself pining for her absent love. But as she sits alone in the woods trying not to acknowledge how much she really misses Tenchi, her musings are interrupted by none other than Hotsuma. As the two engage in a brief battle, Ryoko is surprised to find that Hotsuma’s powers seem to be the equal of her own- but far from wanting to hurt Ryoko, he actually seems to have a crush on her. In fact, the only reason he came was to warn Ryoko that her beloved Tenchi might soon be in trouble.

Later that evening, Nobuyuki finally returns home from his trip to Tokyo, and naturally, the girls are less than happy to discover that he went off to visit Tenchi without even telling them. Naturally, reports of Nobuyuki’s efforts in getting Tenchi and Sakuya back together don’t go down well either, and in short order, Ayeka has her guardians tie Nobuyuki to the ceiling, where they start whipping him.

The situation deteriorates even further when the girls discover that the dimensional tunnel is closed (thanks to Matori), and as they begin frantically planning ways to get to Tokyo, it seems that tempers have never been more frayed. Observing from afar as always, Yugi decides that this will be the perfect time for her to make her entrance. All around the Masaki house, giant crystals start rising up out of the earth, and as the bemused girls make their way outside to see what is going on, Yugi materialises high above them.

Yugi also made a promise to meet Sasami, however, and even as she materialises above the Masaki house, her little girl projection appears by the lake, where Sasami and Ryo-Ohki are waiting for her. But where little girl Yugi is sweet and shy, demon Yugi is harsh, aggressive and powerful. After claiming to be the new ruler of the planet, Yugi asks that the gang prepare to lay down their lives- and she soon backs up her words with a powerful attack that sends everyone running for cover.

Whilst little girl Yugi plays games with Sasami and Ryo-Ohki, demon Yugi is enjoying a deadly game of her own- playing cat and mouse with the other girls. Unwilling to be so easily defeated by a child, Ryoko tries to counterattack, but Yugi’s power is too much for her, and soon the girl has Ryoko in a death grip. Unable to break free, Ryoko is stabbed through the neck, and the wounded space pirate drops to the ground.

Fortunately, however, it is not quite all over for Ryoko, for as she lies on the ground, the gem from Tenchi’s crystal begins glowing and resonating with the other gems- even the one Tenchi took with him to Tokyo. As their power channels into Ryoko, her wound is closed, and she rises once more, filled with renewed anger and energy.

As Ryoko prepares to counterattack, both of Yugi’s forms feel themselves weakening- her body is starting to feel the strain of being away from her crystal world for so long. Nonetheless, she still manages to resist Ryoko’s next attack and prepare a deadly finishing move of her own. Certain that it is all over, Ryoko waits for Yugi’s energy wave, but to her surprise, two forms move in to block it- Hotsuma and Tsugaru.

With her attack having failed, Yugi decides to depart, announcing that she has decided to delay their execution for now. Hotsuma and Tsugaru also make their farewells, leaving Ryoko and the others to wonder just what is going on- and what they will be up against next.

At the lake, Yugi’s little girl form vanishes as well, leaving a sleeping Sasami and Ryo-Ohki lying on the ground. Awakening to find Yugi gone, Sasami decides that the events of the evening must have been nothing more than a dream.

Returning to her crystal palace, the exhausted Yugi notes that Ryoko and the others were tougher than she thought they would be- although Matori reminds her that the battle would have been a lot easier if she hadn’t split herself into two. But Yugi does not regret dividing herself- not only did she manage to spare Sasami from the carnage, but she even had fun playing at the lake with her friend. And even Matori must admit that the evening was not a complete loss- by shielding Ryoko from Yugi’s attack, Hotsuma and Tsugaru have managed to win the trust of the gang. Yugi and her servants are now all set to continue weakening the ties that hold the gang together- and it may only be a matter of time until they succeed.