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Gantz: the rant

Many people love Gantz. They praise it with adjectives such as ‘awesome’ and ‘pure w1n’, and can never be said to be slow to defend its perceived greatness. Unfortunately, I never really appreciated the appeal of the series, and so … Continue reading

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Madlax: Fanning the flames that little bit more

A while ago, I reviewed Bee Train’s works and managed to create a minor backlash when I placed Madlax in the ‘miss’ category. If I had any sense, I would probably have left it at that, but having brought up … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts: Red Garden

Claire, Rose, Rachel and Kate may attend the same school on New York’s Roosevelt Island, but apart from sharing a friendship with a recently deceased girl named Lise, they are all very different people. Nonetheless, this unlikely quartet is thrown … Continue reading

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Revisiting School Rumble: this time in manga form

Some months ago, I reviewed the second season of School Rumble, and the verdict was not a positive one- much as I may have loved the series in its first season, these new episodes just failed to shine. Nonetheless, unwilling … Continue reading

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Jyu-oh-sei: The ending made the rest of the series look like Mushishi

Back in the days when I was a mere novice at writing rants, one of the series that met the wrath of my keyboard was none other than Jyu-oh-sei. At the time, I had only seen four episodes of the … Continue reading

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Fruits Basket: From heady highs to angsty lows

136 chapters ago, orphaned high school student Tohru Honda came to live with the Sohmas, a family with a bizarre secret; when hugged by a member of the opposite sex, they turned into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Now, … Continue reading

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Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique

These days, it’s rare for a series not to get subbed- even the likes of Haruka 8 and the twenty year old Ginga Nagareboshi Gin are slowly but surely being released. With that in mind, it seemed only logical to … Continue reading

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Love Hina, or how I lost a good chunk of vital brain cells

It’s funny how things go back and forth. Back in the olden days when anime was a fresh and exciting product from a distant land, Love Hina was one of the staples that you just had to see- a combination … Continue reading

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Burst Angel: Plenty of nipples but not much plot

Recommendations are tricky things. Sometimes, someone will alert you to a worthy series that had completely passed you by, and you’ll understandably be thankful that they did (although if you end up forking out for DVDs, your bank balance may … Continue reading

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Kiddy Grade: Possibly the most misleading trailer I’ve ever watched

A few years ago, I happened to stumble across FUNimation’s trailer for the recently released Kiddy Grade. It was a trailer that immediately captivated me, promising a futuristic tale of secret agents with special abilities, not to mention a tragic … Continue reading

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