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Gunslinger Girl volumes 1-5

Italy’s Social Welfare Agency- on the surface, it is an organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and giving them a new lease of life. Whilst this not strictly inaccurate, however, what few people know is that the girls taken in … Continue reading

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Madlax: Fanning the flames that little bit more

A while ago, I reviewed Bee Train’s works and managed to create a minor backlash when I placed Madlax in the ‘miss’ category. If I had any sense, I would probably have left it at that, but having brought up … Continue reading

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Bee Train: All stills and not much else?

The camera pans over a beautifully rendered yet ultimately motionless background, a melancholy Yuki Kajiura tune plays in the background…what else could it be other than a Bee Train anime? Famous (or perhaps infamous) for their distinctive “minimal motion” style, … Continue reading

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