4. True Love, Truly Painful

Seina has finally made it to the GP Academy, an impressive space station comprised of three rings, each larger than a solar system. After a rough docking, Seina and the others disembark, to be greeted by none other than the GP marshal himself, who also happens to be Mitoto’s father. Naturally, Seina’s bad luck is still with him, and shortly afterwards he falls through a hole into the second level control room, where he electrifies himself and manages to do some more damage to the not-so-safely docked transport ship.

Waiting to be processed by immigration, Seina tries once more to call Kiriko. Unfortunately, only Kai is home, and he is too busy drooling of a life-sized cut-out of a beautiful woman to be bothered with answering the phone. Finally, however, Seina’s number is called, and it is time to go through immigration. But to Seina’s surprise, the immigration officer is none other Kiriko himself- his friend is already a member of the GP.

Kiriko is not too happy to learn that Seina has signed up for the GP; she believes it is too dangerous for him, and insists that he return to Earth immediately. Before Seina can reply, however, another familiar face appears- Amane. Whilst Seina and the transport ship captain look on, Amane and Kiriko begin arguing about Seina and whether or not he should stay, an argument that is only stopped when they learn that the chairman of the Academy wants to see all three of them.

In front of Chairman Airi, Kiriko insists that the GP will be too dangerous for Seina, whilst Amane argues that his unique talents make this exactly the right place for him to be. Airi finally gets them to shut up, and asks Seina what he wants. Seina replies that he knows the dangers, but he still wants to join up. Pleased, Airi takes Seina away to show him around and fill out some paperwork, leaving a furious Kiriko and smug Amane to learn of their new assignments.

Recruiting an Earthling into the GP is strictly against the law, and for this Amane finds that her upcoming promotion to first-class detective has been suspended. The principal of the Academy tells Amane that she will have plenty of time to reflect on that fact in her new role as an Academy Instructor. After Amane leaves, Kiriko is told that she is to become an instructor too- and Lady Seto has sent a message asking Kiriko to help Seina grow into a man.

Meanwhile, having undergone his physical exam, Seina is being shown the sights by Airi. They bump into a leonine alien named Erma, who seems oddly familiar to Seina, despite the fact that he has never met an alien before. Erma is certainly very familiar, and even suggests that she and Seina should go on a date some time. Amused, Airi notes that capturing pirates isn’t Seina’s only talent.

The next person Seina bumps into isn’t so pleasant; Seiryo Tennan may be a brilliant man and an instructor at the Academy, but he’s also a complete lunatic with sworn hatred for all Earthlings. Airi explains that Seiryo was once a potential suitor for a Juraian princess (Ayeka), until he was defeated in a duel by Tenchi. Seina is surprised to learn that this is the same Tenchi that he knows, but Airi clarifies things by showing him the Juraian royal family tree, explaining how she, Tenchi, Seto and even Kiriko and Kai are part of the family. A quick look at the chart seems to indicate that Airi is actually Tenchi’s grandmother, although Seina quickly learns that isn’t something you should say to her face.

Next, Airi takes Seina to get his GP uniform. The uniform seems a little big, until Airi demonstrates how to shrink it to fit the wearer. Seina is suitably impressed by his comfortable new uniform, prompting Airi to wax lyrical about the importance of fashion and style. Meanwhile, Seina’s bad luck kicks in again when he over-tightens his uniform and nearly chokes to death.

Another disaster averted, Seina goes to see his dorm and meet his roommates- Kenneth and Rajau, as well as the NB assistant robot that will help him in adjusting to his new life. Kenneth and Rajau try to impress Seina by showing him the nano-shower that can clean you with your clothes on (tiny robots clean everywhere), and the door that will open at the touch of a fingerprint (no more getting locked out), but unfortunately both systems break down. Seina is forced to explain about his ever-present bad luck, and suggests that perhaps he should move into a different room, but Kenneth and Rajau won’t hear of it.

To celebrate their new friendship, the trio order dinner, and at first, all goes well- until Seina’s bad luck kicks in again, causing endless trays of food to materialise. Can Kenneth and Rajau really hope to handle their new roommate and his continual misfortunes?