3. The Assassination Play

Carrying a bunch of white Belladonna lilies, Mireille walks through a cemetery until she comes to a certain grave. On her way there, she catches sight of a silver-haired woman, who has just placed an identical bunch of lilies on that same grave. What is the significance of the person who lies buried there?

Back home, Mireille outlines Noir’s next assignment. The young President of a company has just died under suspicious circumstances, and his widow has hired Noir to kill Albert Dux, the man she believes is responsible for her husband’s death. On seeing a photo of the client, Mireille realises that it is the same silver-haired woman that she met at the cemetery.

Having returned to the cemetery to place another bunch of Belladonna lilies on the grave, Mireille once again bumps into the silver-haired woman. The woman explains that she puts lilies on the grave because they were the favourite flowers of the man who is buried there; what she doesn’t realise is that Mireille knows this- she has just put flowers on the same grave.

Her graveyard visit over, Mireille and Kirika prepare to make the hit. Polishing her gun, Kirika idly aims it towards Mireillle. Mireille reacts instantly, and for an awkward moment the two women sit with their guns aimed at each other’s head; then the moment passes and they get back to business. Albert Dux is at an old resort hotel that he recently bought, overseeing its restoration prior to the hotels’ re-opening. Dux’s suite is on the top floor- Mireille will make her way up from the inside, whilst Kirika uses the fire escape stairs on the outside.

That night, having easily made her way to Dux’s room, Mireille is ready to finish the job- when suddenly she is spotlighted by three men. Dux has been waiting for her, and with him is the silver-haired woman who hired Noir- the whole thing has been a set up. Fortunately, Dux doesn’t seem to know exactly who Noir is, and has no idea that Kirika is also there. With surprise on her side, Kirika shoots Dux’s men, and the two women make a break for it. But in one of the hotel rooms a computer screen gives away a little of the game- the true target of this operation is none other than Noir itself.

Running through the corridors of the old hotel, Mireille and Kirika manage to evade capture, but cannot avoid being herded towards the casino by Dux’s squads. Stuck inside the casino, Mireille jokingly offers Kirika a drink and some popcorn. To her great surprise, Kirika actually wants some popcorn- but not for eating…

With their quarry trapped, Dux cuts the power, leaving the casino in darkness. Dux, the silver-haired woman and their men, equipped with night-vision goggles, head into the casino for an easy kill. But as they approach Kirika and Mireille’s position, the reason for Kirika wanting the popcorn becomes clear. She has strewn popcorn and glasses over the floor, and as the men accidentally tread on them, they give away their position to Kirika, who takes them down with incredible accuracy.

During the attack, however, Mireille and Kirika get separated. Kirika manages to acquire a machine gun from one of the dead men, and uses it to great effect, finishing off Dux and the rest of his men. Meanwhile, Mireille waits in the darkness, little realising that the silver-haired woman is dropping down from a catwalk behind her, knife in hand. At the last moment, Mireille realises the danger she is in, and turns to face her attacker, gun ready.

The fight over, Kirika locates and activates the power switch, revealing the bodies of Dux and his men. The silver-haired woman is down, having been mortally wounded by Mireille. In her last moments she reveals that she never was married to the young President- her real husband was the man whose grave she takes the Belladonna lilies to. Wanting to know the truth, Mireille asks who the woman was working for, but the woman refuses to tell, asking “If you were me, would you tell?”. Mireille has to admit that she would not, and for a brief moment, the two assassins seem to connect. It is a shared moment that ends all too soon, however as the silver-haired woman breathes her last.

Their job over, Mireille puzzles over the fact that, despite being sent to kill Noir, Dux did not seem to know exactly who to expect; were they all just pawns in someone else’s game? The only thing they can be sure of is that the enemy is always watching.

Carrying her familiar bunch of lilies, Mireille makes one last visit to the cemetery, But this time, instead of placing them at the same grave, she merely tosses them into the sky, tears glistening on her cheeks.

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