5. Rough and Ready

In the 11th district, a rogue boomer has taken control of a factory, and started absorbing the machinery there to increase both its size and power. Sylia plans to send the other Knight Sabers in as per usual, however, the AD Police have already been called and the place is crawling with ADP officers- including Leon and Daley. They may not be the most competent organisation around, but their presence can only hinder the operation.

Unbeknownst to the Knight Sabers, this is not a regular mission, but rather a trap set by Genom. The men who infiltrated the factory has implanted a new core into one of the boomers there- the core of another boomer that was just about to go rogue. This whole incident has been manufactured for one reason only- to give Quincy a chance to capture and talk to the Knight Sabers. He is eager to learn why they hate his beloved boomers so much; after all, even the city leaders had to accept the boomers during the rebuilding of the city after the quake.

Mason, on the other hand, does the hate the boomers, well, most of them anyway. He doesn’t have any qualms about satisfying himself with a long kiss from a female secretary boomer. And there is one special boomer that he is interested in…

Back at their base, Linna, Priss and Nene suit up and head into action, whilst Sylia follows behind in the mobile pit. Arriving at the factory, they discover that the ADP have been attempting a full frontal assault on the boomer, with little success. Even their own mecha, the outdated K-suits, are no match for the boomer. Leon and Daley can only watch as their colleagues blunder about, wondering just why the ADP is putting on such a show.

It is up to the Knight Sabers to finish this boomer, but before they head into battle, Priss sends Nene to disable the ADP security cameras and take control of the factory’s power systems. Whilst Priss and Linna watch the ADP make their ill-fated attacks, Quincy observe the action from the boomer’s own camera, eager to see the Knight Sabers and their amazing suits.

By rerouting the power systems, Nene manages to reverse the phase of the current flowing from the factory into the boomer. Now electrified, the boomer disengages from the factory systems and shrinks to a more manageable size. It is finally time for Linna and Priss to go on the attack.

Unfortunately, their first assault is less than successful, and it falls to Nene to return and help them out with some well fired shots from her suit. Nene soon finds herself in trouble, however, leaving it up to Linna to save her. The rookie Knight Saber launches an attack with her suit’s energy whips, cutting into the boomer and saving Nene.

Watching from the mobile pit, Sylia’s thoughts are drawn back to the past, to a time when her father and Mason were first trying to create a boomer. Young Sylia thought this was incredible, but her mother was more disparaging, believing it to be against the will of God. And when Dr Stingray’s project failed to succeed, things only grew worse. As Dr Stingray spent more time in the lab, Sylia’s mother became even more vociferous, even telling Sylia that her father didn’t want her anymore.

And then the unthinkable happened- Sylia’s mother died. Dr Stingray claimed his wife had been ill and “not herself” for a while, and promised to take care of Sylia. But he also wanted his daughter to help with his research, and all she would have to do was “go to sleep” for a while. But whatever he planned to do to the unconscious Sylia, he was sure it would lead to the creation of a successful boomer…

Back in the present, the rogue boomer is occupying all the other Knight Sabers’ attention. With their batteries running low, Priss outlines the plan. She and Nene will distract the boomer by attacking, whilst Linna goes straight for the core.

The plan is put in motion, and Linna and Priss go on the attack. Rushing in, Linna reaches the boomer. Hesitating, she has to be urged on by Sylia before reaching in and destroying the core. The boomer has been destroyed- and this is Linna’s first victory.

There is no time to gloat, however, for now the AD Police have turned their attention on the Knight Sabers, as was the plan all along. Linna, Priss and Nene try to jump away to safety, but this time they cannot make a clean getaway. As Linna rests on a walkway before making her next jump, the AD Polic shoot it out form under her. With insufficient power to activate her thrusters, Linna can do nothing as she falls to the ground…