8. Meet the Parents

It’s a new day at Amane’s house, and past time for Seina to be getting up. When his alarm doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, Kiriko decides to go in and wake him herself- only to get a more extensive view than she bargained for after ripping off his blanket.

Tensions are a little strained between Kiriko and Seina over breakfast, and matters aren’t helped by the arrival of first Erma, and then Amane, who is dressed only in her underwear. Enraged Kiriko tries to get Amane to put some clothes on and throws her an apron. However, wearing the apron over her underwear just makes Amane look even sexier, and her attempts to feed Seina mouth to mouth prove to be too much for him.

Even going to the bathroom proves to be hazardous for Seina when he walks in on Amane (who is using what is supposed to be Seina’s private bathroom) and ends up with a double nosebleed. And as Amane is going to be staying home all day to train Seina, Kiriko and Erma decide to keep an eye on things- by installing a security camera on Seina’s NB helper robot to record what’s going on while they’re at work.

With Erma and Kiriko off to work, Seina’s training can begin. Amane sets Seina to washing the floor, whilst she tries to upgrade the NB robot and get rid of the security camera. However, Amane doesn’t plan to just sit and work quietly. Dressed in a revealing top and tight shorts, she adopts a number of provocative positions, the sight of which sends Seina crashing into the wall, and even out of the window.

Meanwhile, at the Academy, Kiriko runs into Kenneth and Rajau, who are discussing how jealous they are of Seina, getting to spend some “intimate time” with Amane. Paranoid, Kiriko decides she should never have left the house, and rushes home to check up on them.

The attempted NB upgrade complete, Amane is now soaking in the bath whilst Seina scrubs the bathroom floor, all the while trying to avoid looking at Amane. A ring of the doorbell provides a convenient excuse to get away for a minute, but unfortunately the visitor proves to be none other than Seiryo, who has come to see Amane. The upgraded NB robot, complete with a new “pervert” personality, tells Seiryo that she is in the bath, and the two rush off to get a glimpse of her. Amane is one step ahead of them, however, and is already out of the bath and dressed, albeit scantily.  Coming up behind Seiryo, she kicks him out of the window, where he bounces off Kiriko’s car as she anxiously drives home.

With Seiryo gone, Amane starts to drag Seina back for more training, only for the two of them to slip on the polished floor. Just then, Kiriko arrives, and to her horror, she sees Seina lying on top of Amane. As Seina tries to explain that things aren’t what they seem, two more people arrive- Amane’s parents. Seeing their daughter living with Seina is the last straw, and Amane’s father decides that they must take her home at once. Amane refuses, and decides to continue with Seina’s training.

At the Academy, Kenneth and Rajau are talking again, this time about how lucky Seina is to be living with not only Amane, but Kiriko as well. Overhearing their conversation, Erma decides that it isn’t safe to leave Seina in the hands of the other two girls, and rushes home straight away.

Outside, Seina is stacking concrete blocks as the next part of his training. Complaining that this isn’t as interesting as the earlier training, NB amuses himself by regaling Amane’s parents with tales of her relationship with Seina. Although Amane’s father becomes more resolved to bring her home, her mother seems more kindly disposed towards Seina.

Driving home at top speed, Erma crashes right into Seiryo, who is catapulted into the air, only to crash into Seina on his way back down. For once genuinely concerned, Amane rushes over to Seina to see if he is all right. Impressed by the depth of her feelings, Amane’s parents decide that they don’t need to bring her home after all, and leave.

Later, Seina approaches Amane, who is standing out on the balcony. She apologises for her immature behaviour, but Seina reassures her that she has been a good teacher to him. The moment is ruined, however, when Seiryo reappears to challenge Seina to yet another duel. Annoyed, Amane gets rid of Seiryo once again- this time by tossing him into the sea.

At lunch, Amane asks why Kiriko and Erma have come home early. They quickly come up with poor excuses, quick to deny that they might want to be checking up on Amane and Seina. NB offers to show them the footage of the morning’s “training”, and replays the morning’s events, much to Amane’s embarrassment and the other girls’ anger. To make matters worse, Amane’s parents show up again right after lunch- NB promised that he would show the footage to them as well.

Things finally seem to have calmed down by the evening, and Seina plans to get in a nice quiet bath on his own- at least until the three girls come in and offer to give him a backrub. Overcome, Seina collapses into the water with a major nosebleed.

The next day, Kiriko and Erma tell Seina that they will be staying home as well- Airi and Mikami have arranged for them to assist Amane in training Seina. At the Academy, Kenneth and Rajau are once again jealous, this time because Seina will have the attentions of three beautiful women. This time, it is Seiryo who overhears them, and he’s not about to rest until he finally gets rid of Seina…