14. Shock Treatment

Depressed over her last meeting with Sylia, Nene sits slumped in the lounge at ADP HQ. Passing through, Leon and Daley try to find out what is wrong, but only succeed in reminding her about Priss and Linna’s mission.

As planned, Priss and Linna take their EMP cannons out each night in search of the Wiz Lab, whilst Sylia co-ordinates their effort from home. After four unsuccessful nights and 21 sites eliminated, they are no closer than before. But with only 6 sites remaining, the odds of finding the lab are greatly increased.

On the fifth night, Sylia is trying to guide Linna past a blockage to her next site- an action that becomes unnecessary when Priss reports that she has found something. It certainly looks like Priss has struck gold, and the curious Knight Saber can’t help investigating further, despite Sylia’s orders to get out and come straight back.

As a reward for their hard work, Sylia treats Linna and Priss to a session at a top class beauty parlour. As the two women enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi and a professional massage, they can’t help discussing their past mission and the mystery of the danger lurking in the Wiz Lab. Linna is surprised that Priss turned back without satisfying her curiosity, but Priss had no choice but to obey Sylia- her battery was almost dead. On their return, Sylia promised she wouldn’t try to destroy the thing in the lab without their help.

But Sylia has no intention of honouring that promise- she will face the danger alone. But even as she works out a plan for destroying the danger by using power from nearby power lines, and a microwave cannon supplied by one of Dr Shan’s contacts, she doesn’t realise that Mason’s people are trailing the mobile pit. In attempting to beat Mason to the lab, Sylia is inadvertently leading them right there.

Macky, meanwhile, has concerns of his own, and no Sylia to discuss them with. Something is different today, it is like someone is calling him- but who, and where?

It might be the middle of the day, but Sylia has gone down to the Wiz Lab anyway, little realising that Mason has ordered his people to follow her there. After setting a bomb to create a secondary entrance to the ruins, and setting up a roadblock around it, they are ready to trail Sylia to the lab and claim whatever lies within. This is Mason’s endgame.

It is 11:25 am, strictly half an hour before Nene’s lunch break- not that she’s content to wait. Even as she considers taking a break, however, a call comes in about the explosion road block, followed by an order that the ADP are to take no action. But having realised that this explosion must somehow be linked to the location of the Wiz Lab, Nene has every intention of taking action- as a Knight Saber.

Whilst Nene calls Priss and Sylia to tell them what must have happened, Macky is strangely drawn to follow the route Sylia has taken. Stopping at mobile pit, he finds out where the roadblock is, and heads down there. And with no sign of Sylia or her hardsuit at the Silky Doll, the other Knight Sabers realise that this is where they must go as well.

Unaware that Macky, the other Sabers, and even Mason himself are tracking her, Sylia makes her way through the tunnels to the Wiz Lab, and switches on the power. Making her way to the room where the thing she fears is contained in a massive cocoon, she prepares to fry it with her microwave cannon.

Before Sylia can fire, Mason and his goons show up. Mason laughs at the idea of Sylia trying to destroy the thing with a microwave cannon- Genom tried that seven years ago, and it wasn’t nearly powerful enough. But seven years ago, Genom didn’t have the one thing crucial to Sylia’s plan- the Skyhook. Sylia has timed her mission so that as the Skyhook passes above at midday, the electrical discharge from it will feed extra power into her microwave cannon.

The attack seems to be successful- the power that Sylia is using should be enough to liquefy whatever is in the cocoon. But when Macky arrives- it is clear that she has failed, for he has been drawn by the thing inside the cocoon, proving that is both alive and awake.

Last to arrive, the other Knight Sabers look on in horror at the scene in front of them- the cocoon is melting in front of Macky. But as they move forward to save Macky and prevent whatever is happening, their suits start to twist and distort, as do the boomers Mason has brought along. They can only watch as the contents of the cocoon are revealed, just as Mason planned…

The cocoon has dissolved, revealing its contents to be a naked girl, who looks remarkably like a younger version of Sylia. Macky reaches out to the girl, only to be knocked aside by Mason, who takes her hand and leads her away. Unable to move, the Knight Sabers can only watch as this new power is unleashed and placed firmly in the hands of the enemy…