Tenchi Movies

Tenchi Muyo! In Love: When Tenchi and the gang sit down to watch a home video of Tenchi’s mother Achika, they are shocked to watch as Achika starts to disappear from the film. And when Tenchi starts disappearing too, Washu becomes certain that the problem is in the past- someone is trying to erase Achika from existence, meaning that Tenchi will never be born. In order to save the Masaki family, Tenchi and the girls travel back to 1970 to keep Achika safe, leaving Washu in the present to figure out just who their enemy is and how to combat them. Will the girls be able to protect Achika and save Tenchi- all without causing damage to the timeline? And just how does the escaped Class A criminal Kain fit into all this?

Daughter of Darkness: Tenchi and the gang are in for a big surprise one day when a mysterious girl named Mayuka shows up and claims to be Tenchi’s daughter! After Washu confirms her seemingly impossible claim, everyone tries to adapt to having a new face around, but whilst the others welcome her, Ryoko is suspicious of Mayuka’s motives, and fears that Tenchi may be even be in danger.! But is Mayuka the source of the threat, or she is too just a victim of a greater evil?

Tenchi Forever: Feeling harassed by Ryoko and Ayeka’s insistence that he choose between them, Tenchi takes off into the mountains- and disappears! By the time the girls locate Tenchi, six months have passed, and Tenchi is now a more mature young man living with a new girlfriend named Haruna. Yet things are more complicated than they seem, for Tenchi is not only living a different life- he is caught in a parallel world with no memory of his past. As Tenchi becomes drawn further and further into the parallel world with every passing day, Ryoko and Ayeka must race against time to find a way to reach him, and bring him back to reality. But will the mysterious Haruna be wiling to let him go?