10. I Love Tenchi

It is a sunny day, and Ryoko takes the opportunity to go out and do some fishing- using the rather unique (and not very successful) method of tying a diving suit clad Ryo-Ohki to the fishing line and sending her down to catch the fish. Meanwhile, Tenchi is indoors clearing out his old clothes, when he comes across his mother’s old robe. Recalling pleasant memories of his mother, Tenchi leaves the robe hanging up in his room.

Later, Tenchi returns to his room to find Ryoko wearing the robe. When Tenchi admits that Ryoko looks good in it, she begins to show off, until she accidentally catches the sleeve on the doorknob and rips it off. Much to Tenchi’s horror, Ryoko decides that the robe is now too unbalanced, and rips off the other sleeve to make them both identical.

Angry at the destruction of his mother’s clothes, Tenchi shouts at Ryoko, not realising that Ryo-Ohki has also entered the room. When Tenchi tells Ryoko that he hates her, Ryo-Ohki thinks he is talking to her, and runs away.

Desperate to apologise, Tenchi organises a search for the cabbit, and eventually finds her in the carrot fields. Still upset, Ryo-Ohki refuses to accept Tenchi’s apologies, at least until he offers to pick some carrots for her. Naturally, by the time they are on the way home, Ryo-Ohki has completely forgiven Tenchi, and even uses her powers to levitate Tenchi and the huge basket of carrots part of the way home.

Back at home, an apologetic Ryoko is waiting by the gates, along with holding the now (poorly) mended robe in her hands. Relieved and delighted when Tenchi tells her that he is no longer angry, Ryoko is quick to help Tenchi inside with the carrots, leaving Ryo-Ohki trailing behind.

After a carrot dinner and good night’s sleep, Ryo-Ohki seems back to her old self, and is eager to go with Tenchi when he heads out to the fields the next morning. Tenchi decides that it would be better for her to stay behind, and a disappointed Ryo-Ohki decides to go and visit Washu instead.

When Washu proves to be too busy to talk, Ryo-Ohki goes over and sits dejectedly by one of the eccentric genius’s aquatic tanks. The tank is filled with a group of small, round creatures, and when Washu sees Ryo-Ohki’s interest in them, she comes over and explains that they are known as the Mass. Their bodies are literally made of the raw element of living things, and Washu even used them to create Ryo-Ohki herself.

Ryo-Ohki still wants to talk to Washu, but even now the scientist has no time for her- Ayeka has just come down to tell them that tea is ready. And, after tea, Washu settles down with the other girls to watch TV, meaning that she is still in no position to chat with poor Ryo-Ohki.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Washu, down in the lab, the Masses have begun to alter, combining together to form the shape of a young woman. Engrossed in the TV, Washu fails to hear the alarm going off in her lab as this Mass woman breaks out of the tank and heads out to the field where Tenchi is working.

When the program they are watching is interrupted by a news broadcast, Washu finally returns to the lab, with Ryo-Ohki still in tow. The empty Mass tank is a serious problem, so Washu decides to fill the others in on what has happened. As none of them even know what a Mass is, Washu decides to hold an impromptu class to fill them in on the details. The Masses are the life forms Washu used to create Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki, by combining them with an egg cell and a mineral life form respectively. Normally gentle creatures, they think and act as a group, submitting to either their leader or a stronger external will. Also, whenever the Masses feel threatened, they can quickly turn dangerous- so much so that even a space ship doesn’t stand a chance against them.

Obviously the escaped Masses need to be found, but as they do not react to sensors, Washu cannot rely on her usual tracking technologies. Instead, as Ayeka correctly figures out, they must work out where the Masses are by discovering just whose will it was that affected them.

As Ryo-Ohki was the only one to spend any time near the Masses’ tank, Washu is certain that it was something in her mind that triggered her escape. Despite Sasami’s misgivings, Ryo-Ohki is willing to allow Washu to scan her memory. After filtering through numerous thoughts about carrots, Washu discovers something important in the cabbit’s recent memories- the recollection of working with Tenchi out in the carrot fields. Ryo-Ohki’s desire to help Tenchi must have transferred itself to the Masses, but this is not good news. It is possible that they could misidentify Tenchi’s hidden power as a threat- and that means that they could attack him.

Worried for Tenchi’s safety, Ryoko tries to teleport out to help him, only to get knocked out by the shield around Washu’s lab. Whilst the others girls head to find him, Tenchi continues with his work in the fields, unaware that anything is amiss until the Mass woman approaches him. Frightened by this strange creature, Tenchi jumps into the bushes, but when the girl starts hoeing the field, he decides to come out and talk to her.

As Tenchi approaches, the Mass girl backs away, before regaining some composure and reaching out to him. As Tenchi goes to respond, the girls arrive, and call out to warn him of the danger. Heeding them, Tenchi decides that it would be best to run away, until Washu tells him that fleeing will only entice the creature. In fact, none of the girls should move either- if they rush in and scare the Mass, it will make matters worse.

Frozen in mid flight, Tenchi stands with one leg in the air, trying not to make any sudden movements that might cause the Mass girl to react. Unfortunately, he cannot hold his position for long, and when he falls over, the Mass girl takes this as a cue to attack. As she charges up an energy blast, Tenchi is sure that he is finished, until Ryoko finally arrives, teleporting in beside him. As the Mass girl fires, Ryoko shields the blast, protecting herself and Tenchi.

Wjilst the others shield themselves from the dust thrown up by the blast, Ryo-Ohki takes the opportunity to escape from Washu’s arms. As the cabbit jumps on the Mass girl in an attempt to protect Tenchi, Washu orders her to assimilate with it. Ryo-Ohki obeys, and the others watch as both Ryo-Ohki and the Mass girl fall to the ground.

Ryo-Ohki has combined with the Mass girl, forming a teenaged cat girl that slightly resembles her ‘half-sister’ Ryoko. In her new form, Ryo-Ohki manages to say the word “carrot”, but her first attempt at walking on two legs doesn’t go well, and she falls over straightaway.

Within a few hours, Ryo-Ohki’s humanoid form has regressed to that of a little girl- although she does seem a bit more confident about walking and picking carrots. Still, even with this extra practise she falls over whilst helping Tenchi with his carrot basket, and after her fall, she reverts back to cabbit form. It looks like this humanoid body will take some getting used to.

Meanwhile, out in the depths of space, a mighty spaceship continues on its course. But who does the ship belong to- and will they prove to be friend or foe to Tenchi and the girls?