3. The Devil Princess of Jurai

When Seto used her Triple Z weapon to take out the pirate ships, one ship was sensible enough to hang back (at least the captain was, the crew needed a little persuading). The ship belongs to famed pirate Ryoko Balta (named after a certain space pirate currently living with Tenchi Masaki), and she is very interested in a certain Seina Yamada.

While the transport ship is being repaired, Seina and Mitoto accept Seto’s invitation to visit Mikagami. Mitoto is happy to have some new floors to scrub (she seems to have a passion for cleaning), whilst Seina is amazed that the inside of the ship is actually like a huge forest, although the fact that the ‘inside’ is actually a subspace dimension is a little too much for the Earthling to grasp.

Seina’s usual bad luck seems to still be following him, though. A simple telephone call home goes wrong when the temperamental phone tells him the line is busy, and going out into the forest proves little better. First Seina falls into a lake, and then he manages to squash a small pig-like creature whilst getting out, incurring the wrath of its much larger mother.

While Seina runs from the pig creature, Seto discusses him with her aides. Strictly, Earthlings are not allowed to join the GP, but with Seina they might be able to make an exception. Talk turns to the woman who recruited him- Detective Second Class Amane Kaunaq. Amane’s father charged Seto with finding a husband for her daughter- an announcement that greatly increased monastery intake at the time. After Amane rather violently turned down several potential suitors, it looked as if she might have finally found the right man- until the right man decided he wanted to become a woman. After this, Amane’s libido went into overdrive, in fact these days most men she meets get steamrollered. Could Seina be in for the same fate?

Having been warned to be on his best behaviour for the “devil princess”, Seina is finally introduced to Lady Seto and her two aides- naval commander Kanemitsu Hirata and intelligence officer Minaho Masaki. Seina is surprised that Minaho has the same surname as Tenchi, and wonders if they might be related.

Whilst Mitoto goes off to contact her father, Seto and Seina have a private talk. Seto is very impressed that Seina managed to gather all the pirate ships together in one place, allowing their crews to be captured- something Seto and her fleet had previously been unable to accomplish. Seina explains that it was an accident caused by his bad luck, but Seto insists that it is not misfortune, but rather a valuable talent. Hirata, however, tells Seina that Earthlings are generally regarded as too primitive to join the GP, and it would probably be better for him to return to Earth with his memories erased. But Seina has his heart set on joining the Galaxy Police, and Seto promises him that she will make sure that the usual prohibitions regarding Earthlings are overlooked by the review board.

The transport ship is finally repaired, and it is time for Seina and the others to be on their way. Naturally, with Seina aboard, their first hyperspace jump takes them into the path of another pirate ship, but rather than being terrified, the crew are delighted- this is the ship of the beautiful Ryoko Balta. After tying up the captain, Mitoto and the crew welcome Ryoko aboard.

Seina is sure that Ryoko will be angry that his actions led to the capture of her fellow pirates, but rather than being furious, she actually seems impressed. In fact, she even wants Seina to join her- a privilege the other crewmembers happily fantasise about. Seina turns her down, however, saying that he has already committed himself to the Galaxy Police. Accepting his answer, Ryoko leaves, reminding Seina that the next time they meet, they will be enemies.

Back aboard her ship, Ryoko’s first officer reminds her that Seina should really be added to the database of their enemies. Looking at a photo of herself and Seina that she brought with her, Ryoko decides to leave the database for now. She will keep a close eye on Seina herself.