8. Fire Ball

For Priss Asagiri, it’s just another day. Earlier, she recorded an interview in her typical monosyllabic fashion, saying that anyone who really wants to know what is inside her head will have to come down to the Hot Legs club and hear her sing.

Between performances at the club, Priss has a busy life to lead. No day would be complete without a visit to Nigel at K’s Garage, although any chance to spend time alone with Nigel is ruined when it turns out that Macky is also down there. Nigel has often said he doesn’t need any help, but Macky is the best assistant he’s ever had, and besides, the boy needs something to occupy his time.

Priss’ routine brings her into contact with another familiar face- Leon from the AD Police. After following her speeding motorcycle, Leon finally catches up with Priss when she stops for a breather. Leon’s attempt at flirting falls flat, however- Priss is far too smart to fall for his lines, and soon rides off in disgust.

Macky returns home late from Nigel’s, trying- and failing- to avoid explaining to Sylia just where he’s been. But even though she does not react angrily to his frequent quiet trips down to the garage, she is less than pleased to hear that Priss also goes down there a lot. And when Macky happens to mention that Priss and Nigel have so much in common that they even seem to communicate telepathically, Sylia knows she’s heard enough.

But Macky has had enough too. With her mood swings and outbursts, Sylia is not the same person that she used to be, and Macky doesn’t feel comfortable living with her anymore. To Sylia’s dismay, he announces that it might be better if he stays at Nigel’s place.

Back home, Priss receives a message from Nene, inviting her to come over. Priss declines- if her friends want to see her, then they can come to Hot Legs and hear her sing. It’s Priss’ typical response to any invitation, and no more than Nene expected. Still, at least Linna was willing to come over, and the two women are able to enjoy a long chat. Talk naturally turns to Priss- Linna wonders if she has a boyfriend, or maybe she swings the other way. Nene laughs at the latter idea- she tells Linna that Priss did once love someone, and after he died, she ended up with the band. Of course, this is all top secret information, and not to be repeated.

Back to Priss’ interview, and her answers to the later questions are slightly longer, if not greatly informative. When asked why she sings, Priss merely replies that it proves she’s alive.

Indeed, that evening, Priss is singing at the club again, when news of another mad boomer is reported. This boomer has fused with a vehicle, and is speeding along the highway. Sylia calls in Linna and Nene, but Priss is out of contact. The Knight Sabers will have to go in without their strongest member.

Both the AD Police and the Knight Sabers are chasing after the boomer, but it is moving too fast for them to keep up easily. Linna and Nene race at full speed to attack from left and right respectively, but at this speed they are unable to keep up the attack.

Fortunately, Nigel and Macky have come up with a plan. The new motorcycle that Nigel has been working on (Moto Slave) is perfect for the situation; it is three times faster than a hardsuit, not to mention just as tough- and who better to ride it than Priss? Suited up, Priss is able to interface with the motorbike, enabling even greater control- which is just what Priss needs for her attack, since she has plotted a collision course with the boomer. Priss has no intention in going out in a blaze of glory, however; zooming past the other Knight Sabers, she flips over the boomer, reaching down and crushing its core as it passes.

Another battle over, Priss goes back to the club to practise a new song. But she isn’t the only one there- Linna, Nene and Macky have been watching her performance, and so has Leon (albeit from further away). Looking at her friends, Priss starts tapping out a rhythm as she prepares to give them another song.