6. The Cold is Winter! Snowed Under Episode

A new character arrives in F City in the form of Misaki Matsuya, a beautiful woman with a no nonsense attitude. After a few difficulties with distractions and fanservice, Matsuya manages to introduce herself.

Meanwhile, Watanabe, Iwata and Sumiyoshi are reporting in for their first day of work, and after a little mishap involving Iwata and the women’s locker room, all three make it to the office- only to discover that there is nothing there except an envelope containing orders to report to a training seminar at a special location in the mountains.

At the Across Base, Excel and Hyatt (who is quite literally on her deathbed) are also receiving their orders. Ilpalazzo is well aware that Across needs resources (not to be confused with the worthless money used by the corrupt masses), and to that end, he sends Excel and Hyatt out to acquire some.

As per their orders, Excel and Hyatt head out the mountains, where Excel hopes they can strike it rich by panning for gold, despite the fact that there is no history of gold ever being found in those mountains. Meanwhile, Watanabe, Sumiyoshi and Iwata drive out to the training base- only to get hopelessly lost thanks to Iwata’s poor navigation skills.

Whilst Menchi decides to head out across the mountains in search of precious freedom, Excel and Hyatt give up their gold panning efforts and return to their part time jobs at Yukimi Pension, a mountain hotel. Despite her constant state of near-death, Hyatt manages to impress their boss, Antonio, by finishing all of her cleaning duties. When the somewhat less hard-working Excel offers to make up her share of the chores by going out to get supplies, Antonio promptly furnishes her with a shotgun and tells her to replenish the pension stock of fresh meat.

Having driven all day, Watanabe and the others find themselves lost in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre and an overheated engine. As the starving trio fight over a stick of bubblegum, however, they notice Kabapu sleeping in the road; by a strange twist of fate, they have somehow ended up right outside the training centre. And their boss isn’t the only one there- also present is their new co-worker, who just happens to be none other than Misaki Matsuya. Despite her brusque attitude, Ms. Matsuya manages to spark feelings in Iwata, who decides that she must be his destined partner.

Back in the mountains, Excel is out hunting, where she just can’t bring herself to shoot at the cute and defenceless animals; although maybe the reason for that is because he fingera are frozen stiff. Determined to complete her task before her entire body freezes, Excel makes an effort to shoot down at least one animal- but the creature she manages to hit is none other than poor Menchi. Fortunately, however, the Great Will is on hand to revive the unlucky dog before the second half of the episode.

At the pension, Antonio is all ready to serve up Excel’s ‘catch’, at least until Excel and Hyatt make it clear that Menchi is their own personal food supply. Accepting this, Antonio takes Menchi to give her some milk, leaving Excel and Hyatt to find their own sustenance.

It looks like the duo will have to resort to Menchi soon after all, but fortunately for them (and for the plot), Ilpalazzo sent along a sealed package to use in an emergency like this. Far from being food supplies, however, Ilpalazzo’s package contains a mechanical device, complete with orders to set it up on top of the mountain and aim it at the city.

Excel and Hyatt begin their trek up the mountain, but given Hyatt’s poor health, before they can proceed too far, she manages to not only die, but to become encased in ice. After transporting the Hyatt ice-block to a nearby cave, Excel tries to thaw her out over a fire, but when that proves unsuccessful, there is only one method left- shared bodily warmth. The process works like a charm (albeit off camera), leaving Hyatt revived, and Excel with a bad case of frostbite.

After changing into skin-tight, revealing bodysuits, Watanabe, Iwata, Sumiyoshi and Matsuya are ready to begin their training, which for some reason involves fairground style guns and targets. The guns are far more than toys, however, and given Kabapu’s reaction when Matsuya points one at him, they may well be far more powerful than conventional weapons.

After 324 attempts, Excel finally manages to make it to the top of the mountain, where she plants the Across flag and sets up the equipment as requested. With only thoughts of Ilpalazzo keeping her going, Excel prepares to activate the device and set off a ‘multi-coloured sonic wave’ that will demolish the ignorant masses and make conquering the city a simple task.

Unfortunately for Across, even the best laid plans can fall prey to happenstance, for even as Excel prepares to push the button, Iwata decides to give his gun a test-firing. After aiming at the mountain, Iwata fires, and to his astonishment, the gun discharges a massive laser beam that demolishes the mountain- incinerating the Across device and creating a huge avalanche.

Whilst Matsuya and Kabapu quickly jump into a car and drive away at top speed, the avalanche crashes down the mountain, engulfing Excel, Hyatt, Watanabe, Sumiyoshi, Iwata, Menchi, Antonio and even Nabeshin (who, as usual, had just managed to find an excuse to butt in on the action). Fortunately, everyone manages to survive (and Menchi is, as always, reunited with Excel and Hyatt), but now they are stranded in the middle of an endless snowfield!

Elsewhere, poor Pedro has taken on the role of a fortune teller, although rather than telling fortunes, he laments his own fate to the indifferent passers by. One person, however, actually seems to hear him and recognise his voice- the adulterous Gomez.

Still in their skin-tight bodysuits, an exhausted Watanabe, Iwata and Sumiyoshi finally make it back to F City, only to run into Matsuya, who seems to be moving into their apartment block. As Matsuya expresses her surprise that the trio survived, Watanabe and Sumiyoshi beg her for food, whilst Iwata immediately manages to annoy Matsuya by calling her by her full name. In response, Matsuya draws one of the laser gun and fires at Iwata, missing him but frying off his clothes and demolishing a city block in the process. It looks as if life as a civil servant certainly won’t lack excitement for Watanabe and his friends…