4. Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars

When a Galaxy Police patrol is attacked and destroyed, reports confirm that is the work of the notorious space pirate Kagato. Known as the most wanted criminal in the galaxy, Kagato seems to be headed for the solar system, and GP Headquarters wants the nearest officer sent to investigate. Unfortunately for everyone, that officer happens to be none other than Mihoshi, a klutzy and incompetent first-class detective who probably wouldn’t even be in the GP if not for the fact that her grandfather is the head of the organisation.

Mihoshi’s commander is predictably unhappy at sending the accident-prone Mihoshi on any kind of mission- their budget just can’t handle the potential damages. His aide has a plan however- this mission might be the perfect way to get rid of both Mihoshi and her expenses. Sending a message to Mihoshi’s ship, he tells her to locate Kagato, but stresses that she must take no independent action against him. Mihoshi misinterprets her orders, however, and decides to take it upon herself to single-handedly track down and capture Kagato, thus proving her worth to the Galaxy Police.

Whilst Mihoshi embarks on her self-appointed “special mission”, back on Earth, Tenchi and the family are taking a short vacation at the local hot springs. The inn and spa are run by Tenchi’s great aunt, and Tenchi reminds Ryoko to be on her best behaviour. Ryoko is more interested in what Tenchi and Ayeka were doing together when they were out in the mountain cabin- and, if Tenchi is getting so close to Ayeka, why can’t he flirt a little with Ryoko as well? Tenchi declines her advances, and an annoyed Ryoko teleports off in a huff before telekinetically piling the family’s luggage on top of Tenchi as punishment.

Fortunately, everyone gets settled in without further incident, and soon Tenchi is enjoying a soak in the men’s bath along with his father. Nobuyuki insists on having a peek at the girls in the women’s bath, and Tenchi can only watch in embarrassment as his father climbs up to peek over the wall. Before Nobuyuki can see anything, however, Ryoko’s head pops over the wall, and, mortified at being caught, he falls right back into the men’s bath.

Completely naked, Ryoko teleports into the men’s bath, and drags Tenchi back with her to the women’s side. As Tenchi tries to dodge Ryoko’s hands-on approach, they are joined by Sasami, Ryo-Ohki and Ayeka. Embarrassed to see Tenchi (especially in such proximity to Ryoko), Ayeka hurriedly ducks back inside, ignoring Sasami’s pleas to join them for a bath. Eager to make some mischief, Ryoko phases through the cabin wall and drags Ayeka back out.

Ryoko soon regrets her move when she sees Ayeka and Tenchi exchange a meaningful look. Determined to have the last laugh, she pulls Ayeka’s towel off as the princess walks into the bath, leaving poor Ayeka completely exposed in front of Tenchi, who promptly gets a nosebleed and faints.

Whilst Sasami revives Tenchi, Ayeka reprimands Ryoko for her behaviour. Ryoko shrugs off the princess’s tirade, and continues to mock her, until the two finally come to blows. Fed up with Ryoko’s condescending attitude, Ayeka tries to demonstrate that she is a force to be reckoned with, by summoning the logs she used to immobilise the Ryo-Ohki spaceship when they first met. Ayeka tries to trap Ryoko with vines from the logs, but Ryoko easily dodges, and plans a counterattack of her own. Using her powers, she summons evil spirits from the surrounding area, and, when Ayeka proves unimpressed, combines them to form one huge monster. Ryoko commands the monster to attack Ayeka, but soon discovers a problem. She only has a gem on her left wrist- but she needs one on her right wrist to actually control the beast.

As the monster turns on her, Ryoko tries unsuccessfully to eliminate it. Looking on, Ayeka is entertained by the show- at least until the monster comes after her as well. As the two women run from the beast, Ryoko instructs Tenchi to go and get his sword- their only defence against the beast.

Still on patrol above the Earth, Mihoshi runs into a problem of her own when the monster appears. The energy from the creature starts pulling her ship towards Earth- if nothing is done about it, she is bound to crash!

Meanwhile, the monster continues to chase Ryoko and Ayeka through the inn, destroying the place as it goes, and even trampling the poor innkeeper. Finally, the two girls escape out the front, where Tenchi is waiting with the sword. Ryoko immediately thrusts Tenchi into the fray, where he soon discovers he cannot make the sword generate its energy blade. As the monster knocks Tenchi back and continues its rampage, Ayeka tells him to remember his training, and with this advice, Tenchi is finally able to create the blade.

Now armed, Tenchi goes on the attack, and severs the creature’s arm, only to watch as it immediately generates a new one. As Tenchi tries to come up with his next move, the sky above them darkens- Mihoshi’s ship is about to crash.

As the ship plummets towards Earth, the monster is caught in its wake, and gets ripped to shreds. Poor Tenchi gets caught as well, and as he gets sucked into the air, Ryoko flies up to rescue him. Despite her attempt to hold onto him, however, Tenchi flies out of her arms and ends up holding onto the other person caught in the slipstream- Mihoshi herself.

As the wake dissipates, Mihoshi and Tenchi come crashing down to Earth, both unconscious. Taking them into the inn, Ayeka, Sasami and Ryoko watch over them. Soon after, Mihoshi awakens, and introduces herself to the others. As they talk, Ryo-Ohki enters, and Mihoshi’s GP wrist device begins registering a signal- the nefarious space pirate Ryo-Ohki is close by. Scared, but determined to be a good police officer, Mihoshi tracks the signal and prepare to arrest Ryo-Ohki- at least, until she discovers that the heinous space pirate is actually the cute cabbit on Sasami’s head. And when Ryo-Ohki amiably takes a bite out of Mihoshi’s gun, it all becomes too much for the young officer, who promptly faints once again.

That night, everyone is finally able to get some rest, all, that is, except Sasami, who is caught in troubled dreams. And well might she be troubled, for Kagato, the very face that haunts her sleep, has just arrived on Earth…