10. The True Noir

Maurice Rubik is a corrupt police officer who, by all rights, should be found guilty at his preliminary trial, but with the presiding judge, D’Estainq, also on the take, it looks as if conventional justice won’t be served. Nonetheless, it looks like Rubik won’t be able to escape justice of a different kind- Noir has been hired to kill both Rubik and D’Estainq.

Kirika and Mireille go after Rubik first, but when they reach their target, they find that he is already dead. Someone has not only beaten them to it, but also pulled off a very professional hit. Word on the street is that Noir did it, but do those rumours refer to Mireille and Kirika, or someone else using the codename Noir? Either way, Mireille and Kirika have been paid for Rubik’s death, and there is still the matter of taking out D’Estainq.

There is indeed a new face in town, purple-haired Chloe, who has been sent by Altena, the mysterious woman who has been in the background of events since the very beginning. It seem likely that Chloe was the one who dispatched Rubik, and now she comes to D’Estainq’s office- not to kill him, but to warn him that Noir will be coming.

Kirika and Mireille have reached their deadline- it is time to deal with D’Estainq. Their plan is to surprise him in the deserted computer room at the municipal building, but thanks to his early warning, D’Estainq has a few surprises for them. There are a number of police officers in the gallery of the room, and when Kirika and Mireille show themselves, they find themselves on the wrong ends of the officers’ guns.

Chloe is also present in the shadows, following her own agenda. She surprises one officer, and pushes him off the balcony. The distraction gives Mireille and Kirika time to run for cover, narrowly avoiding the gunfire from the police officers. Blessed with the opportunity to collect their wits, Mireille and Kirika turn the tables on their would-be captors, and calmly take down all the police officers.

Meanwhile, Chloe confronts D’Estainq, reminding of her warning that Noir would get him; drawing a knife, she kills D’Estainq. The confrontation is over, but Mireille and Kirika would like some explanation- just who is this stranger? Chloe tells them that she is the “true Noir”, and goes to leave. Mireille turns as if to stop her, only to find Chloe’s knife pressed to her throat. True, Kirika has her gun trained on Chloe from behind, but does she really want to find out which of them is the fastest?

Kirika and Mireille have little choice- all they can do is watch as Chloe departs, leaving them with a whole new set of questions…