13. Here Comes Jurai

It has been several months since the Kagato incident, and GP Headquarters are impatiently waiting for the accompanying reports. But, although Mihoshi’s superior has already received her report, he has run into a slight problem; it is so involved and elaborate that even summarising it would be a report’s worth of material in itself.

Back on Earth, Ayeka and Tenchi are working outside Katsuhito’s house hen an unexpected visitor arrives. Although Tenchi does not recognise her, Ayeka immediately knows who this new arrival is- Funaho. An empress of Jurai, Funaho is also Yosho/Katsuhito’s mother, and she has come to visit her son.

But Funaho is not the only visitor from Jurai, for, down at Tenchi’s house, another visitor has just arrived- Misaki, mother of Ayeka and Sasami. Unaware that her mother is coming, Sasami sends Ryoko to answer the door, and the over-exuberant Misaki immediately mistakes Ryoko for Sasami. Whilst Ryoko makes a futile attempt to explain that she isn’t Sasami, Misaki is busy hugging her beloved ‘daughter’, marvelling at how ‘Sasami’ can have changed so much

When the real Sasami comes out of the kitchen to see the new visitor, Misaki finally realises her mistake, and tosses Ryoko aside. As they call out to each other, Misaki and Sasami share a long hug by way of greeting.

Whilst a bored Ryoko watches Sasami and Misaki’s tearful reunion, Ayeka finally returns home. Seeing her mother, Ayeka tries to greet her in adult fashion, but when Misaki starts becoming impatient, she realises that their traditional greeting is unavoidable. Warning Ryoko not to tease her about it, Ayeka calls out “Mummy”, and rushes toward Misaki for a long hug.

Naturally, Ryoko cannot resist laughing at Ayeka’s performance, and in doing so, she quickly incurs the wrath of Misaki. As Misaki starts pulling Ryoko’s face, Sasami quickly writes an apology on a card and holds it up for Ryoko to read. Ryoko’s apology is quickly accepted, but even as she gets back into the good books, she is tossed aside again when Misaki spots the cute Ryo-Ohki.

Meanwhile, up at the shrine, Katsuhito is sharing a pot of tea with his own mother. With Tenchi sent away to clean the steps, Katsuhito is free to remove his disguise, and transform back into his true appearance- that of a youthful looking Yosho. As the two catch up, Funaho explains that her visit to Earth was prompted by Mihoshi’s exhaustive report on the Kagato incident. The details of the report have great relevance to the spaceship trees of Jurai. If left alone, Juraian trees take root and lose their power, so the royal trees must be used to constantly recharge them. But even though Yosho’s tree has taken root, it has not lost it power, because the gems he took from Ryoko have the same recharging effect.

The power of the gems is clearly of interest to the Juraians, and Yosho deduces that they must also be interested in the one who harnessed their power and created Ryoko- Washu. Ever the strategist, Funaho does not give anything away, instead telling her son that she and Misaki came to visit their children. After all, Yosho hasn’t even bothered to contact her in seven hundred years.

Having finished talking to her son, Funaho has Tenchi take her back to the main house, and takes the opportunity to talk to her great-grandson. Considering how lonely it must have been after his mother died, it must be pleasant to have the girls around to keep him company. If they take Ayeka and Sasami back to Jurai, Tenchi might find it too quiet on Earth- that is, unless he would like to come back to Jurai with them.

Before Funaho can follow up on this suggestion, Washu interrupts the conversation and sends Tenchi away. Whilst Tenchi heads straight home to greet the others and introduce himself to Misaki, Washu and Funaho stop to have a private conversation. Washu knows exactly what the Juraians want from her- exclusive control over the making of powerful beings such as Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki. Washu refuses, telling Funaho that she will have to be content with the fact that Washu does not want to share these secrets with anyone- so even though Jurai will not have the control it desires, neither will anyone else.

Just as they arrive home, another Juraian ship appears in the sky- Azusa, emperor of Jurai, is about to arrive. After teleporting down from his ship, Azusa immediately announces that it is time for his daughters to come home. Earth does not seem to be one of his favourite places, and he is less than impressed with Tenchi and his predominantly Earthling blood- despite the fact that his own wife Funaho was originally from Earth.

Ayeka and Sasami have no wish to leave Earth just yet, and ask that they be allowed to stay- despite Ryoko’s exhortations that Ayeka should listen to Azusa and leave Tenchi to her. Both Funaho and Misaki are willing to let their daughters have what they want, and after a little song and dance from Ryo-Ohki, even Azusa seems a little more sympathetic as well. Finally, he agrees that the girls can do as they want- on one condition. Before coming to Earth, Azusa picked out a new fiancé for Ayeka; the girls can stay on Earth if, and only if, Tenchi can beat this man in a duel.

Making a timely entrance, Ayeka’s potential fiancé teleports down and introduces himself as Seiryo, a pink-haired, overdressed nobleman. Tenchi is a little uncertain about taking on Seiryo, and Ryoko quickly urges him to turn down the challenge and let the others go home. Misaki is quick to change Ryoko’s mind, however, by showing her a bill for all the damages she caused on Jurai seven hundred years ago. She might be willing to waive the debt- but only if Tenchi wins the duel.

With all the girls now behind him, Tenchi has little choice but to accept, and soon, everyone is settling down with snacks to watch the fight. Azusa is quick to bet against Tenchi, whilst the others back him- all except Washu, who predicts that Mihoshi will be the winner. And indeed, even as Seiryo runs through his self-absorbed trash talk as the two face off on the lake pier, he fails to notice what everyone has seen- Mihoshi’s shuttle is crashing down towards the lake.

Whilst everyone else hastily grabs an umbrella, the two combatants remain standing on the pier as Mihoshi’s ship plunges into the lake, sending up a wave that washes over the both of them. Tenchi manages to remain standing, but Seiryo is not so fortunate. Having been washed into the lake, he automatically loses the duel.

Once everyone has dried out, it is time for Azusa, Funaho and Misaki to say their goodbyes. As Misaki tearfully parts with her daughters and their friends, Katsuhito comes down from the shrine to say farewell to his father. Whilst Katsuhito reassures Azusa that his daughters will be well looked after by Tenchi, Azusa tells his son that he is willing to wait a while longer for his son to decide whether to return to Jurai. Finally, when everyone has said their farewells, all three visitors teleport back to their ships.

Whilst Tenchi realises that he will have to accept a not-so-peaceful life for a while longer, Funaho, Misaki and Azusa begin the journey back to Jurai. Funaho and Misaki decide that Azusa is definitely beginning to soften towards Tenchi, but Azusa is not willing to give in gracefully. This was only the beginning- he has plenty more in store for his great-grandson! And considering that Funaho and Misaki are already planning a longer trip for the next visit to Earth, it looks like Tenchi will certainly have plenty to handle from all three…

Here Comes Jurai 2
Some time later, Mihoshi decides to visit Washu in her lab, where the genius scientist is busy experimenting with Ryoko instead of Tenchi for once. Washu is eager to know what happened with Clay, and Mihoshi relates how angry he got when they opened Washu’s present containing the by then smashed remains of his favourite jug. Washu is delighted to hear this, and even more delighted when Mihoshi tells her that her mother appraised the jug and told Clay it was only a cheap replica.

After they share a good laugh over Clay’s misfortune, Mihoshi finally relays the message she came down to deliver to Washu. Whilst questioning Clay, the GP discovered that his memory of the meeting with Tokimi was erased, and they want to examine Zero’s memories of that incident, now contained within Ryoko. However, Washu cannot help- Zero’s memories of Tokimi were also erased.

Finally, Mihoshi decides that it is time for her to get some sleep, and Washu decides that it would be a good idea to go to bed too. Still strapped into Washu’s apparatus, Ryoko is left behind in the lab, and she soon starts calling out for help.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the space, D3 makes a report to Tokimi- he was the one who erased Zero and Clay’s memories. Now, only someone with the power to undo the procedure will be able to visit. In the mean time, Tokimi decides to make a move of her own to investigate the dimension which so intrigues her sisters Washu and Tsunami. Summoning the warrior known as Z, she sends him to investigate, but gives him strict orders to leave Tenchi well alone…

Back in Washu’s lab, poor Ryoko is still trapped and futilely awaiting release. Rather than freeing her, however, Washu decides to film Ryoko as she cries and calls out for her “mommy” to let her out- ah, the joys of parenthood.