2. Leave the Blue Earth to Me

The United Earth military isn’t too happy about a ship as powerful as the Nadesico being outside its control, and Admiral Misumaru is sent to take over his daughter’s ship- by force if necessary. Meanwhile, onboard the Nadesico, Yurika is trying to catch up on old times with Akito, but he is less interested in bonding than in finding out how his parents died. Yurika tells him she doesn’t know, but promises to find out.

Admiral Misumaru’s fleet catches up with the Nadesico out over the ocean, near an inactive Jovian tulip. While Mr Prospector reveals to the crew that the Nadesico will soon be heading out to Mars, the United Earth forces come onboard and take over the ship. Admiral Misumaru invites Yurika, Jun and Mr. Prospector over to his ship to negotiate the handover of the Nadesico- and Yurika is asked to bring the master key, without which the ship cannot function. The rest of the crew are sure it’s a trap, but Yurika takes the key and goes over to see her father anyway.

The crew are confined to the Nadesico, and with nothing better to do, Gai decides to show everyone an episode of his beloved Gekigangar. Gekigangar is an over-the-top and predictable giant robot anime, but the ‘righteous heroes’ theme of the show fires Akito up enough that he decides to take an Aestivalis and rescue Yurika. Following his lead, the rest of the crew set about retaking the ship from the United Earth forces.

Admiral Misumaru isn’t having much luck; Nergal stands by its decision to keep the Nadesico independent of the United Earth forces’ control, whilst Yurika herself has no intention of handing over her ship- in fact, she only came over to find out how Akito’s parents died. Master key in hand, Yurika heads back to the Nadesico, just as the supposedly dormant tulip suddenly activates and draws in two United Earth vessels.

It looks like Akito will have to act as a decoy again while Yurika makes it back to the Nadesico, but unfortunately, his Aestivalis was designed for land combat, and has no way to stay airborne over the ocean. Gai decides to help out by taking out an aerial combat frame for Akito. The two swap combat frames using the hastily named ‘Cross Crash’ technique, and Akito is ready for action.

Thanks to Akito, Yurika has time to get back to the Nadesico and reinsert the master key. With all systems active, the Nadesico flies into the tulip, blowing it up from within. After picking up the two pilots, it’s time for the Nadesico to continue with its mission, and start off on its way to Mars…