20. One of These Nights

With Leon and Daley’s attack on the giant boomer turning out to be ultimately unsuccessful, the ADP are out of options. The creature is feeding off the Dragon Line, giving it essentially unlimited power. Once again, the task of saving the day falls to the Knight Sabers- and unsurprisingly enough, Linna is ready to launch into action. What is surprising, however, is that now Priss wants a new hardsuit too.

With her new suit, Linna is easily able to take down the giant boomer alone by severing its connection to the Dragon Line- but it seems that this one boomer is just a drop in the ocean, for at Genom Tower, Galatea continues to increase in power. Mason now spends all his time with her, desperate to observe the new world she is creating, and, as Galatea observes, also hoping to become its god. But both of them are victims of rejection- Mason rejects his human roots by seeking to become a boomer, whilst Galatea is rejected by her own sister. And even though she cannot use her powers to gain acceptance for herself, Galatea can help Mason get what he wants- by activating the embryonic boomer core inside him.

Back at the pit, Linna and Nene enthuse over the capabilities of the new suit, although Linna admits there is one little drawback- in order to wear the new suits you have to be totally naked!

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sylia and Nigel have been talking together. Sylia is tired of them acting like their relationship is nothing more than an extension of their business relationship; she feels something deeper for Nigel and hopes that can admit to having the same feelings for her. In reply, Nigel tells Sylia that she is no longer compatible with the bio-data used in the hardsuits; the feedback could be permanently damaging. It is clear that in his own way, he does indeed care about Sylia.

Back at Genom Tower, Galatea activates Mason’s boomer components, fusing him into the wall so that he can watch her change the world just as he wanted. And Mason isn’t the only one to be altered- Galatea’s physical appearance has changed. No longer a little silver-haired girl, she is now a woman with striking black hair, red eyes and green lips. And along with her unique new appearance comes a new purpose- she is going to unleash the full power of the Dragon Line.

Having overheard Sylia talking to Nigel about her feelings for him, Priss decides she doesn’t want to stick around for the moment and heads back home to her trailer. But escaping from the dangers of her own feelings about Nigel only puts Priss in a far more physical danger- scattered around her trailer are discarded clown dolls, each one of which is about to activated by the rogue boomer phenomenon.

As the clown dolls come to life and surround her like rats, Priss has little choice but to defend herself with whatever comes to hand. Grabbing a wrench, she manages to beat back the first few before having to rearm herself with a length of pipe. After disabling one attacker by throwing the pipe at it, Priss has no other weapon to turn to, and pretty soon the clowns are swarming over her, biting at her as she goes down.

Fortunately for Priss, Tokyo isn’t completely deserted- Leon shows up right on time to blow away the clown dolls. The two of them are amongst the only people left in town; most people have evacuated Tokyo, and even now the UN forces are trying to cut off the city in order to prevent the rogue boomer phenomenon from spreading. But Leon isn’t just interested in talking about the situation- it’s clear he wants to get closer to Priss. Unsure of how to respond, Priss is saved by a welcome interruption- the other Knight Sabers need Priss to come down to the pit right away- a new giant boomer is on the loose.

Whilst Priss and Leon ride over to Sylia’s, the other Knight Sabers decide they can’t afford to wait- they need to suit up and go out immediately. For Nene, this is the first time putting on the suit, and it is a whole new experience. After climbing naked into a large frame, liquid “inner metal” is poured in, and it is up to the wearer to create a mental connection that forces the inner metal to assume the shape of a hardsuit. It may be a bit disgusting, but Nene quickly gets the hang of it, and pretty soon all three Sabers are ready for action. Whilst a worried Nigel and Macky look on, they launch off to face the danger.

Despite the size of the rogue boomer, the new suits initially seem up to the task of taking it down. Sylia’s sword, Linna’s energy whips, and Nene’s energy bolts seem to leave the beast nothing more than a quivering mass of dead material- right up until the point when it reactivates and grabs Nene in its tentacles. Trying to free her friend only gets Linna caught as well, leaving Sylia to look in horror, unsure of what she can do to save the others.

Priss, meanwhile, has only just arrived at the pit, and with all her cuts and bites from the battle with the clowns, the liquid metal process involved in putting on her suit is none too pleasant. Can Priss reach her friends in time to turn the tide of battle? And with the boomer’s strength and her own injuries, just how much help can she provide?