6. Get It On

Too late, the Knight Sabers realise they have been caught in a trap, and now Priss and Nene are surrounded by AD Police officers and news cameras, being branded as the bunch of terrorists who just destroyed the factory. But things are even worse for Linna, who has fallen back into the factory, and, with no battery power left, is at the mercy of the ADP’s K-suits.

Nene retrieves Linna, whilst Priss attacks the K-suit before the overzealous officer inside can destroy them. When Nene is shot whilst flying away with Linna, it falls to Priss to defend all three of them. Unfortunately, though, a direct hit to her hardsuit puts paid to Priss’s attempt to clear a path for them, and it looks like it may very well be the end for the team. The AD Police have been ordered to kill the Knight Sabers, and even Leon’s protests can’t save them- this order came from very high up the chain of command.

But the Knight Sabers aren’t finished yet, because there’s one one more hardsuit that’s about to make its debut. It is Sylia, and with full power and some excellent fighting skills, she manages to evade the AD Police and save the other Knight Sabers. It is clear that Sylia enjoys wearing her suit, but as she well knows (and Nigel and Henderson like to remind her), she shouldn’t really be using it at all.

The battle over, Priss visits K’s garage to tell Nigel he has some repair work to do- and also to ask if she can have a ride on the new motorbike that he is building. It seems that Priss might want to forge a closer friendship with Nigel, but his long time friendship with Sylia seems to get in the way.

Meanwhile, Sylia herself is resting at home. She is expecting Nigel to come over, but before he arrives, another visitor shows up- Macky Stingray, her little brother. As far as anyone else knew, Sylia was an only child, but she is insistent- Macky is her beloved little brother. Macky will even be living with her from now on- but can she keep him separate from her work as a Knight Saber? With Nigel spending the next week repairing the hardsuits down in the basement, it seems likely that it cannot remain a secret forever.

At Genom, Quincy has more orders for Mason. Despite the increased number of mad boomer incidents, Mason must carry on with the Shohamm Project; Quincy has made other arrangements for dealing with the boomers. But Mason has an agenda of his own to follow- he is looking for something in the buried ruins of pre-quake Tokyo.

Exploring Sylia’s home, Macky finds his way down to where Nigel is repairing the hardsuits. Macky is delighted to see Nigel work- he too loves machines. But Sylia is far from delighted when she finds Macky down there, and quickly hurries him off for their meal.

At dinner, Macky asks about Nigel and enthuses over machines, much to Sylia’s anger. After an explosive outburst, she collects herself and apologises to Macky. Sometimes she just cannot control her temper, but that shouldn’t come between them- she wants Macky to stay here, so that they can be a proper family.

Whilst Priss performs at the club, Linna works out her frustrations with her job via another session at the gym. But she can’t help wondering if all this training is doing any good, after all, Nene never goes to the gym, and it doesn’t seem to affect her performance. A late night call to Nene reassures her- it’s likely that the hard suits enhance the wearer’s strengths, so all Linna’s training is not wasted.

After dinner, Macky cannot help but go back down to see Nigel. Taking a basket of food, he puts it down for Nigel to eat, and then goes to sit in the corner. Not only does Nigel start eating, but he actually asks Macky to get him some tools. Unfortunately, one of the components he needs is in an upper storeroom- and Macky has no idea where it is. Wandering around, Macky accidentally walks in on the Knight Saber’s dressing room, whilst they are putting on their skin suits! The Knight Sabers aren’t too happy about this apparent peeping tom, but are intrigued to find out that he is Sylia’s brother. Still, all Nene cares about is whether or not Macky saw her underwear…