8. Intoccabile, Acte I

In America, Mafia Don Lucio and his underlings are discussing Mexican incursions onto their turf, but their conversation is cut short when their elevator stops unexpectedly. The doors open, revealing Noir, who effortlessly dispatch their latest targets. For the Mafia, there can be only one response- they must bring in the feared Intoccabile to exact revenge.

As payment for their job, Mireille and Kirika were to receive a document from their client- a contract that has some connection to the mysterious Soldats. Unfortunately, not only have they yet to receive the contract, but word has received a worried Mireille that the Intoccabile has been summoned to America. Who is this fearsome creature?

The Intoccabile is actually a young woman, but she is no ordinary person; known for putting duty before family, she even murdered her own father five years earlier. Now, her grandfather has called her back from exile in Sicily to take over as head of the Greone family, and assume control of the Mafia, aka the Cosa Nostra. In recognition of the Intoccabile’s new role, her grandfather returns the dagger that she used to kill her father. Wordlessly, she takes the dagger and stabs her grandfather- retribution for her exile, and no more than he expected. Imparting a kiss on his dead lips, the Intoccabile rises to take her new role.

Whilst cutting Kirika’s hair, Mireille explains what she knows about the Intoccabile, the Inviolate One, also known by her real name of Silvana. As a girl, Mireille met Silvana when her father took her on a trip to Sicily. She remembers Silvana as a brutal princess, who even then was very comfortable with her dagger.

Now that she is head of the family, Silvana intends to live up to that nickname. She finds the Mafia traitor who allied with the Mexicans, and by torturing his family in the next room, Silvana forces him to reveal that he was the one who hired Noir, and that the payment they wanted was the old contract. Silvana’s duty is clear- she must take revenge by destroying Noir. Using the contract as bait, she plans to lure them to her house in New Jersey, where she and her three assassins- Paolo, Domenic and Francesco- will be lying in wait.

Mireille and Kirika know they are being led into a trap, but proceed anyway. Mireille has her doubts about facing off against Silvana, however; she believes that there is no way she can defeat the Intoccabile.

At Silvana’s house, Kirika draws off Paolo and Domenic, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in the surrounding forest. Mireille heads straight into the house, where she must face off against Francesco. The older man seems to have the advantage in firepower and position, but Mireille quickly turns things to her advantage. By shooting a wall mounted fire extinguisher, she engulfs Francesco in smoke. Unable to see, he does not notice Mireille sneaking up behind him and shooting him. Meanwhile, out in the forest, Kirika and her opponents have both scored scraping hits on each other’s arms. Unable to fight on, Kirika vanishes into the forest.

With Francesco out of the way, it is time for the inevitable confrontation. As Mireille enters Silvana’s room, the moonlight falls on her face, half-revealing it. Silvana’s eyes narrow as if in recognition, but any next moves are interrupted, when a dying Francesco enters, followed by Paolo and Domenic. They begin firing, and Mireille is forced to flee. Turning to the Intoccabile, Paolo and Domenic ask if she recognised her attacker; hesitating, Silvana finally tells them that she did not know who it was.

Driving home, Mireille curses herself for missing her chance to get Silvana, although she still doubts whether she could have beaten the other woman. And worse yet, she does not even know if Silvana saw her face or not. Her thoughts in turmoil, Mireille remembers the last time she met Silvana, all those years ago- about the time when Silvana, claiming she felt no fear, rushed at young Mireille with her dagger and cut the garland of flowers from her head…