3. Circumstances of a Hero

It is a new day, and Akagi is in a good mood. Not only did he get to pilot Dai-Guard in two engagements, but now his face is all over the news- he is a hero! Unfortunately, however, his good mood evaporates when he gets to work; whilst the rest of the team field myriad Dai-Guard related phone calls, Akagi has been stuck with a mountain of paperwork- all the accident verification reports and damage claims from their last battle. Surely heroes shouldn’t get all the administrative work as well?

But there is worse to come- Chief Oosugi has been ordered to take Akagi and Ibuki to see the board of directors, and it’s not so that they can be given a bonus. The board only wants to chew them out for disobeying orders and destroying so much property. With Oosugi cautioning him not to argue back, Akagi has little choice but to endure the reprimand.

Leaving the board office, Ibuki regrets Aoyama’s absence- he could have charmed the board into giving them an easier time. After a few evasive comments, the chief eventually reveals that Aoyama isn’t merely late for work- he is quitting his job.

Whilst the rest of PR Division 2 tries to figure out just why Aoyama is leaving, Akagi finds Aoyama down with Dai-Guard, packing away his belongings. When Akagi asks why he has suddenly decided to quit, Aoyama explained that he joined the company for an easy job, not to pilot Dai-Guard into battle. Maybe it makes him a coward, but he has no intention of risking his life any more- the team will just have to find a replacement for him.

But it seems that Dai-Guard will be going out into the field again well before a replacement can be found, for even as Aoyama drives away from work, reports start coming in- another Heterodyne has been sighted. Despite being unable to reach Aoyama on his cell phone, the Dai-Guard team begin mobilising, as do the army.

The Anzen-Hoshou army plan to deal with this Heterodyne on their own, and to that end have assembled a line of heavy tanks to toast the flying saucer shaped Heterodyne as it moves across Tokyo Bay. Unfortunately, all their shots barely scratch the Heterodyne, which quickly recovers and counterattacks, melting the army tanks with an intense energy beam projected from its underside. As Aoyama watches on his in-car news screen, the Heterodyne attacks again, this time destroying some of the buildings along the shoreline.

Whilst a frustrated Shirota tries to come up with the army’s next move, Dai-Guard arrives on the scene. The robot will be going into battle without Aoyama, so Akagi plans to cover for him by acting as both pilot and engineer. Unfortunately, Akagi doesn’t quite seem to have the hang of regulating the power supply to Dai-Guard’s limbs, with all of his movements proving to be far too slow. Unable to act at any speed, Dai-Guard is no match for the Heterodyne, which simply knocks the giant robot over with its first blow.

Caught in a traffic jam, Aoyama curses Akagi’s poor manoeuvres, and after a long moment of thinking it over, realises that he will have to go and help out. Pulling out of the traffic jam, Aoyama heads over to meet with Dai-Guard.

Dai-Guard is still stuck on the ground, and Akagi can’t seem to get up again- at least until Aoyama gives him a call. With Aoyama’s advice on how to control the power flow, Akagi manages to get Dai-Guard upright, and a few minutes later, an army heliplane transports Aoyama from the nearby roadblock to Dai-Guard itself. Dropping onto Dai-Guard, Aoyama climbs into the robot, and the team is finally ready for action.

There is no time to waste, for Ibuki has detected an increase in the Heterodyne’s power levels- it is about to fire again. Too far away to attack directly, Akagi tries a different tactic. Picking up a car with Dai Guard’s arm, he tosses it at the Heterodyne, and to Aoyama’s surprise, hits it dead centre. The Heterodyne briefly loses shape as its energy level dips, but the effect is only temporary.

Reforming its original shape, the Heterodyne’s energy level rises again, but Akagi isn’t worried- all he needs is something bigger to throw. Using Dai-Guard’s right arm, he rips the robot’s left hand off, and throws it at the Heterodyne. As the arm rips through the centre of the Heterodyne, the monster disintegrates. Dai-Guard has triumphed once again- and, more than likely, that means they’ve gone over budget as well.

Ironically, Dai-Guard’s “pitched” arm ends up on a baseball field, with a mysterious broken pink hexagon caught in its fingers. Arriving at the pitch, a mysterious group quickly takes the hexagon away- but what is it, and what do they want with it?

Back at the office, things are as hectic as ever- and that means more work, more reports, and most of all, more paperwork for Akagi. But even as PR Division 2 gets back to work, the board of directors have scheduled a meeting with a familiar face- Special Agent Shirota. What is Shirota doing here, and what does this portend for Dai-Guard’s pilots?