2. The Fort at Night: Huge Offensive-Defensive Battle

Dai-Guard’s performance in its first battle against the Heterodyne earns its pilots a live interview on the news- with Akagi doing all the talking. Unfortunately, his work in PR doesn’t seem to have helped his public speaking, and much to the embarrassment of both the board of directors and PR Division 2, Akagi’s babbling makes him seem more like an incomprehensible idiot than a competent giant robot pilot.

Whilst the army sends out subs and choppers to locate the Heterodyne, Aoyama and Ibuki berate Akagi for his lacklustre TV performance- at least until all three are distracted by something else. A little girl is trying to care for her injured mother, just one of the many people hurt during the Heterodyne attack. They need to be taken to a hospital, but with the roads blocked, the ambulances just can’t reach them fast enough.

Ever one to play the hero, Akagi decides that they should fly the people out to the hospital using the company planes. It seems like a good idea, at least until Special Agent Shirota arrives to spoil the party. The army will be airlifting these people using their own choppers, and PR Division 2’s help is neither wanted nor needed. Angry at being brushed off, Akagi tries to change Shirota’s mind, despite Ibuki’s pleas that he just drop the matter. As it turns out, however, Akagi’s words eventually do get through to Shirota, who agrees that they can help to transport the injured- just as long as Shirota accompanies them.

Unaware of (or at least unwillingly to think about) the controversy their actions are causing at the board meeting, PR Division 2 get the injured on board, and the four company planes take off. Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well for the army; one of their subs locates the Heterodyne, only to watch as the beast surfaces and takes down a hovering army helicopter.

On the planes, however, everything seems to be going well (Akagi’s illegible disaster report notwithstanding) until Shirota receives a phone call from the army. The Heterodyne seems to be heading to the same destination that they are, but despite Shirota’s protests that they should inform PR Division 2, the army is adamant- he must minimise panic by keeping quiet about it. Overhearing the phone conversation, Akagi wonders what he is talking about, but Shirota evades his question.

As the planes finally land at their destination, the injured are transferred to ambulances, but the rescue operation is about to hit a snag- the Heterodyne has surfaced just offshore. With yet another roadblock preventing the ambulances from leaving straightaway, Akagi is insistent- they must use Dai-Guard to destroy the Heterodyne. Aoyama is less enthusiastic, and so Ibuki suggests a compromise- they will only engage the Heterodyne long enough for the ambulances to make their escape.

Naturally, all Shirota wants is for PR Division 2 to evacuate with everyone else, but Akagi has no intention of leaving. Remembering the phone call he overheard on the plane, he realises that Shirota already knew the Heterodyne would attack, and begins berating him. Finally, Chief Oosugi stops him- Dai-Guard has just arrived, and it is time to mobilise.

As the Heterodyne changes course and starts heading closer to the 21st Century Security building, the board of directors realise that Dai-Guard needs to be launched- after the proper forms are filled out, of course. Meanwhile, outside, Dai-Guard is recharged and reassembled, complete with a brand new drill arm to replace the one it lost in its last battle.

With Dai-Guard fully assembled, Akagi decides to move out, ignoring the fact that the battery is only charged to 73%. As the board of directors continues to fill out the necessary approval forms, Dai-Guard strides into its second battle, and the Heterodyne changes course to face it. Ready to fight back, Akagi activates the drill arm, but the overpowered attachment is impossible to control, causing the robot to fall over.

Getting up, Akagi strikes the Heterodyne with the drill, and it is forced back. Advancing, Akagi tries to follow up, but the drill once again goes out of control, and embeds itself in the ground. Now Dai-Guard is stuck, and worse still, the Heterodyne has moved in from behind and grabbed the robot’s head with its tentacles.

With the battery almost out of power, there is little time to waste. Fortunately, some desperate fiddling with the brakes and levers causes the drill to reverse its spin and come free, allowing Akagi to turn and attack. Grabbing the Heterodyne, Akagi bores the drill into its back, and as the arm digs deeper, the Heterodyne’s red globe dulls, and its body explosively disintegrates- mere seconds before Dai-Guard finally runs out of power.

Filling out the final forms, the board of directors proudly announces that Dai-Guard has permission to take off, only to discover that the battle is already over. Dai-Guard and its three young pilots have saved the day once again- but what trials and tribulations still await them?